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Teaspoon | 24-Hour Culinary Tour Around Kuching

Teaspoon | 24-Hour Culinary Tour Around Kuching

“Where to eat in Kuching?” might be the million-dollar question that leaves you stumped.

Here’s the list compiled by Teaspoon on to do list for 24-Hour Culinary Tour Around Kuching, just to help you out.


Famous for their Kolo Mee, this bowl of thin, springy noodles tossed in fragrant lard and garnished with flavorful minced meat is definitely a favorite among us Kuching folks.  Besides the Kolo Mee, you can also order their thick and smooth skinned Kiaw for a more filling breakfast.



BREAKFAST Sin Lian Shin (2)



One of the local delights you have to let your friends try is definitely the delicious and hot-out-of-the-wok Gong Pias from Rihga (Stall No.7), which is located at a corner around the back. They have 4 different kinds of fillings, Minced Meat (Original), Cheese, Garlic Ham. Come try out all the flavors!



Besides Gong Pias, Sio Bees and Rojak are also sold at Rihga. Their Rojak is one of the local favorites too. Crispy “Yu Char Kueh”, veggies, fruits and fresh boiled squids are mixed together with the savory prawn paste and garnished with finely chopped peanuts.


The next well-known stall would be Mao Zhong Drink Stall (Stall No.1) for their Sugarcane + Coconut drinks.  The sugarcane’s juice are freshly extracted from the plant and mixed together with coconut water and served with a generous amount of freshly scraped coconut meat.




Another one of Kuchinglangs’ favorites would be a plate of savory and delicious Belacan Bee Hoon which you can find at Belacan Bee Hoon, Cuttle Fish Kang Kong Stall (Stall No.4).



The waterfront is as long as 1km and this is undoubtedly the most happening place you can find in Kuching.


AFTERNOON WALK Waterfront (6)


Hidden away at the edge of Carpenter Street, Black Bean Coffee Tea Co. is definitely a must visit if you want a cup of coffee.

TEA TIME Black Bean Coffee  Tea Co. CAPPUCINO


Hui Sing Hawker Centre has remained one of the best in Kuching over the years and if you are after great tasting hawker food you can’t go wrong here.




DINNER Hui Sing Hawker Centre JO TO METAHON

DINNER Hui Sing Hawker Centre

Have fun touring around the Cat City y’all!

More Delicious Kuching Foodie Info, only at Teaspoon.

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Penang Shopping – An Ultimate Guide to Shopping in Penang

Penang is renowned as the island of duty-free shopping and during seasonal days, the Shopaholics from around the world gather here to fill their bags with the best things in the markets. Though now Langkawi has somehow taken over this status, but yet Penang has not stopped alluring Shopaholics. Penang Shopping is the most exciting activity for tourists as well as for locals, due to its expensive and branded shops and local and affordable markets. Penang has been able to cater to the needs of people from all classes and all age groups.

You shall find here shopping malls, night markets and street markets as well as antique shops, selling trendy and cultural stuff. You shall be able to buy complete gamut of products in Penang very easily. During the Penang shopping festival in August, which is conducted annually across the nation, Penang becomes of the major shopping hubs, as locals and tourists both head towards this city to take advantage of the amazing offers and discounts.

A Short Guide to Best Penang Shopping

As there are a number of shopping places in Penang, ranging from malls, shops in the street and night markets, then where you should go first and what to buy is the point to ponder upon. Therefore, to assist you in making a wise decision, we have discussed in details about the various places where you can for Penang Shopping and make the most of  your time and money. Read on to know about them:

Shopping Malls in Penang

Penang is one of the popular islands of Malaysia and being a significant part of Malaysia, it follows the culture of having lavish shopping malls within. No matter what you want to buy, you shall get each and everything from their malls. The famous malls for shopping in Penang are Gurney Plaza on Gurney Drive, Sunway Carnival mall in Seberang Perai, Queensbay Mall, which is overlooking the beautiful crystal clear water in Bayan Lepas and the 1st Avenue Mall, which is next to KOMTAR in George Town.

All these Penang Shopping Malls have stocked similar collection of well-known brands of clothing, shoes, bags and etc. as well as have same chains of food and beverage stores. However, this does not give rise to contempt, but rather makes it easier for everyone to find everything in one place.

You shall also find boutique malls like the Straits Quay Mall in Tanjung Tokong, which has gained great popularity with its one-off stores, i.e. Sugar where you shall see ready to bake measured ingredients for every cake and beautiful baking paraphernalia. At Bran et Dagauet, you shall come across one-off women’s clothing, which are designed by Penangite, Brandon Tan. At the Fresh Desire, you shall be amazed to see food like cupcakes and pastries in the shape of bathing soaps, which is one of its kind in the entire city.

Read More: Best Shopping Malls in Penang

Markets in Penang

Missing out Penang Shopping at the markets is one of the biggest mistakes one could ever make. The famous Chowrasta Bazaar on Jalan Penang is ideal to buy fresh products as well as second hand stuff, all at very affordable prices. You can also eat out at the hawker food stalls. Thieves’ Market is the most popular markets not only because of its name, but also for having old stuff like ancient watches and manual irons of old times.

The weekly night markets are ideal for Penang Shopping and they are continuously in rotation from one neighborhood to another. You can buy local street food here at very reasonable prices as well as local fruits and the seasonal king of fruits. Furthermore, at few stalls, you shall also find household stuff like pots and pans, plastic buckets and scrubbing brushes.

Batu Ferringhi night market is set up daily and is famous for being the biggest in terms of length and breadth.  This market opens at 5:00pm and closes after midnight. This market is ideal for shopping in Penang, especially for tourists to buy sunglasses, knick knacks, clothes, hats and other stuff for playing on the beach like spades and floats etc.

Shopping Street in Penang

Little India is a renowned shopping street in Penang, flooded with vibrant colors and alluring fragrances of flowers, food and spices from India. Once you step in this market, you shall get the feeling as if you are in India and therefore, this street has been named Little India. The vibrant colors here are popping out from the fabric, jewelries, food, statues, flowers and from various other stuff, which is being sold here. A wide variety of beautiful sarees are found here and every store seems to have a better collection than the previous one. So, be ready to find yourself in the state of extreme confusion. Everything from food to clothing is totally Indian, depicting its culture.

Places to Buy Souvenirs and Gifts in Penang

When its time to go back to your home, it is mandatory to shop something for people waiting for you in your respective city or country. It’s a custom followed in every region. Apart from shopping in Penang for yourself, you also need to find out where to get the best souvenirs and gifts. At the Perfect Gift Green Lane you can buy flower bouquets, teddy bears, chocolate boxes, hampers and various  items for different events. At China Joes in Georgetown, you shall get a variety of antiques and accessories, followed by eclectic souvenirs, special teas and coffees, books and various other stuff for your home.

At Sentuhan in Tanjung Tokong you shall find all handmade products like natural soaps, paintings, local crafts, clothing, and accessories. Some beautiful packaging is also sold here, so that you can wrap the stuff and present as a gift item. Material Collection at Queensbay Mall is also another perfect place to shop for dresses, tees, scarves, chopsticks for first time user, one-off handbags, modern wooden ornaments, silicon kitchenware, eco-friendly Chinese New Year ang pau packets and also some exclusive stationary stuff. Other places where you can go for Penang Shopping to get souvenirs and gift items are Bon Ton The Shop, 14 Living Story, SJ, Threef and various others.

Money Changers in Penang

The industry of money changers in Penang is well ruled by the Indian Muslim and Chettiar communities. The people of these communities provide the best exchange rates to banks. You shall find many of them, working from the Central Business District of George Town, specifically beside the Pitt Street and Beach Street. Their outlets are also found in the main shopping malls of Penang like at Queensbay Malls, 1st Avenue Mall, Komtar and Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall. The famous money changers in Penang are M Mohamed Kassim Forex, International Mega Forex and various others. So, before shopping in Penang, get your currency exchanged.

Shopping Tips

Bargaining is the key to buy the best stuff at the best price in Penang. When you are at some stalls or independent shops, give your best to haggle for the least possible price. You can lower down the price of any stuff without proper bargaining and knowledge. If you think that the price could have been more bargained then no need to buy from there, look around at other shops.

We hope that this short Penang shopping guide will assist you in making the most of your time and money. Your shopping experience in Penang will be of great value, if you follow this guide. While Shopping is one of the recommended activity in Penang, you might be interested in knowing best things to do in Penang to make most of your trip.

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Lazy Days in Malaysia

petronas-twin-towersIt is an undeniable fact that there is always so much to do and so many places to see in Malaysia. BUT, travelling around in Malaysia need not just be about going around different places and coming back to your hotel room exhausted. We have collected 10 ways to enjoy the best of Malaysia by hardly moving your finger.


10. Parks

bako-national-parkVisiting parks can be adventurous or relaxing. There are many National Parks you can visit in Malaysia for some adventure (if you want). We recommend: Endau Rompin National Park, Bako National Park, Krau Wildlife Reserve and Penang National Park. The other park that you ought to visit is the Legoland. Okay, it does take lot of time and energy to do so but you can always find a corner in Legoland where you can just dream away. Talking about dreams, the best way to live it is to visit Kuala Lumpur’s Butterfly Park. A romantic day out or spend the day admiring the colorful butterflies, it’s the best way to have a guilt free lazy day.

9. Shopping

shopping-kuala-lumpurOur article “Shopping malls in Malaysia” gives you detailed information about the endless shopping possibilities in Malaysia. Why did “shopping” make this list? This is especially for travelers who love shopping and do not consider it as a physical activity that leads to exhaustion.



8. Hawker Food

One of the many reasons we travel is to taste the local cuisines. If you are feeling too lazy to visit the restaurant that serves the best Malay food, then walk around a bit and you are bound to come across some hawker food stalls. They do serve some really tasty Malay food. In Penang, you come across one every other corner.

7. Open air and living history places

sarawak-cultural-villageGroup tours can get really hectic. The need to wake up early and follow someone else’s schedule takes lot of time and concentration. In Malaysia, you are bound to sight historic places where you can learn a lot about Malaysian art and history without spending the whole day at a museum. The Petronas Tower is hard to miss if you are in Kuala Lumpur. We also recommend: Sarawak Cultural Village. Sarawak which is also known as “The land of the Hornbills” is the largest state in Malaysia, where you can find remnants of colonial architectures. You can also enjoy fascinating cultural showcase at Sarawak Cultural Village. The other cool place to enjoy history without travelling much is Japanese Village. You can witness Japanese craftsmanship and very detailed Japanese architecture outside Japan. The next must visit place is the Taman Tamadun Islam (TTI) or Islamic Civilization Park which gives you an insight of Islamic culture and tradition.

6. Cruise

Booking train tickets, taxis, checking maps for directions, blindly trusting GPS: If you want to avoid all this, then cruise is just perfect for you. Be pampered and wake up in a whole new place. Cruise ships have everything you can think of: amazing restaurants, bars, fitness centers, discotheques, live music and so on. You can also take short cruise in Malaysia. Putrajaya cruise takes you around Putrajaya lake where you can sight Putrajaya mosque, bridge and other government administrative buildings. The highly recommended cruise is star cruise which takes you to neighboring countries like Thailand and Indonesia.

5. Order in

delicious-foodToo lazy to even move an inch away from your bed? You can call for room service, but you can extend your options. How so? Just order in. Open your laptop, Google “best restaurant near me” or “what to eat for breakfast” etc. and call that restaurant. Malaysia has lots of international chains from where you can order: Papa Johns, Dominos, Starbucks to name a few. Other online food delivery site includes: Foodpanda.



4. Spa

Be lazy and feel relaxed. Malaysia has numerous spas and healing centers where you can be pampered with delicious fragrance of scented candles and oils.

3. Spiritual

Spend some time at mosque, church, monastery or a temple. You don’t have to do much but enjoy the serenity it offers. The popular spiritual destinations in Malaysia are: Sultan Abu Bakar state Mosque, Kapitan Keling Mosque, Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist temple, Jamek Mosque, St. George’s Church and lots more.

2. Beach Resorts Books

This is probably one of the best ways to relax and enjoy Malaysia. You can soak up the sun on beaches at Langkawi Island or Perhentian Island, sip your favorite cocktail and sail on your dreamboat. The beach resorts have some amazing restaurants where you can taste Malaysian food or any other continental cuisines. The staff at these resorts is very helpful and will make sure you get pampered to the fullest. Another highly recommended and a personal favorite of many people is to read a good book at the beach. Buy books or if they are too heavy to carry around, Amazon Kindle will be just as perfect.

1. Selfies

selfiesSelfies – highly recommended and something to keep you busy the whole day. Take selfies from different angles at every place you visit. Believe it or not, in Malaysia, no one will give you strange looks for taking selfies. In fact some might even ask you if they can join you. Oh don’t forget to post it on Instagram .



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Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodle – ?????? stall along Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa

The Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodle stall (N1.49305 E103.77090) is located along Jalan Sutera of Taman Sentosa – Johor Bahru. It’s easy to locate if you aware of previous Elextrolux office and opposite the current 7-Eleven convenience shop. The stall started since the late 80s, it was about 25 years in business till now which run by a owner from Penang.

I started to patronized the area since year 87, and yes…until today and the taste of the noodle is ‘Still’ same as before, well maintain!

 photo IMG_9569_zpsaee93553.jpg

We ordered few type of the noodle that evening…
*  Penang prawn noodle – standard. (with the curly instant noodle) ??????
*  Penang ‘Loh’ mee – (dark braised gravy, the local dialect called ‘Loh’) ????
*  Penang prawn noodle mixed with ‘Loh’ – the common way of the Penang peoples enjoy the noodles where the local named it – Hokkien Loh mee. ?????  –  ??

 photo IMG_9572_zpsd8090aca.jpg

 photo IMG_9573_zps03996a79.jpg

 photo IMG_9571_zps35d7599f.jpg

All the 3 types of noodles above were served with a spoon of vinegar + minced garlic to make the gravy (or soup) more appetizing, you can noticed it from the photo above. These type of combination is the common way where the Penang peoples enjoy the meal, and some of the Johorian might not get used to it.

We liked 3 types of the noodles above! Satisfied with the gravy and the taste.
The Penang Hokkien prawn noodle does not serve with a Big size prawns, but oppositely…only small prawns. And the soup will not have a strong rich taste of prawn, but just normal…I like the fried garlic aroma too! It went blended well with the noodles.

I won’t use the word – “Authentic” to describe the popular Penang food, because the definitions of ‘Authentic’ taste are very wide…the hawker food is prepare and cook by many different Penang peoples and more or less having similar taste, but might Not be the same…these are the debates always been around us. For me, whether you like it or hate it…as long as the food is ‘Tasty’! ‘Authentic’ is not really A priority…
The noodles above cost RM5 each.

 photo IMG_9574_zps644ca241.jpg

The owner is a friendly guy and we will have a short chat every time I visit the stall. After all, I’ve been seeing him since young till now…haha!

If you are fan of Penang Hokkien Prawn noodle or craving for Penang Loh mee, don’t forget to drop by the stall from 6pm – 12am (Tue – Sun)…you might love it just like me…:)