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Museum: Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

Excellent examples of Chinese-Palladian style, these townhouses, built
in 1896, were transformed into a traditional Peranakan museum in later years,
connected by a common covered footway, the museum features hand-painted tiles,
elaborately carved teakwood outer swing doors and a sturdier internal door
which provides extra security. Framed by Greco-Roman columns, two red lanterns,
one bearing a household name and the other messages of good luck, hang on
either side of the entrance.

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Travel to Melaka

Melaka Hotels – Finding the Best Hotel in Melaka

Best Hotel in Melaka - Majestic Hotel

Melaka or Malacca is a city with great historical significance and located near the Straits of Malacca. The city is recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The state of Melaka has 3 districts such as Alor Gajah, Jasin and Central Malacca. Malacca city is the capital of the state. The tourists can find several historical places, buildings, museums, and monuments in Melaka. The tourists can enjoy several other attractions such as cultural parks and theme parks.

Best Hotel in Melaka

To enjoy various tourist destinations in Melaka, you can find several hotels in Melaka that offer different types of accommodation depending on the budget and requirements of the visitors. Below are some of the best and recommended hotel to stay in Melaka:

Hotel Equatorial

Hotel Equatorial in Melaka is one of the best hotels in Melaka. The tourists can reach St. Paul’s Hill and A’Famosa Fort by walking from this hotel. Mahkota Parade shopping complex, Jonker’s Street and antique shopping area are also within the walking distance from Hotel Equatorial. In this hotel, there are 496 well-furnished suites and rooms with all the amenities such as Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, gym, massage service, etc. The visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, golfing, table tennis, and tennis as the hotel provide all these facilities.

Address: Bandar Hilir, 75000, Melaka, Malaysia
Phone: +60 (6) 282 8333

Hatten Hotel Melaka

Hatten Hotel Malacca is one of the best hotel in Melaka with more than 700 rooms and suites for the guests. The hotel is situated in close proximity with the popular tourist destinations in Malacca such as A’Famosa, Menara Taming Sari, Dataran Pahlawan shopping mall, etc. The restaurant at this hotel provides all-day-dining facility. Some of the facilities provided by this hotel are gymnasium, spa, swimming pool, ballroom, and meeting rooms.

Address: Hatten Square, Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
Phone: +60 (6) 286 9696

Casa Del Rio

Casa del Rio is a luxurious hotel located near Melaka River with 66 rooms in Mediterranean style. Each room has private balcony overlooking the river or courtyard. Some of the amenities provided by the hotel are organized cruises, rooftop pool, gymnasium, spa, and Wi-Fi facility.

Address: Jalan Laksamana 88, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Phone: +60 (6) 289 6888

Jonker Boutique Hotel

The Jonker Boutique Hotel is a one of the best hotels in Melaka, which is located near the topmost tourist destinations. The hotel is surrounded by coffee shops, Peranakan houses, bars, eateries, and antique shops. This boutique hotel has only 16 rooms, all of them are spacious with teak floorings. Private car park is the main attraction of this hotel. The facilities offered by the hotel are air-conditioned rooms, safe deposit locker, hairdryer in every room, tea/coffee maker, valet service, and many more.

Address: Jalan Tokong, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Phone: +60 (6) 282 5151

The Baba House

The Baba House is a budget hotel situated nearby Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock and several other tourist attractions like Cheng Hoon Teng Temple and Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum. This hotel offers different facilities like Spa, Wi-Fi connection, coffee/tea maker, telephone connection, and meeting rooms.

Address: 125-127 Jalan Tan Cheng Lock, 75200 Malacca-City, Malaysia
Phone: +60 (6) 281 2168

The Majestic Malacca

The Majestic Malacca is among the best hotels in Melaka. The hotel was the mansion of a Chinese merchant and some of the original decorations are still maintained in the hotel. The hotel has three restaurants, conference rooms, swimming pools, library, and a gymnasium. The Majestic Malacca hotel has 54 rooms and suites that are luxuriously decorated.

Address: 188 Jalan Bunga Raya 75100 Melaka, 75100, Malacca, Malaysia
Phone: +60 (3) 2783 1000

The Gingerflower Boutique Hotel

This hotel is located in a Peranakan townhouse with 13 luxurious rooms featuring Italian bathrooms, Wi-Fi connections, rain showers, valet service, 24-hour reception, telephone connection, and satellite TV. The different types of rooms available in this hotel are superior double room, deluxe double room, executive double room, and luxury double room.

Address: Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Phone: +60 (6) 288 1331

Hotel Puri Melaka

Hotel Puri Melaka is one of the best hotels in Melaka, which situated only 20 minutes drive from North-South Highway and 5 minutes away from central bus station. The hotel is in a Peranakan house that is restored beautifully. Enjoy the hotel facilities such as conference room, laundry service, babysitting facility, Wi-Fi, safety box, room service, television, and coffee/tea making facility.

Address: 118 Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Melaka, 75200 Malacca Johor and South, Malaysia
Phone: +60 (6) 281 7388

Mahkota Hotel Melaka

Mahkota Hotel Melaka is situated in the heart of Melaka, the city’s main entertainment and shopping area. The tourists can reach to various historical sites by walking from the hotel. The hotel consists of 480 rooms and apartments that are well-furnished. The hotel offers all the modern facilities to the guests. Mahkota Hotel Melaka offers facilities such as tennis court, bar, conference room, amenities for disabled people, babysitting, room service, fitness center, restaurant, etc.

Address: Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
Phone: +60 (6) 281 2828

These are some of the best hotel in Melaka, which are popular among tourists as well. If you want to suggest a Melaka hotel then please do so by adding comments below.

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Best & Most Popular Cafe in Georgetown Penang

Apart from its heritage preservation, Penang is also known for a number of great tourist attraction sites. From shopping to great eating places around, locals and visitors also take their caffeine very seriously in Penang. Therefore, Penang has seen a sudden growing trend of serving coffee and tea in its cafes. These Cafés are a blend of contemporary and traditional design and interior, which gives its clients the best conceptual surrounding to enjoy their caffeinated refreshments in.

Cafe in Georgetown Penang

From bizarre to perfect, these strange yet beautifully themed cafe in Georgetown Penang are the modern essential staples of urban life fused with cultural novelties. These cafes, for their brilliant interiors, stand out among others. However, there are some old traditional Chinese cafes that are still standing and serve the best coffees and snack over cheap rates. Since there are lots of cafes around, we have handpicked best 5 cafes in Georgetown Penang:

1. Miam Miam Cafe

Peranakan mosaic tiles, marble top tables and light blue metal chairs- this French, Japanese café tops the ranks for being the best cafe in Georgetown Penang for its great interior design reflecting the hipster culture of the city. Located on the center of the Gurney Paragon Mall, Miam Miam Café does not only serve one of the best coffee but also food and drinks that are considered the best around the place. This place is very popular among the young urbanites who always keep this café crowded, willing to wait for as long as even 45 minutes for their food to be served.

It is that Good. Definitely a competing café. All those who have eaten at this café know that the food is great and definitely worth the wait. Among its great variety of some mouth- watering delicacies, Spaghetti is one of its signature dishes that are always in demand. This pasta dish is topped with egg and mushrooms, sausages, bacon and eggplant.

Address: Located on 163/C- 1- 01/2, Saint Jo’s, Persiaran Gurney.
Telephone: +604 226 7105
Timings: Opens 12:00 to 21:00 all around the week.

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2. Pik Nik Cafe

Great place to spend a great afternoon, with a book in this nostalgic place. Pik Nik Café is an old fashion bohemian café situated off the Nagore road in the capital of Penang, Georgetown. Pik Nik café offers a great homely ambiance where you will feel like home surrounded by antiques of the old era. This also makes this place one of the most wonderful and diverse coffee shops that you may ever visit. Even the bill you get is in an unusual way, it’s an old metal box which only accepts payments in cash.

This place is also known for its food and drink. The meals they serve is a fuller, so come in when you are really hungry. Henceforth you will not feel bad for the bill. Nonetheless, the food is served with a great overall presentation- the sight of which alone makes you drool. Do drop in at the top cafe in Georgetown Penang.

Address: Nik Pik café is situated in 15 and 17 Jalan Nagore.
Telephone: +6016 455 2913.
Timings: Open all around the week, for except Tuesdays. 15:00 to 24:00

3. Kopi C Café

Kopi C Café stands out among the most unique cafe in Georgetown Penang. With dark wooden chairs and tables, the black and white local art framework and buffed floor, this is a ritzy Peranakan-styled café with a roof of a heritage complex. Apart from its unique interior, its food is one of the reasons that contribute in making this coffee shop stand out among others.

Popular among the locals as well as the visitors, it’s all day breakfast specialties and Sunday brunches. The huge, filling breakfast wrap stuffed with juicy and soft omelet with eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes and rocket leaves.

Address: Situated in 153 -155 Lebuh Pantai,
Telephone: +604 263 7299.
Timings: Open all around the week from 10:00 to 24:00.

4. Moon Tree 47

Situated along the Jalan Muntri in Georgetown Penang, Moon Tree 47 is a great café to treat your taste buds with some delicious snacks with caffeine that will surely make you miss home. Standing since before the war colonial Chinese storefront, with both idiosyncratic and cool interior with mosaic tile work in Peranakan style, furniture which is antique. The water feature in this open air courtyard makes it even a better place to spend a great evening. Expect some great home-cooked dishes on a plain food menu.

These dishes will make you homesick, reminding you of how your mom cooked. However, each dish has a unique touch of its own. The spongy, moist sponge cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is utterly divine. Apart from its mouth watering and satiating food, Moon Tree 47 is known popularly for its great tasting and fulfilling coffee. These aren’t only great tasting but also presented elegantly. So when you miss your mom or home, visit this scrumptious cafe in Georgetown Penang.

Address: Situated in 47 Muntri Street, 10200,
Telephone: +604 264 4021.
Timings: Open from Thursdays to Tuesdays from 09:00 to 17:00.

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5. Full-House Café

The blush pink and white color of the interior, with Victorian style furniture with a number of cushions with rose patterns on them, embroidered plush sofas and Georgian windows makes Full-House café a girly hi-tea coffee shop. Situated in Penang Times Square, the Full-House café is a great competing coffee shop. Its a la carte menu offers both the western and Japanese cuisine along with freshly baked cakes and pastries. The Teriyaki Chicken Burger, followed by a Tiramisu chocolate brownie or a Lemon cheese cake is the favorite.

This place usually attracts the ladies in groups that do not only come here for its great food and coffee, but also to have a great meet up or a gossip session with girlfriends. It is the most prominent cafe in Georgetown Penang.

Address: Located in G-20, 21, 61 and 65. Times Square.
Telephone: +604 226 0340.
Timings: This café is open all around the week from 12:00 to 24:00.

You shall not only have a great time in spending a perfect vacation in Penang, but you will also be able to enjoy scrumptious food at the best cafe in Georgetown Penang. Hopefully, the days you spent in Penang, you shall be able to fill up your tummy with the food that satisfies your taste buds.

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A Fruity Combination

A Fruity Combination

By: Fatini Idris

 Malaysian food is awesome. Ask anyone and they would determine that a flavours and colours of a cuisine is roughly forlorn to any other cuisines in a world. There are a lot of singular qualities about a dishes, generally given that we live in a multicultural society. Our use of spices, nonetheless not peculiar when compared to other Asian countries, does have some particular disproportion due to a approach we brew them together.

And it’s not only a spices that creates us different. Malay dishes for example, loves regulating fruits in their delectable gulai, or gravy, that goes ideally together with plain rice. It competence be an peculiar thought to some, generally if you’re not local. You competence wonder, how does that even work? But it does. It so deliciously does.

Pajeri nenas


Take pajeri nanas (pineapple curry), for example. The fruit is not only used to element a spices –  a pineapple is indeed a categorical star of a dish.  Pajeri has a sweet, tawny and somewhat sours ambience offset with a slight shade of sourness from a pineapple, that what creates this plate unique. To make a curry, a mix of mixture including onions, uninformed turmeric, chilies and vessel roasted coriander are blended together with thick pap of developed pineapple. Cook it until it thickened and supplement coconut divert with small bit of salt to get a tawny taste. The outcome is simply divine.

Asam Mackerel Fish with Small Carambola
How about a Peranakan delicacy, gulai asam? Usually prepared with fish such as mackerel, belimbing buluh or bilimbi are infrequently combined to supplement a small additional green flog to a dish. As for a other ingredients, a credentials depends heavily on a use of kaffir orange leaves and other uninformed spices such as galangal ginger, ginger buds or bunga kantan and Vietnamese coriander to work adult a aromatics. The cooking routine involves shower a pap of a tamarind extract and chili until it is soothing and afterwards squeezing out a extract for cooking a fish. Once done, you’ll finish adult with a plate that is green and spicy, perfectly blended together.

Kurau Salty Fish with Jackfruit Gulai


Another plate done additional juicy with a further of a fruit is gulai nangka ikan masin kurau, or pickled kurau fish and jackfruit gravy. Originating from Negeri Sembilan, a plate is customarily yellowish-brown in colour due to a sautéed and browned spices that forms a base, and a further of belligerent turmeric. The jackfruit adds to a hardness and essence of a gulai, and during a same time cuts off a small bit of a saltiness from a fish. And given that it is a Negeri Sembilan dish, it is customarily spicy, though so really yummy.

Patin in Tempoyak Sauce


And we can't speak about fruits in delectable dishes but articulate about sambal tempoyak. Tempoyak is fermented durian, so distinct uninformed ones that are honeyed and creamy, tempoyak is sharp and has a green ambience to it. The distillation routine takes between 3 to 5 days, and once ready, it can be eaten underdone as an accompaniment to a common nasi and lauk meal, or used as an part to several kinds of dishes. One of them is gulai tempoyak ikan patin, or patin fish in tempoyak gravy.  This is a renouned plate in Pahang, where a multiple of tempoyak, chillies, turmeric, and lemongrass, among others, make for a rich, and juicy plate that can be enjoyed during lunch or dinner.


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Museum: Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

Excellent examples of Chinese-Palladian style, these townhouses, built
in 1896, were transformed into a traditional Peranakan museum in later years,
connected by a common covered footway, the museum features hand-painted tiles,
elaborately carved teakwood outer swing doors and a sturdier internal door
which provides extra security. Framed by Greco-Roman columns, two red lanterns,
one bearing a household name and the other messages of good luck, hang on
either side of the entrance.

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