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Virtual Travel Fair 5: Travel during your fingertips

The Virtual Travel Fair 2013 by The Star Online’s is on! It offers perceptive travellers a conveninent and afforable approach to travel, with loads of finished options.

With over 4,000 transport packages in a camber of dual weeks, a Virtual Travel Fair 2013 is back, earnest travellers even improved deals than ever.

What improved approach to emporium for your holiday than from a comfort of your home and with a morality of a rodent click. It’ll save we a con of visiting a earthy satisfactory – i.e. a large crowds and parking woes.

This is a fifth book of a fair, organized by The Star Online’s information and transport portal and powered by a Smart Online Travel Assistant (SOTA). It is hold twice a year in Mar and September.

This installment runs from Mar 13 to 29 and visitors also get to attend in an e-auction shred to bid for their elite getaway.

Aside from a extraordinary e-auction attraction, a vital drawcard is a prizes that wait – for each smallest transaction of RM100 during this practical transport fair, we mount a possibility of winning a 3D2N Macau Holiday package (includes flight, stay during a four-star hotel, daily breakfast, half-day city debate and a cooking for dual persons)

There is also no necessity of transport accumulation judging by a volume of packages offering this time – suitable for holidaymakers opposite all age and income level.

According to SOTA, this Virtual Travel Fair stimulates a earthy consumer transport satisfactory where business are offering transport packages from suppliers worldwide over a singular website, turn a clock.

While other websites do run online transport fairs, they are cramped to an assembly of transport packages offering by brick-and-mortar fairs.

The noted disproportion with this Virtual Travel Fair is that transport deals offering are accessible exclusively online from mixed operators, among a 1,400-plus transport agents and hotels worldwide that use this SOTA platform.

Navigation around a website is also user-friendly and easy with buttons that safeguard all information is available. In fact a engagement knowledge might good supplement to a fun of your holiday!

If we are endangered about a flawlessness of online payments, worry not as it is done really protected with secure remuneration getaways like iPay88 and PayPal, both of that are systems used by Virtual Travel Fair given a start.

Account holders of Maybank2u and CIMB Clicks Online banking can also select to compensate for their transport packages around this option.

With environmental alertness now a fury and pledge, make it some-more than only mouth use by starting this tiny step of going immature with online bookings.

It might seem considerate in a incomparable support of a world though each grant towards Mother Earth counts. If as many of us can assistance cut down on a need to expostulate to transport fairs or accept promotional paper materials about these deals, positively that’s assisting to revoke petrol expenditure and a slicing down of trees.

Even buntings, banners or cosmetic bags need not finish adult as nonessential wastes in landfills. Mother Earth would positively conclude that!

There will also be propitious pull prizes to win and present rebates that we get to enjoy.

To check out a best deals that Malaysia’s inaugural online satisfactory can offer, revisit

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Airport cab from KLIA to KLCC

When we arrive during Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) we have a few options to get to Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC). The renouned KLIA Express takes we to KL Sentral (Kuala Lumpur executive sight station) in 28 minutes. From KLIA it is utterly easy to locate a KLIA Express train, though once arrived during KL Sentral we have to transport to a cab opposite and get a (fixed price) cab to KLCC. Some travelers might find this to be a bit of a hassle, and opt for a some-more approach solution; a airfield cab from KLIA to KLCC.

Airport Limo is a cab use that operates from KLIA (Arrival Level). The large Airport Limo cab opposite is simply recognizable.

Airport limo cab use KLIA

There are 4 forms of services. Below are a quotations for any form of services from KLIA to KLCC and from KLCC to KLIA.


There is an additional midnight surcharge if we take a use between 12.00 midnight and 6.00 in a morning. Prices change between RM30 (budget), RM49 (premier) and RM98 (for a oppulance and family).

Check out their finish list with rates during a executive Airport Limo website.

It is best to buy your cab tickets during a Ticket Counters during KLIA Main Terminal International and Domestic Arrivals. Airport Limo is incompetent to routine bookings by emails. You can also squeeze cab tickets by a online engagement complement during their website. For online bookings, greatfully be suggested to squeeze a sheet no some-more than 14 days and no reduction than 2 days before to a pickup date.

If we need a cab from KLCC to KLIA, we can call a series 1300-88-8989. If we do not have a phone, usually pass a series to a hotel accepting office and have them call a cab for you.

Airport Limo (M) Sdn. Bhd. can usually yield send use from and to KLIA. Please make certain that a moody will land during a KLIA Main Terminal and not during a Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) before fixation any sheet reservation.

Besides regulating a cab use to get to KLCC we can also use them to transport by cab to places like:

  • Malacca from RM159 onwards
  • Johor Bahru from RM402 onwards
  • Ipoh from RM313 onwards
  • Kuantan from RM362 onwards
  • Kuala Terengganu from RM522 onwards
  • Alor Setar from RM575 onwards
  • Kota Bharu from RM566 onwards
  • Pulau Pinang from RM503 onwards

Though prices are aloft than identical methods of transport; a Airport Limo’s are utterly atmospheric and comfortable. Drivers expostulate protected and cars are in really good shape.

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