Rate this post A long, long time ago, the Mayans were believed to have first discovered cocoa, which they considered as a sacred treat. Nowadays, chocolates are still considered precious delights. They certainly make wonderful treats during festive seasons and who would ever say no to a chocolate souvenir! Yup, chocolates are some of the […]

10 Malaysian Sweets & Desserts You Should Try

Rate this post Sugar, spice and everything nice! The sweetmeats and desserts of Malaysia, also known as kuih-muih or manisan locally, cater to the craziest taste buds in Asia, hence they are absolutely unique. Malaysians are extremely thrifty, yet have high expectations of their desserts. Through this almost impossible-to-meet criteria, we have seen a unique craftsmanship […]

New array of dishes and desserts from Moshi Moshi Dessert and Tea Cafe during Taman Mount Austin

Rate this post Do we like desserts? Moshi Moshi Desserts and Tea Cafe during Taman Mount Austin had launched their new array of desserts and some snacks on Dec 2013! We visited a cafeteria not too prolonged ago, and subsequent are some of a new array available… Before a desserts and snacks, let me brief […]


Rate this post Ramai pelancong yang melawat Melaka akan mencari produk-produk makanan untuk dibawa balik sebagai hadiah untuk ahli keluarga dan kegunaan sendiri. Melaka amat terkenal dengan produk makanan yang unik seperti belacan, cencalok, dodol, gula Melaka dan lain-lain. Walaupun jenis makanan ini boleh didapati di pasaraya di seluruh Malaysia, namum demikian para pelancong masih […]