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High cost of eating

While a ranking of cities that are some-more costly to eat in has changed, prices altogether have dipped slightly.

GENEVA in Switzerland has taken over from Paris as a many costly city in a universe in that to sequence a bar sandwich.

Using a classical hotel tack of a chicken, bacon, egg, lettuce and mayonnaise sandwich as a barometer of affordability, a Club Sandwich Index (CSI) offers holidaymakers an denote of a cost of vital compared with their end of choice (see graphic).

The CSI normal cost is distributed from a genuine prices paid by guest for a bar sandwich in 30 hotels in a collateral or an critical traveller city of any nation surveyed, opposite five, 4 and 3 star categories.

In total, 840 hotels globally were canvassed.

As a whole, prices have dipped slightly, as Geneva’s RM95 is still cheaper than final year’s many costly during RM103!

Rounding adult a Top 10 are Rome (5), Tokyo (4), London (10), Sydney (8) and Hong Kong (11) in that sequence – in brackets are their positions final year.

Other Asian cities that done a list are Singapore – 17, Beijing – 22, Bangkok – 24, and Taipei – 26. But New Delhi, during 28, is a cheapest city in a universe for a bar sandwich during RM28.32.

And desirous by a CSI, a five-star Hullett House Hotel in Hong Kong has partnered with to emanate a world’s many lush bar sandwich. Nestling between a crustless, easily toasted 3 slices of bread, inspired travellers will find beluga caviar, A5 Wagyu beef, Balik salmon, sliced black pig bacon, Iberico ham, Belgian figs, sliced Roma tomato, Romaine lettuce, cucumber, French chicken, Italian organic egg, mayonnaise, mesclun salad and immature asparagus.

It’s all yours for only RM193.77(!) and will be accessible compartment Aug 31 during The Parlour.

Since we’re on a theme of food, Malaysia has bagged a Best Destination for Food Drink (International) Award during Lonely Planet Magazine India (LPMI) Travel Awards 2013.

For a second year running, LPMI invited a country’s increasingly worldly travellers to select their favourite destinations, elite transport facilitators and many appreciated transport experiences.

Nominations for some of a awards were shortlisted by a row of transport experts and professionals, and LPMI readers voted both online and in a magazine.

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