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Mahkota Parade shopping promotion

Mahkota Parade shopping promotion

August 17, 2010

Uolzs shopping for hari raya yet? Most of my friend I know already did early shopping to avoid hassle and bustle at last minute shopping. The crowds and the traffic. But for me, you can feel the spirit of celeberation when doing the last minute shopping. The bargaining and many outlets try sold out and put all their stock in front.

Mahkota Parade is among the list when shopping around Melaka. Let see what’s the outlet got for us:

-World of sport got 50% off
-Discount at Ogawa
-Royal Selangor got special giftboxed for syawal
-Body Glove got free gift

You can browse the item here. As usual I think there will be sales on the last week of Ramadan…