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Yashiki Yakitori Bar @ Viva Home Shopping Mall

January 29, 2013 at 3:18 pm

There are many times in my life where I wished I was a braver person. I wish I was brave enough to sit through a horror movie without having to use my hands as a shield at certain parts of the movie. I also wish that I am not easily daunted by the appearance of a restaurant. You know how the situation goes – you walk past an interesting looking restaurant, you take a peek inside and suddenly a hundred and one thoughts flood your mind. Is the food nice? Is it another overcharged restaurant where portions are way too small and bland? Will I regret this decision? These are but some of the many thoughts that comes to my mind.

Yashiki Yakitori Bar at Viva Home Shopping Mall, Cheras

Yashiki Yakitori Bar’s Salmon Yee Shang is priced at RM55++ and is good for 3-4 people

A squeeze of lime juice gives this traditional dish an interesting twist of flavour and taste

If left to my own devices, there would be a high chance that I may not have visited Yashiki Yakitori Bar. But I am glad that I stepped into the outlet, for I would have definitely missed out the many great dishes that it has to offer if I had not gone in. It was part of the dining experience by Moola, the first ever homegrown Cash-Back Lifestyle programme by ICT Utopia. During my visit, I tried the Yee Sang promotion. With the Chinese New Year just around the corner, Yashiki Yakitori Bar is currently offering 5 different types of Yee Sang for its customers. From vegetarians to sashimi lovers, there is definitely a winner for everyone. My friends and I opted for the Salmon Sashimi Yee Sang with generous slices of fresh salmon. I must say, this yee sang is very much more different than the ones that I have tasted before. The lime oil together with the lime leaves and plum sauce used to toss with the raw vegetables gives it a tangy and refreshing taste that complements the salmon very well. Absolutely a must try for those who are dining at the restaurant.

Emily Tang, Eric Thong, Evelyn Ang spouse enjoying a good toss

The higher you toss, the more prosperous it is for you! So go on and toss it as high as you can!

Yashiki Yakitori Bar also serves a selection of Japanese sake and local beer to its customers. And what goes well with a mug of beer than a serving of baby pork ribs? Although the outlet incorporated baby pork ribs as part of its menu earlier, it is now a promotional item for limited time only. I strongly recommend the Baby Ribs Teriyaki to anyone who loves their pork ribs. The meat is tender and soft and falls off from the bones with just a nudge from a butter knife. It is the perfect meal to go with that mug of Tiger beer or that cup of sake in your hands.

Yashiki Yakitori Bar is also promoting their Baby Ribs Teriyaki to their customers, apart from the Yee Shang fare

Baby Ribs Teriyaki. A dish normally consists of either half rack (3 ribs) or full rack (6 ribs)

Of course, in a place such as Yashiki Yakitori Bar, one just does not only try the promotions and forget all the other delicious staple dishes of theirs. Read all about it in the second post coming soon…

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