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Malaysia: Visiting tea plantations in a Cameron Highlands

Malaysia: Visiting tea plantations in a Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands is to Malaysia what Darjeeling is to India, or Nuwira Eliya is to Sri Lanka – a hilly, lush, immature segment in a country’s interior that grows reward peculiarity tea, with cooler continue charity acquire service from a differently erotic climate.


With a towns of Tanah Rata and Brinchang during a core, a Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia’s many fruitful areas. Here, erotic pleasant rainforest gives approach to a ascetic climate, with rolling hills and silken immature tea plantations during each turn. Tea aside, a area is dotted with moth gardens, waterfalls, unfeeling farms and strawberry plantations, charity many places to revisit and representation uninformed produce. The former British mountain hire has a decidedly cooler meridian than a rest of a country, and stays a renouned holiday mark for Malaysians evading a city, as good as visitors seeking an choice or additional finish to Malaysia’s much-loved coastal and birthright towns.

A outing to Malaysia’s interior

After a fun-filled introduction to Malaysia around a splendid lights and tasty cooking of Kuala Lumpur, we was looking brazen to saying some-more of what a nation had to offer. The pleasing bluish beaches of Langkawi and a Perhentian Islands we was wakeful of, and a ancestral buildings and tasty cuisine in Penang was also on my radar, nonetheless a Cameron Highlands was a partial of Malaysia we formerly knew small about. All was about to be suggested after an easy train float from a country’s collateral to a rural heartland.

My initial impressions were that it was lush, green, fruitful and beautiful. we found a Cameron Highlands charming, with a occasional architectural curtsy to a colonial heyday adding character, and enjoyed a proliferation of places to stop, eat during and explore. As a tea lover, we was quite enamoured with a initial tea plantations I’d ever seen.

Where to go and what to expect

One of a biggest plantations is BOH Plantations, a association determined in a 1920s that has several vast plantations in a area. BOH Sungai Palas Tea Estate is one of a many renouned and permitted to visit, located a brief expostulate from a city of Brinchang. The overwhelming views of a rolling plantations alone are value a visit, yet for tea aficionados a estate offers a plain introduction to how tea is grown and processed, with an educational debate of a bureau and lots of information to peruse. Afterwards we can representation some of a freshest tea on a world in a onsite café.

boh coffee

An choice to BOH is a camp run by Bharat, who furnish a Cameron Valley code of tea. They have several plantations with teahouses along a categorical highway usually outward Tanah Rata that can simply be visited, yet during rise times they can get crowded. The Cameron Valley tea residence is perched over a colourful immature plantations, and if you’ve had your fill of plain black tea, it offers some some-more sparkling takes on a world’s second many renouned beverage. The masala chai and cardamom tea is perfumed and flavoursome, while a teas infused with uninformed lemongrass or packet are rarely recommended. There’s a café with lots of honeyed offerings here too (think brownies, cheesecake and ice cream).

From stand to cup

A tea camp revisit offers engaging insights into a tea growing, classification and fermenting process, yet for some people, a extraordinary views over a plantations and a tea sampling itself finish adult being a highlights of their visit. Particularly if a tea is consumed in a fantastic tea residence fluctuating adult and over a camp grounds, where we can simply finish adult sitting for an hour or two.


By visiting some of a plantations in a highlands, we detected a new appreciation for a tough work that goes into producing tea. Labourers picking tea leaves by palm out in a object is something we don’t mostly consider of while indulging in your daily caffeine boost. A outing to your tea’s source creates we realize a tough work that goes into not usually flourishing and cultivating tea, yet transforming a leaves into something savoury and prepared for consumption. The plantations offer many smashing detailed opportunities too, for a quintessential shot of a Cameron Highlands’ endless, abounding immature hills.

Jungle treks and food forays aside, a tea camp revisit is really something good value doing in a pleasing Cameron Highlands.

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