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Container Gardenstay (???????) during Bangkok Village, Jalan Kota Tinggi, Johor Bahru

The enclosure judgment is not a new judgment today, we had seen it roughly 8 years ago during Langkawi island, and of march by out a world. But this is a ‘first’ enclosure garden stay in Johor Bahru! Where a containers are surrounded in a sensuous of immature and we deliberate as a good place for weekend city escape!

Container Garden Stay (N1.55522 E103.80122) is located in a Bangkok Village of Johor Bahru. The area was a good hothouse and now converted into restaurant, garden and a above mentioned containers…

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Large vehicles parking area and even for demonstrate buses are available. The surrounding is good ventilated even on a prohibited and wet weather.

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The check-in routine was finished in a notation by a accessible staffs, impressed. After we staid a rooms, we requested to walk-around a area for photography purpose…

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There are reduce and top cabins for a rooms, and guest have a choice for good garden perspective or but view.

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 print IMG_2659_zpsfb2fe146.jpg

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This was also partial of a singular bedrooms located…

On a right side, a a garden perspective cabins…

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 print IMG_2639_zps34edaa89.jpg

A relax and comfort tea area subsequent to a rooms…they yield good alien Chinese tea for their guests, too bad I’m not a Chinese tea partner and can’t criticism much…

In a center of a both side, there’s a good mezzanine for all a rooms. As for me, this was a charming mezzanine for photography!

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As we can see, some of a room’s doorway are still a enclosure strange doorway that is plain and heavy…

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 print IMG_2670_zps6057cfc2.jpg

They yield 3 forms of bedrooms that are singular bed, black bed and aristocrat bed.
Let start from a singular room…

 print IMG_2649_zps268f16a2.jpg

 print IMG_2650_zps863d5c34.jpg

 print IMG_2651_zps4b4bc93b.jpg

The trustworthy lavatory is only good for ‘one’ person.

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 print IMG_2657_zps7c72979c.jpg

Options of garden perspective (below) or ‘no view’ (above)…

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 print IMG_2667_zps61c10842.jpg

The King’s bedroom with a garden view. The trustworthy lavatory is somewhat wider and we know that it’s all in a container, we won’t ask for most some-more bigger room space. 🙂

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The good confirmed and good garden only situated subsequent to a containers…

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There’s a seafood Thai grill situated in a same area, where a Bangkok Village was named by a owner…

 print IMG_2687_zps306ab265.jpg

 print IMG_2690_zps61c41c5f.jpg

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The dining area was remade to a nice, comfort and relax area during a night fall…we had a cooking in a grill that dusk and I’ll blog about soon. Anyway, tasty food!

Beside that, they also offer internal food for breakfast and lunch around a containers.

We had a pleasing stayed for 2 days 1 night weekend getaway! Experienced a enclosure stay, that was only adequate space for ourselves in a purify and gentle environment! we will suggest to my friends who wish to knowledge a relax and mind giveaway staying!

Our package was breakfast enclosed and automobile rinse is yield if we drive.

It’s a private area and whole Bangkok Village is close after midnight, where a reserve is concern. Please revisit their facebook page for a latest graduation rate or revisit a following online agents :, and

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