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In a few days time, 2013 will end and we will usher in the New Year of 2014. We want to send our greetings to everyone for ushering 2014.

May 2014 bring us joy, happiness, health and peace to all Malaysians and our fellow humans around the world.

Also, by the end of January 2014, all Chinese around the world will usher in the Year of the Horse.

May the Horse gallops in prosperity, wealth and happiness for everyone.


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Chinese New Year in Malaysia

What is there to do during Chinese New Year in Malaysia?

Chinese New Year is maybe a biggest and many critical annual festival for Chinese and a Chinese communities universe wide. The eventuality is distinguished on a initial day of a Chinese Lunar Calendar. Each year is named after one of a 12 animals of a Chinese Zodiac. Prior to celebrations, homes are spotless and flashy by members of a family. Debts are also staid while offerings and prayers are made. Also, copiousness of food is prepared and new garments are purchased. Like any other event, family members from out of city and distant divided will come home for a gathering.

chinese new year in malaysia 8

Also famous by a name of Lunar New Year or a Spring Festival, a eventuality is distinguished by a Chinese communities via a world, regardless of where they are. It is a informative eventuality and can a eremite one too for a Buddhists, Confucians and Taoists who offer prayers. As a festival approaches, friends and kin still sell New Year nod cards with any other notwithstanding a record era. A family reunion cooking will be hold on a eve of a New Year. During this time, bad denunciation and any upsetting or supportive subject is particularly discouraged. It’s always best to be in one’s good function and customarily contend good and portentous things.

chinese new year in malaysia 9

On Chinese New Year day, everybody is abuzz with several activities, including decorating with duilian (a span of scrolls with communication written), giving red packets or angpau or ang pow containing money, visiting friends and families, carrying family dishes and gatherings, personification cards with tiny bets of income and examination dragon or lion dances. While any nation might applaud a New Year in an roughly identical way, a judgment of open residence is routinely used in Malaysia where a homes are open for friends and family to visit, regardless of competition and religion. The country’s leaders classify open houses too on a incomparable scale, mostly hold during a village gymnasium to accommodate a crowds of locals and unfamiliar visitors who come to hail their leaders and tuck into gratifying goodies. Just like any other festival in Malaysia, Chinese New Year is fundamentally a time of a year to get together with family and friends.

chinese new year in malaysia 2

Chap Goh Mei

Chinese New Year is distinguished for fifteen days with a categorical concentration on a initial 3 days. Chap Goh Mei, or a fifteenth day of Chinese New Year, is once again distinguished with many enthusiasm. Homes are again embellished in brightly flashy lights and fable has it that immature and unwed women could chuck tangerines into a sea if they wish to get a good husband. This tradition has undergone a complicated turn where a females still toss Mandarin oranges into a sea though now they have created their write numbers on them. Men in boats will afterwards quarrel over and fish out a oranges! The singles lift out this use good-naturedly and have fun with their friends on that final night of a New Year celebrations. Once Chap Goh Mei has passed, daily life resumes with any anticipating to have a moneyed year ahead.


In Malaysia many people light fireworks during Chinese New Year. At Chinese New Years Eve, we can suffer fireworks until a deepest hours of a night. Also during other days, people will light fireworks. The best possibility to declare this is in a some-more Chinese areas in Kuala Lumpur (like Chinatown, Old Klang Road/Kuchai Lama and many areas in Petaling Jaya) and also in cities like Georgetown (at Penang Island), Ipoh and Malacca. Hokkien Chinese in Malaysia also light a lot a fireworks during a ninth day of Chinese New Year, in jubilee of a birthday of a Jade Emperor.



Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur

When we are staying in Kuala Lumpur during Chinese New Year we should unequivocally revisit a Petaling Street area in Chinatown. Here a Chinese temples are swarming with locals that come there to pray. You can declare lion dances and people lighting fireworks. All selling malls in a city showcase their Chinese New Years theme. They are all flashy and during a initial few days we will be means to declare lion dances within a stores. This is finished to make certain a store is sanctified and that business will be good that year. The initial days of Chinese New Year are a customarily days of a year that we will declare many stores closed, as many of a Chinese business owners are visiting their kin in their home towns or home countries.




Chinese New Year on Penang Island

Especially Penang is a good place to revisit during Chinese New Year. There are many pleasing temples in Georgetown, and all are swarming with Chinese Malaysians that come there to urge (mostly for health and wealth during a new year). One of a many critical temples during Penang Island, Kek Lok Si Temple, is generally engaging to visit. At night millions of colorful lamps renovate a whole area in a pleasing scene. Locals come each night to declare a lights being incited on, it is a smashing sight.




Calendar with dates Chinese New Year

  • Year of a Tiger – Feb 14, 2010
  • Year of a Rabbit – Feb 3, 2011
  • Year of a Dragon – Jan 23, 2012
  • Year of a Snake – Feb 10, 2013
  • Year of a Horse – Jan 31, 2014
  • Year of a Goat – Feb 19, 2015
  • Year of a Monkey – Feb 8, 2016
  • Year of a Rooster – Jan 28, 2017
  • Year of a Dog – Feb 16, 2018
  • Year of a Pig – Feb 5, 2019
  • Year of a Rat – Jan 25, 2020

Traveling in Malaysia during Chinese New Year

We find roving by Malaysia during Chinese New Year unequivocally rewarding. We visited KL, Cameron Highlands, Penang, Kuching and Malacca once within a 15 days of CNY and we desired it. The atmosphere is unequivocally pleasing during these days. We desired all a fireworks and a extraordinary vibe during all a temples.


Tourists that revisit Malaysia during CNY should not pass adult a possibility to knowledge it adult and close. Penang was by distant a best place to be, generally a Chulia Street area was unequivocally nice.



It is generally good if we get invited to have cooking during a internal Chinese Malaysian family. Families customarily entice friends (or even strangers) over for cooking on a 2nd or 3rd day of Chinese New Year as a initial day is always indifferent for tighten family.

Extremely fun to declare and eat is Yee Sang; a special plate that is customarily served during Chinese New Year. Yee Sang contains many opposite vegetables together with other ingredients. Once prepared people will toss a shredded pieces into a atmosphere by customarily regulating their clout sticks. It is unequivocally critical that it is all tossed unequivocally high into a atmosphere as it reflects a volume of good luck, health and wealth they will receive.


Traveling during CNY can be utterly exhausting, generally in a few days before a tangible celebrations. Many people are roving during a same time, mostly streamer behind to their home villages. Some use a open holiday to do some roving their selves. Busses to Penang, Malacca or Ipoh will be packed, a same goes for flights to Penang. Traffic jams are common a days before CNY, though once it is CNY streets and highways are empty. Shops are sealed during these days and people are celebrating during home or visiting temples.




Got any good tips to share with us? Do we know of any good things to do during Chinese New Year in Malaysia? Let us know by withdrawal a respond below!

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Wednesday January 30, 2013

Zheng He ‘returns’ to Malacca

Epic voyage: A replica of the vessel helmed by Zheng He in Jonker Walk, Malacca.
MALACCA: Legend has it that Admiral Zheng He and his armada left his home port of Nanjing in China for their epic voyage to India in the Year of the Snake in the 1400s. Along the way they stopped at Malacca.

To mark the auspicious year of his voyage, the Chinese community will display a huge replica of the ship used by the admiral in the city’s world-famous Jonker Street, touted as the pulse of the community here.

Measuring 30m in length and 23m-high, it weighs close to two tonnes and resembles the original Chinese junk used by Zheng He in his sea travels.

Two cranes hoisted the replica to its above-ground berth on Friday night.

State MCA chief Datuk Gan Tian Loo said the replica, assembled by local craftsmen, would be displayed on two pillars that support the artificial junk, the names of the countries the admiral had sailed to.

Zheng He had reputedly sailed to 30 nations across Asia and Africa.

Gan said the craftsmen had incorporated intricate designs from the original vessel into the replica.

“It will be the icon of this historic city during the celebrations,” he said, adding thousands of visitors are expected to view the boat during the festive season.

“The city is ready to welcome the Year of the Snake in style, with carnivals and shows to mark the auspicious event,” he said, adding that Zheng He’s boat will complement the 1Malaysia dragons that adorn Jonker Street to mark the outgoing Year of the Dragon.

One of the dragons, dubbed the Prosperity Dragon, measures 121m-long, and is the longest outdoor dragon effigy in Malaysia.

The Harmony Dragon comes a close second at 91m.

Meanwhile, Temple Street , also known as Harmony Street in the old section of Malacca city, was lit with hundreds of red lanterns and coloured lights on Saturday.

Several arches and billboards with festive greetings and messages already festoon Jonker Street.

Hundreds jammed the streets in the historical hub as Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam led a team of community leaders that included MCA vice-president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai and Jonker Walk committee adviser Datuk Wira Gan Boon Leong to light the lanterns to usher in the new year.

Earlier, several lion dance troupes, musicians, dancers, performers and entertainers, showcased their talents in various performances to entertain the public and foreign tourists.

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Thaipusam: a jubilee of faith and gratitude

While many of us associate Thaipusam with crowds during temples and a grand steer of kavadi bearers, how many of us indeed know a stress of a occasion?

A advocate temperament a kavadi – a pitch of piety and devotion

Thaipusam comes from an amalgam of a difference “Thai” – referring to a Tamil month of Thai (January – February) – and Pusam – a brightest star during this period. Falling between 15 Jan and 15 Feb each year, Thaipusam is a jubilee of Lord Murugan’s feat over Soorapadman’s tyranny.

Soorapadman believed himself godlike given he can't be killed by anything other than a being that was a phenomenon of Lord Shiva, one of a many critical Hindu deities. Unluckily for him, Lord Murugan was one such being and he used his stalk or vel, that was given to him by Lord Shiva’s consort, Parvati, to better Soorapadman.

So it is that during Thaipusam, a people appreciate Lord Murugan for extenuation their wishes and defeating a “daily demons” that disease their lives, be it illnesses, career blocks or infertility. Believers not entirely appreciate him, they also ask redemption for trangressions made, as good as urge for blessings.

The rituals of Thaipusam entirely start most progressing before a large day itself. Some devotees quick for some-more than a month before a arise while others trim their heads as an act of gratitude, defence or as a touching defence to have prayers answered.

On a eve of Thaipusam, a picture of Lord Murugan is ecstatic from one church to another, accompanied and waited on by devotees temperament offerings to a deity. Milk, a pitch of virginity and virtue, as good as flowers and fruits are common Thaipusam offerings. Kavadis, literally “sacrifice during each step”, can be seen trustworthy to devotees around hooks and skinny spears that pierce their backs, cheeks and mouths.

This can be utterly a steer for onlookers who no doubt consternation how these kavadi bearers withstand a pain, though devotees will tell we that their romantic faith in their Lord Murugan’s insurance spares them from pain and prevents them from shedding blood. Bearing a kavadi is an act of friendship and humility.

Additionally, coconuts are crushed to weigh a violation of a ego and a presentation of a purer self.

In Batu Caves – one of a focal points of Thaipusam jubilee in Malaysia – a approach concomitant a china chariot temperament Lord Murugan’s idol, starts from Sri Mahamariamman, in a centre of Kuala Lumpur, to a temples of Batu Caves. The approach entirely starts before midnight on a eve of Thaipusam and is a 15 kilometre tour that can simply take 8 hours.

Devotees wait for hours usually to locate a glance of Lord Murugan on his chariot and extend their offerings while hundreds of thousands some-more join a approach to a temples. The series of people during Batu Caves during Thaipusam can operation from 700,000 right adult to 1.5 million. At Batu Caves, devotees steadily lift their offerings and kavadi bearers staunchly shoulder their burdens adult 272 stairs to a temple.

Celebrations also take place in other tools of a country. Other principal places of jubilee embody a Waterfall Temple in Penang and Kallumalai Temple in Ipoh, Perak.

A approach concomitant a chariot temperament a Hindu deity as it creates a approach to a church during Thaipusam

Thaipusam, to any who are propitious to declare a festivities, is both a clear jubilee of colours and a fascinating arrangement of faith. Yet, this is not a entirely Hindu festival that is value temperament declare to. Other holy days, critical to Hindu faith and culture, are usually as engaging and engrossing.

Deepavali, literally definition “rows of lamps”, for example, is a jubilee of light triumphing over dark. On this day in a Tamil month of Aippasi (October – November), one fable has it that a Lord Krishna degraded a demon aristocrat Naraka. Hindus applaud a arise by anointing themselves in oil and partaking in a protocol bath early in a morning on Deepavali day. Then new garments are ragged and prayers are performed. Deepavali is utterly presumably a best famous Hindu festival in Malaysia. Other festivals besides Thaipusam and Deepavali are:


Celebrated for 4 days, commencement from a initial day of a Tamil month of Thai, Ponggal means a “boiling over” of rice and is a invocation to a elements that have contributed to a good collect – especially a object and a cattle. On this day, a cattle gets a well-deserved day of rest, a good rinse and their sheds likewise get a consummate cleaning. They are also flashy with garlands and fed with ponggal – sweet rice. The Sun God is thanked as good with both prayers and honeyed rice. But a thankfulness isn’t entirely singular to a Sun God and a cattle; on a third day of celebration, visits are done to family and friends, employers entirely benefaction gifts to their employees and singular women benefaction offerings to their home deities, praying for a estimable husband.


Taking place on a 13th night of a Tamil month of Masi (February – March), this is a festival of fasting and prayers. It is also famous as Shiva’s Night.

Panguni Utthiram

This festival falls on a same day as that of Lord Shiva’s kinship with Parvathi and a birth of Lord Murugan from sparks emanating from Lord Shiva’s eyes. Falling on a day of a full moon in a Tamil month of Panguni (March – April), a festival is distinguished most like Thaipusam in Murugan temples.

Tamil New Year

Here new year refers to a initial day of a Tamil month of Chittirai (April – May). It is on this day that a object enters a initial pointer of a Hindu zodiac – Aries. During a Tamil New Year (also famous as a Hindu New Year), a residence is entirely spotless and decorated. This includes a request room that will be ornate with bullion jewellery, rice, silk cloths and other enlightened objects. Those who take partial in a celebrations wear new clothes, eat a vegetarian dish and go to a church to perform prayers.


Literally definition “Nine Nights”, this festival is distinguished in a Tamil month of Puraddasi (September – October). The celebrations are in honour of a enchantress Shakti, who is a “Great Divine Mother” in Hindu belief. On this day, a kolu – a dais with 9 stairs – is filled with a images of Hindu deities and saints while a “Great Divine Mother” is invited to take her place on a kumpam – a beautifully decorated, water-filled pot that is lonesome with husked coconut as good as mango leaves and placed on banana root that also has rice on it. Offerings in a form of 9 forms of grains are placed during a kumpan as well.


Map: Batu Caves

Mini Thaipusam

Mini Thaipusam in vital colour

Miss World Malaysia 2009 Thanuja Ananthan

Colours of Deepavali [PIC]

Oil Lamp or Vilakku

Deepavali – The Festival of Lights

Malaysian Children

Festivals and celebrations in Malaysia

Arulmugu Sri Ruthra Veeramuthu Maha Mariamman Temple

A church stands proud

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We Love Asia Music Festival

We Love Asia Music Festival

With a commencement of a new year 2013, 2SPICY Entertainment will deliver a sound-bashing and stirring festival “WE LOVE ASIA”. During dual furious days, on Jan 19th and 20th, general world-class artists such as Redfoo of LMFAO and a Party Rock Crew (Party Rock Anthem, I’m Sexy And we Know It), Taio Cruz (Hangover, Dynamite), Yolanda Be Cool (We No Speak Americano, Le Bump), DJ Antoine (Welcome to St. Tropez, Ma Cherie) and DJs like Steve Aoki (Turbulence, Wake adult Call) or Joachim Garraud (We Are The Future, Wrecking Ball) will perform live on a Sepang Formula One Circuit in Kuala Lumpur and feverishness adult a celebrating crowd.

Ticket and serve info:

Event Period: 19 20 Jan 2013

Event Location: Sepang International Circuit (SIC), Sepang, Selangor.

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