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Joyful Aidilfitri

The holy month of Ramadan is coming to an end and Hari Raya Aidilfitri is just around the corner. For those who haven’t done their shopping, let’s see what the shopping malls in town have in store for everyone!

Suria KLCC

Themed “Rekindle The Bonds of Traditions”, Suria KLCC, KL’s premier shopping centre celebrates Hari Raya Aidilfitri with decorations recreating the festival of lights ambience of Malam Tujuh Likur and showcasing the rich cultures of Malay architecture from 14 May until 9 June 2019. The main centrepiece will have a pentagon-shaped porte-cochere inspired by Jahar Palace in Kota Bharu, Kelantan and surrounded by traditional yesteryear-designed shops. A beautiful mini garden with life-sized flowers and colourful painted lamps to create the festival of lights ambience, is set to mesmerise shoppers and visitors alike while traditional Malay fretwork and Islamic geometry patterns give the structures the perfect finishing.

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s premier shopping destination, unveiled its festive celebrations ‘The Beauty of Raya’ inspired by the iconic ketupat, woven through splendid decorations and experiences. The ketupat, a symbol of Malaysian unity and the spirit of Hari Raya, is a beautiful representation of inclusiveness, coming together to share and celebrate Hari Raya together. Feast on diverse buka puasa selections, indulge in seasonal shopping and return to the heritage of weaving ketupat, illuminated by joy and with charity at heart, from now until 13 June.

Sunway Malls


Sunway Malls reunited to celebrate the coming Aidilfitri with a stunning and magnificent flora-inspired campaign called Bunga-Bunga Raya. With the festive season coming to full swing, each Sunway mall is decked out in different species of flowers.

Each mall has their take on this year’s festivities with the unifying theme of celebrating the flowers of Malaysia; Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, Orchids, Geranium, Morning Glory and Jasmine.  Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, each flower has a symbolic meaning such as togetherness, celebration, forgiveness, hope, new beginnings and purity respectively.

Sunway Pyramid

Known as the “celebratory flower” in Malay, the hibiscus will be the central theme for Sunway Pyramid this Raya from now until 9 June. The mall is decorated in floral arrangements where shoppers can immerse in a journey through the unique indoor garden with five different activities, each representing a petal of a bunga raya.

Sunway Velocity Mall

Sunway Velocity Mall is elegantly embellished with bougainvillea flowers, which symbolise celebration, passion, and liveliness. Each new bloom is seen as a sign of fresh beginning as Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan.  The mall is transformed into suburban wonderland and furnished with a magnificent kampung house that is adorned with a giant colourful bougainvillea flowers to brighten the Raya celebration.

Large traditional Malay Pelita glistening from the ceiling, draped with lights and bougainvillea flowers, brought light to the festive and elevated the mall’s atmosphere.

Sunway Putra Mall

At Sunway Putra Mall, a visit to the mall will leave patrons mesmerised as the Main Concourse is festooned with Orchid blossoms which universally symbolizes love, beauty and forgiveness. Happening from 3 May – 16 June 2019, the mall is transformed into blossoming Orchid garden with larger than life birdcages placed around the fountain features in a garden setting, providing a picturesque backdrop for patrons. Visitors can take a stroll in the garden, feast their eyes on the green landscape, and enjoy the fragrance of flowers and birds chirping along the pathway. A complimentary photo booth area is available throughout the period for public to take as many pictures as they wish.

Sunway Carnival Mall

Celebrating the theme “Bunga-Bunga Raya” this year, Sunway Carnival Mall’s upper ground concourse is decked with gorgeous voluminous geranium flowers and greeneries to enhance the festive mood that resemble ones ‘kampung halaman’. Each Geranium bloom is seen as a sign of new, fresher beginning or hope as our fellow Muslim friends celebrate the Ramadan.

IOI City Mall

This year IOI City Mall features beautiful structures and elements of different countries in celebration of Eid by bringing in “Eid Celebration Around the World”. Its theme says it all, offering culture, art, delicacies by enjoying the simplicities of Ramadhan with families and friends from different cultures and ethnicity of the world. This Eid celebration has begun from 25 April and will last all the way through to 9 June 2019. “Eid Celebration Around the World” will see a host of spectacular activities to catch your attention at every turn throughout the mall.

1Utama Shopping Centre

Themed “Sulaman Kasih”, weave yourselves a great time this Hari Raya from 15 May to 9 June at lower ground oval, 1Utama Shopping Centre. Spread the festive and come together with your friends and family to celebrate togetherness at the contemporary “weaving bamboo-themed” decoration. Mark your calendars for a line-up of colorful performances and fun-filled workshops and activities. Go Raya shopping and be rewarded with exclusive gift redemption and so much more to do and see!

Avenue K

Celebrate a light-hearted and  blessed Hari Raya Aidilfitri from 10 May to 9 June 2019 at Avenue K. Inspired by Islamic geometric patterns, the theme ‘Radiance of Eid’ at Avenue K shines brightly in bold geometric-shaped structures adorned by bouquets of beautiful tropical blooms. Marvel at a dazzling centre stage of lights, colour, and patterns framed by a mosaic floor of geometric designs and colourful palm trees that create a truly magnificent work of art.

Da Men Mall

Da Men delights the community and shoppers with an unforgettable festive celebration and unique decorations inspired by the beauty of Malaysian woven bag craft and an exclusive partnership with homegrown comic characters Pocotee Friends. Discover “Indahnya Raya” from 20 May till 9 June, where the alluring charm of traditional woven Bag Anyaman takes centre stage, harmoniously crafted to tell an intriguing story. The addition, adorable and beloved characters Pocotee Friends lend a friendly yet mischievous ambience to the mall. Bring the whole family to enjoy plenty of dance, music and entertaining performances too.

Intermark Mall


Rejoice this Raya with tradition of batik, as Intermark Mall presents a slice of Malaysian textile heritage to shoppers and visitors from 20 May till 9 June 2019. Immerse yourself in an “En’chanting Raya’” with festive décor featuring vibrant batik motifs whilst you shop for seasonal favourites.

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A Good Time during Morganfield’s

December 5, 2011 during 2:00 pm

Talking about food is one of a many favourite pastimes for Malaysians. Though any review competence initial start off with other topics, solemnly though certainly it will find a approach to a theme of food. Whether it is a discuss on that grill outlet’s food is value watchful an hour for it to arrive on a list to that emporium sells a best porridge in Kuala Lumpur, a theme for debating is endless.

Morganfield’s during Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

When it comes to pig ribs, it is protected to contend that many Chinese cuisine restaurants have polished their pig rib dishes to an art form. What about American styled pig ribs? Many food lovers do determine that there are not many restaurants in a Klang Valley that serves good American styled pig ribs. Well, here is some good news to all who adore pig ribs, Morganfield’s offer some of a best ribs in Kuala Lumpur.

Morganfield’s also has a bar for a restaurant’s congregation to suffer an after-dinner drink

Morganfield’s is located on a 4th building of Pavilion KL Shopping Mall during Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. The grill exudes a laid-back feel with a country nonetheless welcoming ambience. Some of a décor are finished regulating recycled timber planks from ripped down houses, with sinks finished out of redesigned steel drums and menus finished from pieces of corrugated box. The grill believes in a judgment of essence food – portion food that not usually brings behind lustful memories of one’s childhood though also warms a soul. Everything about a food during Morganfield’s is a covenant to this faith – a strong dishes ripping with strong flavours that are not usually juicy though also uninformed AND singular dishes that can usually be found during a outlet. One such plate is a outlet’s signature plate called Morganfield’s Sticky Bones.

Morganfield’s cosy interior creates dining there feel like home

In a new lunch tour to Morganfield’s, a group had a event to tuck into one of a latest promotions that charity a famous Sticky Bones. But before we were authorised to cackle down a proposal pig ribs, a staff initial whetted a appetites by portion us a Appetizer Platter, that consisted of pointy duck wings, Russet Potato skins filled with churned cheese and surfaced with pig bacon pieces and Crab Spinach Dip. The duck wings were tantalizing and finished usually right. The salsa was not powerful and a duck beef remained soothing and juicy. We found a drop to be a bit bland, though when we spoke to a prepare about it, we were told that it was finished so so that business can fine-tune a ambience of a drop to their liking.

The Appetizer Platter consists of Spicy Chicken Wings, Russet Potato skins filled with churned cheese and surfaced with pig bacon pieces and Crab Spinach Dip

The subsequent plate was Morganfield’s signature dish, a Sticky Bones Spare Ribs. Each of these primary pig ribs are initial slow-cooked and smoked in spark and hickory timber before being grilled while basted with honeyed and sour Hickory Barbecue sauce. One whole chunk is adequate to feed dual (or three, depending on how large a tummies are!) humans and would unequivocally perform anyone’s longing for pig ribs. Though a pig ribs were no longer piping prohibited by a time we got a hands on it, a beef was still soothing and came off a skeleton easily.

The juicy Sticky Bones Spare Ribs (BBQ flavored)

The subsequent plate on a menu was also another prominence for all of us. The Jim Beam Baby Back Ribs tasted accurately like it was described on Morganfield’s promotional flyer – additional proposal baby behind ribs that usually melts in your mouth. Combined with a special homemade Jim Beam Barbecue sauce, it was usually so juicy that no difference come tighten to describing it. The beef was usually ideally flavoured and there was no need to onslaught with a skeleton in sequence to get each throw of beef off. This is truly THE place to go for unequivocally smashing pig ribs in Kuala Lumpur.

Morganfield’s Jim Beam Baby Back Ribs

As Christmas draws near, Morganfield’s will have a special Christmas take-away graduation starting from 10th Dec 2011 compartment 1st Jan 2012. For those of we who are looking during celebrating Christmas or any other joyous arise within this time support though a con of cooking out of a way, we competence wish to cruise Morganfield’s normal Christmas roasts. Just pre-order 5 days before to a function, collect your orders on a day and suffer a compliments from your guests. The grill is charity 5 juicy normal Christmas roasts with all a trappings for a festivities during affordable prices. We attempted one of a Christmas take-away promotions, that was a Whole Roast Turkey. Roasting turkeys is a lot trickier than it looks, as they tend to turn dry if roasted for too long, while slicing corners on roasting time competence also meant that guest competence finish adult with pieces of underdone turkey during Christmas dinner. Here during Morganfield’s, a chefs have found a approach to prepare this normal plate to perfection. As a prepare forged a bird, one could see a healthy juices drizzling as a pointy blade finished a approach by a meat. Each swig is proposal and soft, and together with a giblet salsa and cranberry jam tasted like how Christmas should be – comfortable and noted with small pleasures sprinkled via a day.

One of a Traditional Christmas roasts – Whole Roast Turkey with reddish-brown stuffing, served with garlic potatoes, grilled corn, giblet salsa with cranberry jam

Do not worry if pig ribs is not one of your many favourite dishes. Morganfield’s also serves other forms of food that are equally as delicious, engaging and unique. Chicken lovers can opt for a Honey Stung Chicken or a Grilled Pacific Blue Marlin. What we attempted was a Seafood Basket, that consisted of beer-battered fish, prawns and calamari served with coleslaw, French fries and sour tartar sauce. If this plate usually finished adult of pieces of low boiled drink batter, we would have happily munched a approach by a whole basket though any complaints! The beat was light and juicy and did not leave a taste with an greasy after-taste. It is usually too bad that prawn shells are not unequivocally edible…

Morganfield’s Seafood Basket (beer battered) is ideal for who do not imagination pig dishes

No dish is finish though dessert, and dessert was what we had to turn adult a ideally good meal. We started off with a Bread Pudding surfaced with Vanilla ice cream and scotch salsa and finished a whole gastronomic tour with a Oreo Mousse Pie. The bread pudding was usually celestial with each punch – well-spoken and silky, not too honeyed with comfortable and cold prodigy during a same time. The Oreo Mousse Pie competence seem elementary during a glance, though place one spoonful of a dessert in a mouth and a notice changes immediately. The mousse is well-spoken and corpulent during a same time, interjection to a pieces of Oreo cookies inside. Definitely THE ideal finale to a smashing meal.

Bread Pudding

Oreo Mousse Pie

The Christmas take-away promotions offer 5 mouthwatering normal dishes, namely Morganfield’s Sticky Bones that comes in 3 flavours: BBQ, Spicy Tomato and Smoked Peppercon and is labelled during RM 65.90 per slab; Whole Roast Turkey (approx. 5 kg per bird) and served with reddish-brown stuffing, garlic potatoes, grilled corn, giblet salsa and cranberry jam and is labelled during RM 259.90; Roast Beef – Ribeye (approx. 2.5kg) served with garlic parsley potatoes, grilled corn and black peppers salsa and is labelled during RM 289.90; Honey Glazed Pork Ham (approx. 1.5kg) served with garlic parsley potatoes, grilled corn and BBQ salsa and is labelled during RM 199.90; and final though not slightest Roast Lamb Leg (approx. 2.5kg per leg) served with garlic parsley potatoes, grilled corn and black peppers salsa and is labelled during RM 239.90. For those who would like to have some-more information, greatfully call Morganfield’s during 03 2141 3192 or get their latest updates from their Facebook page during

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1Malaysia Year-end Sale 2011

1Malaysia Year-end Sale 2011

The fanciful 1Malaysia Year End Sale (1MYES) has only started!

It was kicked off strictly with a special launch during a Bukit Bintang Dome in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, by Minister of Tourism, Malaysia,  Dato’ Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen.

Organised by a Ministry of Tourism, a 1MYES 2011 sale deteriorate starts from 15 Nov 2011 to 1 Jan 2012.

This year there will be a horde of sparkling events, promotions and good deals for shoppers nationwide.  Some of a activities lined- adult include:


Apart from admiring a anniversary décor of a countless malls, a open also has a event to attend in a 1MYES Favourite Mall Contest to opinion for their favourite mall. They can expel their opinion during from 21 Nov 2011 to 1 Jan 2012 and mount a possibility to win appealing weekly prizes of transport vouchers. The many renouned mall will win prizes too!


MasterCard continues to prerogative a cardholders with some-more privileges and benefits, from present mall redemptions to precious experiences, for a arriving 1Malaysia Year End Sale 2011. With a smallest spend of RM250 on MasterCard branded cards, during participating malls nationwide, cardholders can get a event to travel divided with present redemptions. Also adult for grabs, in partnership with Pavilion KL and Qatar Airways, is a outing to declare a arriving Paris Fashion Week 2012, drifting on Business Class.  Cardholders, with a smallest spend of RM500 during Subang Parade Shopping Centre; will be authorised to win a  4 days 3 nights stay during a Rasa Premier Suite during Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Resort in Penang value RM11, 500. Other than that, there are a sum of 1,800 day passes to a Malaysia International Fashion Week to be redeemed during comparison malls. With this, remember, there are some things income can’t buy, for all else, there’s MasterCard.


Johor Premium Outlets (JPO), South-East Asia’s initial Premium Outlet Centre, is set to open on 11 Dec this year with some-more than 80 stores.

This upscale opening is strategically located during a intersection of a North-South Expressway and a Second Link Expressway in Johor. It is a 70th opening centre in a Premium Outlet portfolio – one of a world’s largest collections of upscale centres.


For a initial time in Southeast Asia, a United Buddy Bear art muster – comprising 148 life-size fibreglass bear sculptures creatively grown in Berlin, Germany – will be exhibited during a Bukit Bintang Entrance of Pavilion KL. Each bear is hand-painted easily in a accumulation of singular designs and paint countries concurred by a United Nations, bringing a summary of assent and tolerance.



Legendary crooner Julio Iglesias will be in Kuala Lumpur to perform 1,800 specifically invited guests. Log onto and answer a few elementary questions to win giveaway tickets, or watch a uncover online around a YES website. Patrons of Jalan Bukit Bintang are also means to suffer a unison from surrounding buildings like Pavilion KL, Grand Millenium Hotel, Fahrenheit 88 etc.


Malls will be embellished in full frolic to chaperon in a Christmas celebrations. Look out for hulk Christmas trees, carousels, Santa Claus, caroling performances and holiday shows.



Welcome a New Year with giveaway concerts, live song deejays, hotel packages, celebration dinners and a firework fantastic during Bukit Bintang and KLCC.


Beginning 1 Jan 2011, a Malaysian supervision had waived import duties on some-more than 300 products in an bid to raise Malaysia’s position as a duty-free selling destination. The taxation is waived to attract a wider operation of principal brands to deposit in Malaysia and in doing so, supplement accumulation to a product choice on a market.

Head over to Malaysia for a biggest 1Malaysia Year-End Sale ever, and suffer some-more bargains with each ringgit spent!


For some-more information, pleasantly hit a Shopping Malaysia Secretariat at:

Tel          :               603 8891 8000

Fax         :               603 88918548

E-mail    :     



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PUMA’s Brand New Look

October 31, 2011 during 12:00 pm

Most entrepreneurs know that carrying a good product is usually partial of a winning regulation to owning a successful business. In sequence to accommodate a market’s consistent demands, new and improved products are a normal in each kind of business there is in Malaysia, hence a need for a revamp in a business’ picture each now and then. A timely picture makeover will not usually give a sold business a most indispensable exhale of uninformed air, it might also boost a product sales and move in some-more business for a business.

The new judgment store is set to rouse a customers’ selling experience

Malaysian shoppers are really informed with a code name PUMA that carries sporting outfits. Following formula from a new investigate conducted by a management, PUMA is set to revamp a merchandising, assortments and store layouts in Klang Valley in suitability with a consumer’s selling trends all over a world. Its revamped judgment stores, termed as PUMA Retail 2.0, is set to rivet a clients on a crowd of levels while elevating their altogether selling knowledge during a same time.

Fitness (Women) section

Shoppers can now conduct to PUMA’s initial judgment store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, where on entrance some important changes can be seen. The stores are not usually brighter and some-more inviting, there is also a clearer eminence between masculine and womanlike products, that are placed on a right and left palm dilemma of a store respectively. Located in between both of these sections is a ‘catwalk’ arrangement of lifestyle footwear, where business can get a feel of a boots as they travel around in them. The some-more distinguished window arrangement now acts like a ‘preview’ of a latest equipment carried by a store, and it is a good approach to tempt shoppers who are bustling to come behind and check out a equipment in a resting gait when they have a time. The equipment on arrangement are now slated to change each dual or 3 months.

The catwalk arrangement territory allows a business to get a feel of a boots as they travel around in them

For PUMA shoppers who are vital out of Kuala Lumpur town, tatter not as come December, business vital around Petaling Jaya will be means to suffer a same knowledge when PUMA Retail 2.0 judgment stores opens in One Utama Shopping Centre. In Jan 2012, another code new judgment store will be non-stop in KLCC, providing some-more business with an extended PUMA sell knowledge like no other.

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Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2011

October 14, 2011 during 12:00 pm

It is definite that one of a country’s best captivate is a food, and for a whole month of Oct tourists and locals comparison can check out a excellent dining stage during some of a best restaurants in Malaysia during a Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2011. Food lovers can select from a innumerable of cuisine from 28 restaurants nationwide, trimming from East and West to alloy cuisine, from authentic to complicated and sharp to sublime.

MIGF 2011

Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2011

Some of a restaurants that are participating in this eventuality are Sagano and Dynasty from Renaissance Hotel that offer Japanese and Chinese cuisine, Al-Amar Restaurant during Pavilion Kuala Lumpur that serves Lebanese cuisine, Lafite from Shangri-La Hotel charity European cuisine and The Pomelo from The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in Perak, that prides itself with a Spa cuisine.

Another special payoff during a Malaysia International Gourmet Festival is that diners can also select to book MIGF Gourmet Tours, that package a purchaser’s fine-dining knowledge with deals on accommodation, golf, spas and city tours. The MIGF Gourmet Tours package includes 4 nights hotel accommodation thorough of daily breakfast, lapse airfield transfers to and from a hotel of your choice, 4 epicurean dishes of your possess choosing, transfers to and from a hotel to those comparison restaurants, one festival cooking category with lapse transfer, one half day city debate of Kuala Lumpur and one lapse transfers to and from discretionary activities. For full inventory of other participating restaurants and eateries or some-more information, greatfully record on to MIGF’s website here.

Photo (c) Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2011

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