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Trekking the Heritage of Bario Highlands

Trekking the Heritage of Bario Highlands

This familiarization trip to Bario is organised by Volvo Trucks Malaysia in conjunction with the official handing-over event at Bario Asal Lembaa longhouse settlement to mark the completion of Volvo Trucks-funded longhouse fire-fighting system and eco-shelters along the 25-kilometre Bario ancestral jungle trail.

Volvo Trucks, one of the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers, continues to drive progress for a safer and more sustainable future with a corporate social responsibility contribution via the Volvo Group Seasonal Gift programme to the Kelabit community of Bario in Sarawak.

This story is brought to you with the sponsorship of Sarawak Tourism Board.

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Updated on October 25, 2018.


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Kembara Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia Perak 2011

October 28, 2011 during 12:27 pm

A traveller once pronounced that what unequivocally creates a debate truly noted was not where we went, though a people we accommodate and transport with. We learnt a law of this matter during a Kembara Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia to Perak outing recently. We learnt that a grand house filled with a excellent finishings is zero though a vale incomprehensible cunning though a male who means it to his people as a museum; that a elementary common lunch turns into a joyous feast when love and regard are a categorical ingredients; and a elementary media outing to Perak brings with it a trove of appreciated memories usually since of a garland of finish strangers.

The media outing to Perak took place between 14th and 17th Oct 2011

And so we would like to share some of those memories with you, a readers, in hopes that we will find them as special as how they are to us.

We will start with a people who indeed done this outing probable – Gaya Travel Magazine. As a organisers of a Kembara Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia to Perak 2011, they were some-more than small hosts, their loyalty and bid were equally matched with their regard and sincerity. Their appetite was infectious, and their untroubled personalities set a easy-going, easygoing atmosphere via a trip. Although young, this group achieved professionally, doing each plea that came along with a acquire grin and a happy remark. If we seem like we’re singing praises of them, it’s not since we wish to be invited for arriving trips, though since they’re usually such a fun garland to be with. Especially Ed.

The organisers of a trip, a Gaya Travel Magazine team. Really good job, guys and girls! The male in a shawl is Mr. Ed, not a horse

To be unequivocally honest, a many noted partial of a outing that everybody will NOT acknowledge outright, was a fact that we desired being treated like royalty, interjection to Malaysia’s group in blue. This time around, we were accompanied by 5 hastily military officers from a Royal Malaysian Police. They done certain we were protected and, many importantly, that we got to a destinations on time. They might demeanour stern, though they are indeed really friendly, receptive and honest individuals. Thanks a lot, abang polis, since of we guys, we now know how VIPs feel when they travel. Trust us, that in itself, is a smashing feeling.

From left to right – Jasasmurni, Shafik Izuan, Hassan, Malik, Abdul Latif. Their work ethics and professionalism are over compare.

At Kampung Beng, we will learn because a annual event home famous as balik kampung is something many Malaysians reason dear to their hearts. Here they wait, comfortable frank smiling faces, watchful to hail finish strangers and acquire them into their homes. Willing to share all they have, no matter how small or elementary it might be, seeking zero in lapse solely that we leave with lustful memories of them and their village. Sememangnya syurga terletak di telepak kaki ibubapa – truly, bliss lies during a feet of a parents.

These ladies might be simple, though their attract lies in their elegance, frankness and kindness.

The ladies of Kampung Beng tough during work scheming lunch for their guests

And what of Perak? The state is a pleasing place, surpassed usually by a many poetic people who call it their home. The Tourism Malaysia, Perak Office welcomed us with open arms, and by them we realize that a best that Perak has to offer are a people, so many charming and engaging personalities, and that they are what creates a state such a special place. Thank you, Puan Norshamshida, we and your staff done Perak so welcoming for all of us.

A really poetic lady with a good clarity of humour. Can we mark a praying mantis on her head?

Dinah, one of a many proffer rangers during a Taiping Zoo conducting a night safari tour, for us nonetheless

Mr Annuar Isa, a male behind a First Galleria in Taiping, is a male who loves to share what he knows about history

Mr Lingam, explaining a story of tin mining in Perak and a far-reaching reaching consequences

Zamri, a internal craftsman specialising in creation labu sayong, ceramic H2O containers, happily responding all a questions

An aged male offered soya bean drinks and bean curd. His case in Ipoh, famous as Kacang Soya Funny Mountain, indeed has a expostulate thru service!

Mr Chin pity with us a many stories about a honeyed pomelo. That’s Ed in a red shirt by a way

The best kind of debate we can ever take is one where we all start as strangers and finish as friends. With that we would like to finish this small wander down memory line by pity some of a fun times we had removing to know a associate travellers, no longer strangers, though consanguine spirits and frank friends. It was good spending time with all of you, we wish we enjoyed it too!

Our associate travellers seated in a front of a bus

Our associate travellers seated in a center of a bus

Last though not least, a associate travellers seated during a behind of a bus

To a readers, we wish that your journeys will be filled with as many good memories as ours.

To see some some-more photos of a trip, make your approach to a print manuscript on Facebook here.

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