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Nyonya Buffet Lunch during MaMa Nyonya FOOD Restaurant, Taman Molek

MaMa Nyonya FOOD Restaurant (N1.52416 E103.78535) also yield Nyonya Food Catering service beside a grill business. They yield a catering use to your doorway step around Johor Bahru area enclosed particular and office.
One of a Sunday afternoon, there was a organisation of business carrying their smorgasboard lunch in a grill and we grabbed a possibility to prisoner a foods…

 print IMG_7706_zps169c5c2b.jpg

Ms Grace (the lady boss) prepared all on a list in a ideal timing before a business arrive…
The Nyonya dishes for this organisation of business as next :-

 print IMG_7708_zps5ae46a60.jpg

 print IMG_7727_zpsfc40836c.jpg

 print IMG_7712_zps6efb619f.jpg

 print IMG_7713_zps7204938b.jpg

 print IMG_7715_zps766b760b.jpg

 print IMG_7717_zps9efc6d20.jpg

 print IMG_7723_zpsca06e5ed.jpg

 print IMG_7729_zpsba5c257b.jpg

 print IMG_7756_zpsfed49f29.jpg

 print IMG_7753_zps1c9065fa.jpg

 print IMG_7760_zps841174a4.jpg

 print IMG_7758_zps3c5876b7.jpg

And some Nyonya Kuih (snacks)…

 print IMG_7754_zps8fddadb2.jpg

 print IMG_7751_zps2b6ab3b7.jpg

 print IMG_7730_zpsd33dadb2.jpg

You can also churned some peanuts gravy or coconuts with a dishes above…

 print IMG_7738_zps6f561149.jpg

 print IMG_7736_zps6c112f33.jpg

I consider this organisation of business contingency be Nyonya food lover…

 print IMG_7743_zps3af2634a.jpg

 print IMG_7747_zps2dee1bab.jpg

After a meal, a dessert named Red Ruby with Jackfruit, we tasted a dessert and it was Nice!

 print IMG_7762_zps36061e81.jpg

 print IMG_7767_zpsc1cde59f.jpg

My play above was with palm sugarine (gula Melaka)…it ambience marvelous!

The cost of a smorgasboard is flexible, it’s since we can select a dishes we like and they only assign accordingly. For some-more information about a dishes and price, greatfully hit Ms Grace Lim during +6016-7167190.

If we are looking for catering use for some event, maybe we can try this Nyonya Food Catering Service which is opposite from a internal normal food.

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