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Walk along a Riverside of Malacca (Melaka) River (photos sharing)

Before dinner, we strolling along a Malacca River usually behind a Best Western Wana Riverside Hotel. The starting indicate was from a Musical Fountain (N2.20013 E102.24806), a low-pitched fountain start to ‘Dance’ each dusk from 8pm – 11pm, if I’m not mistaken…

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It was a cold dusk and unequivocally relaxing walking…

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There was a overpass not too distant divided from us, it’s a Jambatan Pasar (Market Bridge). So we motionless to cranky to a other side of a riverbank…

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 print IMG_8341_zps4fc74a1a.jpg

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Once we crossed a bridge, there were many murals embellished on a building’s wall…yes, many of them…

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If time allow, we would like to constraint all a murals print in a area…there were unequivocally good and some of them reflected a enlightenment of Malacca (Melaka). By sitting during a riverbank and admiring a murals was one of my delight during a evening…

After a buildings full of a travel arts, we came to a quarrel of cafes and pubs, these are a nightlife area of Jalan Kampung Hulu of Melaka town. Well, it’s good to have a cold bottle drink while suffer a cold zephyr along a Malacca River…at slightest for me. 🙂

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The cafeteria above was Not a usually one though with full quarrel of it…until a final emporium was a Chinese Seafood Restaurant, a grill business was good while we upheld by…I theory a seafood here contingency be delicious! 🙂

After a seafood restaurant, we reached a Hang Tuah Bridge, we motionless to cranky it again and behind to a hotel since it was about cooking time…

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Standing on a overpass and looking around on a both riverbank, hmm…this was a ‘River’ that started a Malacca (Melaka) Empire during a 1600s…and also a began of a Tanah Melayu that is Malaysia today.

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Once we travel opposite a bridge, a quarrel of pubs and cafes started to light up. Colourful and Nice!

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We stopped during a place where we started and a whole riverbank travel is around 3.6km (with a correct pathway), that I’m intend to do it in a nearby future. It was unequivocally good and enjoying travel along a river, where we can solemnly perspective on all a colonial buildings that build on half century ago…

Beside this scenery, it is also a Good place for prolonged bearing photography! Which I’m going to try it on a late evening…

 print IMG_8352_zpsf1bbc8fc.jpg

Have we each try it? If no, greatfully try it on your subsequent revisit to Malacca, we will like it! 🙂

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Tourism Malaysia

Night River Cruise during Malacca (Melaka) River (photos sharing)

After a dinner, we continued a subsequent channel – Nigh River Cruise on Melaka River. Tickets purchased from a Best Western Wana Riverside Hotel accepting and we got RM1 bonus on any ticket. The hotel has their possess Jetty (N2.19970 E102.24829) just behind a building, it Only permitted for hotel guests. There are 3 times per day that a vessel collect adult passengers from a hotel’s jetty, greatfully check with a hotel staffs for a timing.
Our prior Melaka River Cruise was on year 2008, that was on a day time, so we motionless to try it on a night time again…

The initial ‘colourful’ overpass appreared in front of us was a Hang Tuah Bridge…the vessel went towards a north instruction when it began…

 print IMG_8354_zps73e7128f.jpg

The lighting was so charming during a night…then it upheld by a ‘Eye of Melaka’…

 print IMG_8363_zps11c6800f.jpg

Honestly we like a charming lightings thoughtfulness unequivocally many from a H2O during a vessel cruise…

 print IMG_8368_zpsb475d17b.jpg

 print IMG_8371_zpsac4114a1.jpg

When a vessel roughly reached a finish adult north, we saw this some kind of LRT hire and a lane was build along a riverbank, interesting! we will try it shortly in a future…

 print IMG_8375_zps88dea445.jpg

The vessel done a U-Turn once it reached a finish indicate and we were journey down south again…

 print IMG_8382_zpsd954db64.jpg

The vessel upheld by a retard of prosaic that aflame adult with all a charming florescent tube! This was a many charming prosaic we ever seen in Malaysia!

Follow by few bridges that unequivocally demeanour good during a night…

 print IMG_8383_zpsfa35ac3d.jpg

 print IMG_8392_zpsa55ad241.jpg

 print IMG_8393_zps78a095d1.jpg

 print IMG_8397_zpsf3e89c28.jpg

After a Market Bridge, there are many murals embellished on a colonial buildings…

 print IMG_8400_zps12300894.jpg

The vessel journey by a colonial buildings and it reached a Popular Hard Rock Cafe of Malacca that is only operated few months ago…

 print IMG_8410_zps9c1d1d23.jpg

 print IMG_8407_zpsa4d6583a.jpg

This easily aflame pathway along a riverside and accompany with a Britsh Era colonial buildings…

The vessel spin behind and journey towards a hotel’s jetty, that finish a 45 mins Night River Cruise on a Malacca River. It was a sum opposite knowledge when holding a stream journey on day time and night time…I cite a night journey since of a charming lightings…

Have we try it before?

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14 June 2013| last updated at 11:38PM

Sungai Melaka project a model for others

By Jason Gerald |

REHABILITATION: The once lifeless waterway has been turned into Malacca’s most lucrative tourism product

THE phrase “Everything began in Malacca” is not something which was just coined to attract tourism, but is in actual fact what this state has to offer to other states in Malaysia.

The birth of the nation is attributed to the glory of the Malacca sultanate in the 15th century, and Malacca is where the independence of Malaysia was first announced by the country’s founding father, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj at the Dataran Pahlawan in Banda Hilir.

Malacca has been a benchmark for many developments in the country after the state was steered into becoming a developed state — recognised by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) — and is now spearheading the nation’s green technology initiatives.

And now, what was once famed as one of the busiest ports in the world, the Melaka River, is becoming a benchmark for the rehabilitation and beautification of rivers throughout the country.

Known as the Venice of the East in the 15th century, the waterway had slowly deteriorated and became one of the dirtiest rivers in the country till some 12 years ago.

In 2001, the state government, with assistance from the Federal Government, had embarked on the first phase of the Melaka River beautification project costing some RM200 million.

The first phase of the Melaka River rehabilitation project started at the tip of the river mouth to the Hang Tuah bridge which included the construction of two new jetties and an archway across the river.

The restoration and beautification project paid off handsomely, as now the once lifeless river has not only been revived but it has been turned into the most lucrative tourism product that Malacca has to offer.

The recent Sungai Melaka International River Festival created history when the Drainage and Irrigation Department director-general, Datuk Ahmad Husaini Sulaiman, said the State administration’s success in turning the river into one of the finest in the country, region and also the world would be the main point of reference for the revival and beautification of all rivers in the country.

The effort taken by the Malacca government in beautifying the Melaka River has not only managed to turn the river into a commodity for tourism but also helped in mitigating floods.

Under the 10th Malaysia Plan all rivers in the country were allocated RM3.47 billion for flood mitigation works, rehabilitation and beautification exercise. Melaka alone was allocated RM285 million.

In Malacca’s case, this money was not only used for flood mitigation works but also for the cleaning, beautification, and upgrading of the river system from the Sungai Melaka estuary right up to Malim.

This success of making Sungai Melaka into a living river is proposed to be replicated across the country.

Sungai Melaka is flanked by several delightful structures such as the Dutch or Red Square, traditional villages and other tourist attractions. In the second phase of its rehabilitation would start at the Hang Jebat bridge up to Batu Hampar, covering 5.2km.

The second phase would be divided into three main work packages; first would cover a 2.4km waterway from the Hang Jebat bridge to the Tun Razak bridge, followed by 1.2km from the Tun Razak bridge to the Melaka Sentral bridge, and the final package from the Melaka Sentral bridge to the Tidal Control Gate that stretches for 1.6km.

This would also include deepening the depth of the river, constructing walls and walkways along the river, landscapes, three water taxi stations at Taman Rempah and Jusco AEON, building unique bridges and beautifying the banks of the river.

Once the project is completed, the water quality of Sungai Melaka is expected to improve from class 111 barometer to class 11B by the year 2015.

The current success of the Melaka River rehabilitation and beautification project could also be seen through the Melaka River Cruise.

When the cruise started in 2006 there were only 56 visitors, but last year alone it attracted some 1.1 million passengers, and this year it is targeted that the Melaka River Cruise would attract some 1.4 million visitors.

Besides being a benchmark for rivers in Malaysia, the Malacca government is also aiming to work towards getting this event listed on the World Tourism Calendar of Events, similar to the San Antonio River festival in Texas, United States.

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