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Konsert Awie & Ella

January 5, 2012 at 2:00 pm

Norzila bt Hj Aminuddin, or better known by her stage name Ella, is a popular rock singer in Malaysia. With a career spanning over 2 decades, Ella still holds the local record for the best-selling female artist for selling over 300,000 copies at the peak of her music career. Dubbed as ‘Ratu Rock’ (Queen of Rock) by her local fans, no other title fits her status as a Malaysian rock star better. Her latest solo album, released in 2007 entitled Rama-Rama became one of the most popular songs in that year.

Born as Ahmad Azhar b Othman, he is better known as Awie, the front man for one of Malaysia’s famous rock band called Wings. He left the band and decided to go solo, producing four albums during his time as a solo singer. In 1992, Awie decided to embark on an acting career, starring in a film known as Pemburu Bayang. He carved a name for himself as an accomplished actor, and enjoyed success with other local films such as Sembilu series, Tragedi Oktober, Baik Punya Cilok and Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah.

Come and see Malaysia’s Queen of Rock perform live at Istana Budaya with Awie in Konsert Awie Ella this 12th to 15th January 2012

This coming 12th till 15th January 2012 will see both the King and Queen of Rock performing side by side at Panggung Sari in Istana Budaya. This long-awaited concert is set to thrill both of their respective fans and will be the opening concert of the year 2012. The schedule for this four-day concert is set as below:-

Thursday, 12th January 2012 at 8.30 pm
Friday, 13th January 2012 at 8.30 pm
Saturday, 14th January 2012 at 3.00 pm AND 8.30 pm
Sunday, 15th January 2012 at 3.00 pm AND 8.30 pm

Tickets are priced at RM 40, RM 80, RM 140, RM 210, RM 300, RM 400 and RM 450. Please click here for more information about the concert and ticket purchases, or visit Istana Budaya’s website here.

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Tourism Malaysia

The White Bat

December 26, 2011 at 12:30 pm

The story of The White Bat is a familiar story for many of us. It tells the story of Bella, a repressed housewife who longs for her husband Jonathan’s attention. Being an ambitious person, Jonathan becomes so obsessed with his work that he does not realise that he is neglecting his wife in the process. And then there is the Bat – a representation of our hidden nature that moves in the folds of the shadows, appearing only in the night.

The Bat is envious of Jonathan, having fallen for Bella and vies for her love. He appears in the night and takes Bella to a pub, where she finds herself being transformed into the person that she really is – a beautiful and seductive lady. Jonathan soon realises that having someone does not automatically mean that he owns her love as well and struggles to reclaim Bella’s love. Will Bella still want to return to Jonathan, now that she has found herself, remains to be seen.

The White Bat

This beautiful love story to be performed in a ballet is a production of Danceworks Production in collaboration with Ena Ballet Studio Company and Istana Budaya. This performance is choreographed by Jie Choong Wan Chin and will be staged at the Istana Budaya on the 7th and 8th January 2012 at 8.30 pm. The choreography is based on the music of Johann Strauss’ opera ‘Die Fledermaus‘ and will see the performance 13 artistes from the UK, Australia and Japan together with 15 local award-winning artistes.

Tickets are priced at RM 50, RM 100, RM 140, RM 180 and RM 220 and all proceeds will benefit the following charities – Hospis Malaysia, Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation, Lions Lyfe-Line Leukaemia Fund, SPCA Selangor, Yayasan Sin Chew, Living HOPE Malaysia and Persatuan SLE Malaysia. Tickets can be purchased via online at or by walking in to the participating outlets. For more information, please log on to the website here. A list of participating outlets can be found here.

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Tourism Malaysia

Malaysian Diversity

October 25, 2011 at 12:00 pm

One of the many reasons why Malaysia is such a unique country is because of the existence of cultural diversity formed by the country’s people of different races. These unique cultural practises gives a more in-depth insight for tourists and locals to get to know more about the other races found here in Malaysia. To celebrate Malaysia’s rich cultural diversity, Dewan Filharmonik Petronas is proud to present ‘Malaysian Diversity’ on 28th October 2011. This concert will see Mohd Yazid Zakaria taking his place as the conductor of Orkestra Tradisional Malaysia and will feature guest singers such as Jaclyn Victor and Iqwal Hafiz as well as the Orang Asli group, Bahbola.

Yazid Zakaria will be conducting the Orkestra Tradisional Malaysia at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas on 28th October 2011

Mohd Yazid Zakaria was formerly a musician and composer for the Petronas Performing Arts Group (PPAG) and has been with the group since 1993. Today, he is currently attached to Istana Budaya as the conductor for Orkestra Tradisional Malaysia. He has represented the country to many international music festivals such as the Malaysian Jazz Festival in 1993 and the ASEAN Symphony Band in Bangkok in 1994. His work that was featured in Musical Theatre Indraputra has earned him a Cameronian Arts Award in the Best Original Composition category in 2002. He has also been selected to be the music director for musicals like Puteri Gunung Ledang, Hanuman, Mahsuri and Semerah Padi.

Performances are scheduled to start at 8.30 pm on 28th October 2011. Tickets are priced at RM 58 for all seats. Early birds will be entitled to purchase these tickets at RM 48 (limited to the first 100 tickets sold). Patrons who are attending the function are required to be in smart casual dress code. For more information, please log on to the website here.

Photo (c) Orkestra Tradisional Malaysia

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