Rate this post Take an amazing road trip on Federal Route 3 along the east coast of the country, and you will be passing scenic countryside, agricultural farms, and yonder, the azure blue of the South China Sea. Make a stop at Bachok at the edge of the sea where coconut trees sway peacefully in […]


Rate this post Thursday November 22, 2012 Have mausoleum for Parameswara DURING the recent Deepavali holidays, my family and I went to Malacca. While driving around Malacca town, I noticed Parameswara, the founder of Malacca, had a very short road named after him. Tun Razak, our “ Bapa Pembangunan” has the longest road in Malacca […]

History: Melaka River

Rate this post Once dubbed ‘Venice of the East’ by European seafarers back in those days when the state has yet to be formed, Melaka River is the point where the history of the great empire of the Malay peninsular, Melaka began. A Prince from Sumatra, Parameswara (the founder of Melaka) had established his sultanate […]

Here Comes The Dragon

Rate this post    Here Comes The Dragon! Enter the Dragon! Legend has it that the Jade Emperor, the ruler of the heavens, had called for a meeting of the animals. He had ordained that the Zodiac be named after each animal according to the order of their arrival at the meeting. It seems the […]

Halal Fiesta 2011

Rate this post From a owner of MIHAS, we move we a internal fiesta  of a year!  HALFEST – a halal fiesta carnival combined to strengthen and to serve kindle a internal halal courtesy before venturing into a tellurian market.  HALFEST serve aims to be a height in building a halal marketplace locally HALFEST – […]