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KLIA to KL by Taxi, Kuala Lumpur Transport


Only Airport Limo (Budget, Premier Luxury) are authorised to collect adult passengers during a airport, rates change according to a end zones . The squeeze of a bound cost vouchers are during opposite located during The International attainment area usually after Customs before a open attainment area, turn 3, Main Terminal Building . These taxis are operated by AIRPORT LIMO (M) SDN BHD , and their automobile registration array has a word “LIMO”.

TIP: Do NOT pronounce to any of a cab touts as they will criminal foreigners, they might assign some-more than Airport Limo taxis. You will also not be lonesome by word if an collision happens.

You are to compensate in Malaysian currency. So, do have some RM banking records on we on arrival.

Prices to KL City:
Budget: RM67.40
Premier: RM 92.40
Luxury: RM180.40

There is a midnight surcharge, reprehensible ON SERVICE BETWEEN 12 MIDNIGHT TO 6 AM.
Budget: RM86.40
Premier: RM118.40
Luxury: RM233.40

Type of vehicles used:
Budget: Deawoo Tacuma or Proton Wira. Proton Wira is a nation inhabitant pride- a National automobile with a partnership of Mitsubishi (during a early days), afterwards later, we had technical partnership with Lotus Engineering of UK. Also, occassionally a reconditioned Toyota Crown, that were once used during a Subang Airport.

Premier: Renault Enviro or Mercedes E220 . The E220 is a aged version, i.e. though a large front headlights,and of course, a after chronicle of a E array were of a sportier version; with some facelift on back lights and streamlined body. Also they have stretched a swift in a premier category, with a Proton Perdana. Also a National Car, though compared to a Proton Wira, this comes with leather seats and longer legbase.

Luxury: Jaguar S-type!

To KLIA from KL

Any cab can move passengers to KLIA, including Kuala Lumpur’s metered red-and-white taxis, nonetheless we will find it really formidable to get drivers to use a meters. Make certain we determine on a cost before removing into a taxi. Fares should be between RM60 and RM90.

General Tips

If there are dual or some-more people travelling together, taxis are mostly cheaper. And it brings we to a doorway of your destination!

Alternative Methods

Cheapest approach will be an airfield train to KL Sentral and from there to your hotel.

The fastest approach is with KLIA express. The klia demonstrate goes each 15 mins and is RM35 per adult single. Its available during usually 28 mins. afterwards possibly get a monorail or taxi.

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