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Melaka Art and Performance Festival 2012 a resounding success

Appiah Annan from Ghana performing Sankofa / Photo from

Sep 28, 2012

MELAKA, Malaysia – The largest and only site specific art and performance festival on a UNESCO World Heritage site ended on a high note today as artists and performers celebrated a successful three-day festival. From September 21-23, Melaka was filled with art installations and performances by more than 50 renowned local and international artists.

Artists from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, France, Ghana, South Korea, Ireland, Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands, Morocco, Canada, Poland, and the USA performed in the streets along St. Paul’s Hill where the asphalt became their canvas.

Running for the fourth year, the Melaka Arts and Performance Festival (MAPFest) is an innovative contemporary festival featuring dance, performance art, visual art, film, and music. The closing of the festival culminated in the gathering of all MAPFest artists and performers as they performed “Eulogy for The Living,” a large-scale performance, which provided a spectacular and soulful finale to the festival. The play was directed by the Founding Creative Director, Tony Yap, accompanied by live music and projections by Khaled Sabsabi.

“We were overwhelmed by the response throughout the festival. These three days has truly shown that Melaka has the potential to be an international hub for arts and performances. We are definitely looking forward for a bigger and better festival next year,” said Andrew Ching, Founder and Producer of the Festival.

As a supporter of the festival, the Malaysia Convention Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) shares the same vision. Zulkefli Sharif, Chief Executive Officer of MyCEB, said, “Our collaboration with MAPFest this year is a successful one as it proves that Malaysia can be a center stage for global events. Melaka, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, was the ideal venue to host such an inspiring showcase of the arts.”

The event attracted over 20,000 attendees, including an estimated 4,000 overseas visitors. Festival goers participated in a dance workshop by Australia’s leading Afrocontemporary dance practitioner, Appiah Annan of Asanti Dance Theatre, as he introduced traditional and contemporary approaches to dance from his motherland, Ghana.

Many people also took part in a forum discussion themed, “Melaka intersections: Living space/museum town” by Associate Professor Cheryl Stock, Director of Postgraduate Studies Creative Industries Faculty of the Queensland University of Technology.

MAPFest 2012 was directed by Tony Yap, in his capacity as the Founding Creative Director. He was one of the principle performers with IRAA Theatre (1989-1996) and has worked extensively in Australia and overseas including the Agamemnon Festival Colline Torinese, Italy, and The Trojan Woman, Vienna International Art Festival. As the founding Artistic Director of Mixed Company (now The Tony Yap Company) in 1993, he has made a commitment to the exploration and creation of an individual dance theatre language that is informed by psycho-physical research, Asian shamanistic trance dance, butoh, voice, and visual design.

MAPFest 2012 is produced by Arts Performance Festival Melaka Sdn Bhd and is supported by Tourism Malaysia, the Melaka State government, together with the efforts of E-Plus Entertainment, Mercatus Plus Malaysia, Badan Warisan Malaysia, Kingdom of the Netherlands, the French and The Netherlands Embassies, the Australian government, the Australian High Commission, Australia Malaysia Institute, Multicultural Arts Victoria, the Embassy of France, The Tony Yap Company, Nyoba Kan, Simone Lourey, and William Randall.


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Cuisine in Melaka


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Taking arts to Malacca streets

THE largest and only site specific art and performance festival on a Unesco heritage site returns to Malacca for the fourth time from tomorrow to Sunday.

The Mapfest 2012 team

The Melaka Art And Performance Festival or Mapfest 2012, held daily at 10am, has performances by more than 50 local and international artistes from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, France, Ghana, South Korea, Ireland, Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands, Morocco, Canada, Poland and the United States.
They will perform on the streets along St Paul’s Hill and the asphalt will become their canvas.

Mapfest 2012 draws from Malacca’s famous heritage sites to create a space for contemporary culture and artistic practice. It will have components such as Cerita Pendek (Short Stories) 1 and 2, visual arts, discussions and workshops.
Cerita Pendek brings together dance, music and performances from all participating artistes in short works over two nights at St Paul’s Church.

On Sunday night, they will all perform Eulogy For The Living, a spectacular finale directed by Tony Yap and accompanied by live music, and projections by Khaled Sabsabi.
Producer Andrew Ching says: “The festival provides an avenue for up-coming performers to showcase their talents and collaborate with international artistes.”

Festival supporter the Malaysia Convention And Exhibition Bureau chief executive officer Zulkefli Sharif says that as a heritage site, Malacca has always been a popular tourist attraction and the festival enhances its offerings.

The event is set to attract more than 4,000 international attendees who can join a dance workshop by Australia’s leading dancer Appiah Annan of Asanti Dance Theatre who will introduce traditional and contemporary approaches to dance from his motherland, Ghana.

Mapfest 2012 is produced by Arts And Performance Festival Melaka and is supported by the Tourism Ministry, E-Plus Entertainment, Mercatus Plus, Badan Warisan Malaysia and the governments of the Netherlands, Australia and France among others.

Admission is free.

Details at

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Tourism Malaysia

Hope Comes A-Floating

October 19, 2011 during 4:30 pm

It is not bland that a chairman can exaggerate of vital on house and being a partial of a stately boat for week or a month, what some-more dual years. Unless that particular skeleton to offer in a Navy or has an unconstrained supply of supports that enables them to transport on a journey endlessly, it is a singular event for a people to live a life on a ship. This once-in-a-lifetime trust is what creates portion on-board a Logos Hope so noted for volunteers who have selected this rather singular trail of life.

Logos Hope

The ship, Logos Hope docked during Port Klang

The story of a boat named Logos Hope…

The Logos Hope was initial built in 1973 and was creatively built for a purpose of a newcomer automobile ferry. Before it was famous as Logos Hope, it was called Gustav Vasa and it sailed along a North Atlantic routes. A decade after it was built, a boat altered hands to Smyril Line and was renamed Norröna. The vessel afterwards plied a track between a Faroe Islands and Denmark. It came into a hands of GBA Ships in a year 2004 and underwent vital renovations to perform her arriving role. She performed her stream name, Logos Hope, in 2005 and after outfitting in Kiel, Germany; Køge, Denmark and final dry wharf in Sweden, Logos Hope finally became an active boat in Feb 2009.

The boat is manned by a organization of 400 volunteers from 45 opposite nations. The village is diverse, from retirees to children of families portion on house and has an normal age of 25 to 30 years old. Most of a volunteers offer for dual years, that is a longest duration of time accessible for service. Volunteers not usually get a possibility to give behind to a people around a world, they are also given training programmes, that when total with a work trust and a cross-cultural encounters, provides them with an event to learn new skills and rise their characters.

Visitors browsing by a many titles that is accessible onboard a Logos Hope

“Mommy, look… it’s a floating library!”

The association that is behind this prophesy is GBA Ships e.V, a non-profit organization that is formed in Germany. GBA Ships operates ships that cruise around a universe with a purpose of bringing knowledge, assistance and wish to those who are in apocalyptic need of it. Their prophesy is to yield entrance to high-quality novel to those who need it, providing unsentimental adore and compelling assent by embracing diversity, as clear in a ships’ crews. Since 1970, a swift of ships owned by GBA Ships have determined a name for themselves as floating book fairs. These ships have done over 1,400 pier calls in over 160 countries and territories and have welcomed over 42 million visitors on house their ships.

The floating book satisfactory offers a preference of over 5,000 titles for visitors who come to a book fair. The far-reaching preference of books on arrangement are suitable for each member of a family as it covers a good operation of categories such as cookery, sports, hobbies, science, medicine, dictionaries, languages and philosophy. The books are donated by publishers whose books have been private from dissemination in first-world countries after a latest editions have been released. This gives Logos Hope a possibility to offer these books during a fragment of their costs to people in building countries.

Visitors can see cinema of a ship’s story on a walls as they conduct to a book arrangement area

A boat full of angels in disguise…

One of a many things that volunteers of a Logos Hope find suggestive is a initiatives and projects that they do for a communities in need. GBA Ships trust in peculiarity life for all, regardless of personal credentials and circumstances. As a boat cruise from pier to port, a organization contributes to a society’s needs in each approach probable – be it a elementary charge of pity and exchanging practice with locals to donating reserve or even building schools or houses. Some of a projects that have been undertaken by a Logos Hope’s communities embody hosting over 80 genealogical chiefs on house in Ghana, building orphanages and donating over 50,000 books to village groups and colleges in Liberia, using HIV / AIDS Awareness projects in West Africa and charity giveaway eye examinations for a people in Malaysia.

Some of a book titles that are accessible for sale during a floating book fair

Where will they go next?

The Logos Hope is now docked during Port Klang until 24th Oct 2011. The boat will afterwards be streamer to Kuching, Sarawak where it is approaching to arrive on 27th Oct and will be there compartment 15th Nov before it moves on to Kota Kinabalu. The Logos Hope will afterwards continue to make a approach to Singapore and Philippines. The satisfactory is open to a open from 10 am to 10 pm from Tuesdays to Saturdays, and 3 pm to 10 pm on Sundays. It is sealed on Mondays. Entrance fees are labelled during RM1 per chairman and acknowledgment is giveaway for children underneath 12 who are accompanied by an adult.

Though it was roughly 5pm when this design was taken, there were still many people queueing adult to house a floating book fair

For some-more information on a Logos Hope and a destiny pier of calls, record on to their website here.

Logos Hope is now looking for donations for a generators. Interested parties might impute to a above website or pronounce to any of a staff on-board Logos Hope for some-more information.

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