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Asia Music Festival offers proffer opportunities


Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) now announced a opening of proffer module for a latest orderly song event, Asia Music Festival (AMF) to be hold in a city of Miri, Sarawak.

With a initial eventuality reduction than dual months away, locals and internationals might have a possibility to attend a event, attend and be concerned in many aspects of a festival organizing in sell for proffer service.

STB is now usurpation applications for several government areas of a eventuality such as a relationship officer for behaving acts, helpers for doing of a low-pitched instrument and embankment control area. Volunteering use is also open for a eventuality selling group who will attend in sales promotion, product expansion of festival debate packages, government information, media and open family module as good as media centre operation. Event operation government areas will manage a site readiness, businessman management, acknowledgment and embankment operation, eventuality secretariat, apparatus and materials credentials and transportation.

Volunteers will have giveaway entrance to a festival. Meals, transfers and operative garments are also included. You can download a focus form here.

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