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1 Malaysia Around The World Takes A Pit-stop In Vancouver, Canada

April 20, 2013 during 7:52 am

On his approach to apropos a youngest Malaysian commander to fly solo around a universe in a singular engine aircraft, a desirable and decorous James Anthony Tan arrived in Vancouver on Apr 11, day 15 of his journey, to share his story with a west seashore of Canada.

The commander deplaning his Cessna 210

At usually 20, James was awarded “The Youngest Malaysian to fly a Single Engine Piston Aircraft in an Expedition” by a Malaysia Book of Records in 2012 and his stream idea is to be enclosed in a 2013 Guinness Book of World Records for this considerable venture. The immature commander will revisit 20 countries and embody 30 pit-stops via his 50 day journey, covering 22,000 nautical miles (41,000 km). Fans are job him a “2nd Tom Cruise” as he smiles and gives thumbs adult to a adoring cameras, mothers find him endearing as they suppose their possess son in his place and I’m certain he’s got a immature ladies swooning with his hastily grin and intense open vocalization skills.

Captain James Anthony Tan poses for a camera

All this creates him a ideal print child for a Visit Malaysia 2014 Ad Campaign, corroborated by Malaysia Tourism, Young Pilots Association Malaysia, Malaysia Felda Youth Council and 1M4U Cooperation. With a idea to move Malaysia to a rest of a world, James and his group wish to move some-more visitors to their pleasing country.

Although a ideal promotional equation, James “want[s] to make transparent that this speed is not usually about aviation,” though “it is to enthuse people to dream and for them to indeed pursue it, since one of a misfortune things, we believe, is carrying tellurian potential, though lacking a fortify to see it through.” Learning to overcome dyslexia via his life, he says, has done him quarrel harder for his means and has given him a enterprise to inspire other girl to dream large and trust in themselves. Almost 2 yrs in a making, what started as a dream has turn existence for a 21 year aged pilot.

James receives a cedar paddle, wipe and blessing for a tour ahead

This desirous immature male customarily starts his day during 5 am, removing to a airfield early to de-ice and ready for whatever continue competence be in his approach that day. His solo flights in a Cessna 210 Silver Eagle (of that usually 107 were made) final adult to 6 hrs during time, and he keeps a despotic practice ordain to keep a blood issuing when not in flight, also claiming that a Mars Bar does wonders to keep him warning in a air. When asked what his subsequent projects include, his answer was to “like” his Facebook page and follow a tour with him to see what’s next!

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