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Western Spices at Green Hall Penang, Malaysia

The city of Penang is home to a lot of fancy shopping malls and people mostly visit the city due to its reinvigorating atmosphere, but the city is known for a lot more. Penang is no less than a food paradise of Malaysia, and when it is called a food heaven, then shouldn’t be surprised with the fact that you can find almost any type of cuisine here. Anyone who is visiting the city must definitely not miss out the Western Food in Penang, as you will undoubtedly come across some of the best western restaurants in Malaysia.

Western Spices @ Green Hall

Located at a small distance from the historic Fort Cornwallis, this particular restaurant is laid on the concept of authentic western services and hospitality. The food at Western Spices is served in the flashiest and most distinctive style. Its menu is comprised of a remarkable range of western cuisine, all of which are demonstrating the most superb delicacies. The restaurant is run by Ally and Nick, a wife and husband who were inspired to do so because of their knowledge in cuisines all around the world.

Specialty dishes and Live Concerts

There comes a month, which they solely dedicate to French dishes, and the next they might dedicate to producing yummy Caribbean assortments. Both Nick and his wife work together in the chicken, and while he wraps up a delicious Caribbean style chicken with beans, rice and a spicy sauce, his wife keep up with the kitchen. Lau utilizes his international experience in producing specialty dishes like vegetarian marinara spaghetti and stuffed duck.
The scrumptious food is accompanied by live jazz music concerts every Wednesday. These things make Western Spices an amazing place to spend the day. If you are in search of quality western food, don’t forget to pay a visit here.

Location and Contact Information

The address of Western Spices is as follows: 1, Green Hall, 10200 in Penang, Malaysia. For bookings and further details you can call at +60 4-261 1553.

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World’s Best Movies

October 6, 2011 during 2:00 pm

It is time again for film fans to make a date with klpac during Sentul West for another turn of some of a best cinema ever constructed until now. This time around, klpac will be display 3 movies. Below are a names and schedules of a cinema that are being shown:-

Opening Night (1978) (Showing on Saturday, 1st Oct 2011 during 8.00 pm)
Director : John Cassavetes
In a film, Broadway singer Myrtle Gordon rehearses for her latest play, about a lady who is incompetent to acknowledge that she is flourishing old. When she witnesses a genocide of an adoring immature fan, she starts to confront a personal and veteran misunderstanding that she is confronting in her possess life.

World's Best Movies

World’s Best Movies

Germany Year Zero (1949) (Showing on Monday, 10th Oct 2011 during 8.00 pm)
Director: Roberto Rossellini
Germany Year Zero is a film destined by Roberto Rossellini and takes place in post-war Germany. It is about a thirteen-year-old child named Edmund Kohler, who lives with his ill father and his siblings in a inebriated unit building. He is mostly left to his possess inclination as his family members have their possess problems to attend to. He finds himself cheated by an adult as good as a organisation of comparison children who are some-more savvy about travel life. When Edmund meets his former clergyman Mr. Enning, who is also a paedophile, he misunderstands his Nazi debate about a presence of a strongest and poisons his bum father, heading a child to a unfortunate final solution.

A Woman Under a Influence (1974) (Showing on Monday, 17th Oct 2011 during 8.00 pm)
Director Writer: John Cassavetes
Starring a late Peter Falk and Gena Rowlands as a father and wife, a story is about housewife and mom Mabel Longhetti who loves her father Nick really much. All she wants to do is to greatfully him, though she is incompetent to promulgate her wishes in a approach that can be accepted by Nick, her husband. Her bizarre mannerisms and increasingly peculiar poise becomes a regard to Nick, and shortly he has her certified to an establishment as he believes that she poses a risk to herself. With Mabel committed and undergoing diagnosis for 6 months, Nick finds himself with a couple’s 3 children. He shortly finds that he is no improved or wiser than his mom in a approach he relates to and interacts with them nor does he accepts a purpose multitude expects him to take on.

Movies are being screened during Indicine during Level 2, klpac. Entrance is by donations and seats are limited. Tickets are sole on a initial come initial served basis. Do not worry if we have missed a initial uncover that ran on 1st Oct as there are dual some-more shows entrance your approach soon. For some-more information, greatfully record on to The Actors Studio website.

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