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Dal.Komm Coffee @ DPulze, Cyberjaya

Dal.Komm Coffee just open their first outlet in Malaysia since November at Uptown, Damansara Utama. Where I visited the outlet nearby to me, also the second outlet of Dal.Komm Coffee at DPULZE Shopping Centre, Cyberjaya, there will be the third outlet at IOI City Mall, Putrjaya.

The Dal.Komm Coffee mixed it’s environment with music, you can entertain yourself with the music, yet in DPULZE Shopping Centre is feel more silent

To convenient us, they came with this notification. It will ring as our served is ready to picked up at the counter, well it’s self service.

For me, the surrounding of Dal.Komm Coffee at DPulze outlet is much pretty cozy for me as it’s big and much space, they are provided iPad for us to listen some of the music, unfortunately, there are limited iPad is provided.

Ordered coffee at coffee shop is just too main stream for me, so I decided to ordered their Bingsu, well, one of their signature Chocolate Lava Bingsu is out of order, so decided to try their Coffee Cube Bingsu. Well, I still not run out from the “coffee”, while I’m enjoying the Bingsu, Coffee and also the mixed of it’s music!

The Coffee Cube Bingsu served with small glass of brewed Coffee, Coffee Cube, two different flavors of shaved ice and one scoop of Vanilla Ice-Cream. The two different flavors of shaved ice, the top level is the coffee, while the bottom is the Vanilla flavors shaved ice, quite interesting flavors.

Dal.Komm Coffee
Address : Lot UG-18, DPULZE Shopping Centre, Cyberjaya
Opening hours : Monday – Sunday (10am – 10pm)
GPS Coordinate : N2.921564, E101.650847

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