Halia Inc Coffee Bar & European Restaurant in Melaka

Rate this post Located in a hundred year old Customs Warehouse by the Melaka River, Halia Inc Coffee Bar is located with all of its tranquility. It gives a break from hot sunny day and crowded streets of Melaka. Its antique theme with tranquil atmosphere compliments the status of Melaka being a world heritage city […]


Rate this post Melaka Monorail will start operation again at the end of April 2017 after some upgrading works. This Monorail runs around the Melaka River for about 3.2 km with stops in between. Hopefully, with the upgrading works done, it can smoothly operate safely and gives reliable service to passengers. Visitors can view the […]

Melaka Cafes – Top 6 Must Try Cafe in Melaka

Rate this post Melaka, the historical capital of Malaysia is famous for many things and one being the food of Melaka which is a fusion of Malay Chinese. The cafe’s in Melaka are a perfect place to try these mouth-watering food which is one of the reason behind the popularity of Malacca. The cafe in […]