CABOCUBA JAZZ Coming To Borneo Jazz

Rate this post CABOCUBA JAZZ Coming To Borneo Jazz May 4, 2017 KUCHING, Thursday – CaboCuba Jazz is coming to the Borneo Jazz Festival this May 12 to 13, at ParkCity Everly, Miri. Based in the Netherlands, these eight musicians originate from Venezuela, Cape Verde, Colombia, Spain, Puerto Rica and Cuba, led by powerhouse Dina […]

The Borneo Jazz Festival Is Back

Rate this post KUCHING – The Borneo Jazz Festival is back celebrating its 12th anniversary year from May 12 to 13 at ParkCity Everly in Miri. ­ This year’s Festival features international Jazz names like Laila Biali from Canada, CaboCuba Jazz from the Netherlands and Delgres from Guadaloupe/France. Laila was named the Society of Composers, […]