Desaru Coast

Rate this post Key five reasons why you should go Desaru Coast fast! I have made up my mind to head “down south” again this year after I was impressed by the development of the state of Johor when I visited the place a year ago. This round, I decided to take an in-depth travel […]

Ramadan Rarities!

Rate this post The most-awaited month is approaching, for various reasons. Ramadan! For Muslims, this month of fasting is also the month to enhance their relationship with Allah by doing more good, be it towards each other or by increasing number of prayers and reciting the Holy Quran. For Non-Muslims (and many Muslims too, if […]

16 Hotel Murah Di Muar | Bilik Selesa Bawah RM250 Semalam

Rate this post   Tak tahu nak ke mana dengan keluarga untuk cuti akan datang? Apa kata kalau anda jadikan Muar sebagai destinasi cuti nanti? Salah satu sebab penting anda kena pilih Muar sebagai pilihan adalah kerana ia telah dinobatkan sebagai salah satu bandar yang terbersih dalam anugerah Asean Clean Tourist City Standard Award 2017 […]


Rate this post Agrotourism is a tourism concept that is rapidly gaining popularity in Malaysia as it offers tourists an assortment of activities relating to the agriculture sector. Malaysia is a country rich in agricultural resources; after all, the agriculture sector has been the backbone of Malaysia’s economy for so many years. The main agency […]

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Rate this post Have you ever heard of the saying that “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? What better way to find such treasures than scouring flea markets that can be found at designated areas, as well as in shopping malls all around Malaysia. For the romantics, a flea market is a place filled […]