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Hunting Street Food in Teluk Intan

If you’re thinking of visiting Teluk Intan, we recommend adding a gastro adventure to your agenda. Delicious food is not hard to come by and you might just make a friend or two in the process of finding your way to one, or all, of these eateries.

Abdullah Mastan Ghani Mee Rebus Rojak

Mastan Ghani 1

On the outside, this eatery looks like your average Mamak (Indian Muslim) restaurant. But, don’t be fooled! This restaurant serves what is probably the best Mee Rebus (blanched noodles) you will come by. Foodies, we recommend you pop by for a taste of a local favourite that is sure to delight.

Mee Rebus translates to blanched noodles. Yellow noodles, more commonly known as egg noodles, are blanched in hot boiling water and served up with delicious spicy and slightly sweet curry-like sauce. The sauce is made from a variety of ingredients including potatoes, soybeans, shrimps, peanuts, curry powder and vegetables that are puréed together creating an enticing mixture of colours and flavours. The dish is then served with hard boiled eggs, limes, green chilies and fried tofu.

The Mastan Ghani Mamak is well-known to locals for its unique Mee Rebus recipe. Taking advantage of the fact that they are situated by the riverside, they are generous with the seafood served up with each order. The sauce bears a strong prawn flavour and has a thick consistency that will tantalise the taste buds of any seafood lover.

Mastan Ghani 2

This restaurant also boasts other delectable dishes. A personal favourite, the Rojak, a dish that is a mixture of different meats, vegetables and fruits covered in a tangy sauce. For dessert or anyone with a sweet tooth, an order of Ais Kacang that consists of shaved ice with beans, syrup and evaporated milk, is the best compliment to the Mee Rebus or is great on its own on a hot day.

Hawaii Desserts Restaurant

Hawaii 1

This little eatery boasts delicious iced desserts, serving up local Malaysian favourites including the famous Cendol. Made up of rice flour, coconut milk, shaved ice, red beans, grass jelly, palm sugar and a myriad of other ingredients that are added to your preference, this dessert has become an intricate part of Malaysian cuisine. It is quintessential to Malaysia so much so that it has been declared a Malaysian heritage food by the Malaysian Department of National Heritage.

Hawaii 2

Just outside this eatery, a food truck serves up the much-loved Loh Hon Kor; a traditional Chinese herbal dessert that is said to be able to rejuvenate the body and reduces illnesses such as throat inflammation and heat stroke. Made primarily out of crushed Buddha Fruit, Chinese honey dates, dried Longan and water, this drink is a delicious alternative to the bitter traditional remedies that are usually offered at Chinese medicine halls. It can be consumed either hot or cold depending on the individual. The servers here are quick, friendly and are more than happy to chat with patrons about the history of the town.

M.Gulam Rasul

Gulam Rasul 1

M.Gulam Rasul is a little Indian Muslim eatery, famous for its Nasi Kandar. A popular northern Malaysian dish that has roots in Penang, Nasi Kandar is a dish made up of white rice or biryani rice, served with a variety of different meats, vegetables and curries. These dishes generally have a powerful and distinctive aroma and taste. The best way to have it is with a flood of mixed curry poured onto the entire plate of rice. This gives the food a taste so diverse and so flavourful, you will keep coming back for more.

Although the restaurant is self-service, there is always an employee around that can explain the dishes to patrons and give some expert advise on the best combinations to try. They are also quick to point out the spicy dishes to patrons so those with sensitive palates won’t be left in tears.

Gulam Rasul 2

A must try is the Ayam Goreng Berempah (spiced fried chicken) with its flavourful and crispy layer of spice covered skin, it’s a twist on fried chicken that locals love. The restaurant itself offers a huge variety of dishes, encompassing a wide range of flavours. Patrons can choose to mix and match their favourites or try dishes that are new to them. Even though the eatery has ample space, the restaurant does get crowded around lunch hour, emphasizing its popularity with both the locals and visitors.

Malindo Apom Balik

Malindo 1

Apam Balik is a traditional Malaysian dessert which translates to turnover pancakes or griddle pancakes. This dish is made up of a mixture of flour, eggs, sugar, baking soda, coconut milk and water to create a pancake consistency. It is then topped with many other ingredients such as sweet corn, peanut granules, cheese, chocolate or other ingredient making this dessert a dynamic masterpiece.

The Malindo Apom Balik stall is located right beside The Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan and is popular with both locals and tourists. Unsurprisingly you will find a queue of people by the stall waiting to get a taste this sweet treat.

Malindo 2

Malindo’s Apom Balik is available in two forms; thick and soft or thin and crispy. This thick Apam is large and usually cut into 4 bite size pieces. The slightly sweet taste from the pancake batter, the crunchiness of peanuts and the sweetness of the corn and sugar makes for a tasty treat. Unlike the thick Apam Balik which is soft and doughy throughout, the thin and crispy variety is smaller in size and provides a lighter more diet friendly portion.

If you’re out exploring the city, a quick stop at any of these eateries will provide you with a delectable meal and ample energy to take in as much of the sights as possible.

To see just how tantalising Teluk Intan’s food is, check out this video: