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Museums and Galleries in Kuching

Museums and Galleries in Kuching

1) Sarawak Museum

The museum houses an exceptional ethnographic collection, some good natural history displays and a section on the oil industry in Sarawak.

2) Urang Sarawak Gallery

With displays ranging from art to artifacts, this gallery covers the different aspects of life of the Sarawak people, including religion, cosmology and cultural arts.

3) Chinese Museum

The Chinese History Museum is situated on the Waterfront opposite the Tua Pek Kong temple and traces the history of the Chinese community in Sarawak.

4) Tun Jugah Pua Kumbu Museum

A gallery for those interested in everything that goes into the production of the traditional Iban fabric called Pua Kumbu, as well as other Iban traditional arts.

5) Textile Museum

The Textile Museum showcases authentic textiles made by the main ethnic communities of Sarawak.

6) Treasures from Nusantara Gallery

30 Bornean historic artifacts are currently on display in the “Treasures from Nusantara” Exhibition, located in the Textile Museum building.

7) Islamic Heritage Museum

The Islamic Heritage Museum presents a clear picture of the rich historical heritage and special culture of the Muslim community in Sarawak and throughout the Malay-Indonesian archipelago.

8) Cat Museum, Kuching

Cat lovers will find a range of exhibits, photos, feline art and cat souvenirs; over 4,000 of them!

9) Ranee Museum

This museum centres on the life, legend and legacy of Margaret de Windt, wife of the second Rajah Brooke, Queen of Sarawak.

10) Brooke Gallery

The Brooke Gallery houses irreplaceable historical artefacts from the age of Sarawak’s White Rajahs, the Brookes.

11) Timber Museum (Petra Jaya)

Anyone with an interest in forestry, traditional wooden crafts, forest products and the development of the timber industry of Sarawak, should head to this museum.

12) Sarawak Women’s Museum

Sarawak Women Museum focus on the contributions and achievements of women since 1963 when Sarawak with the Federation of Malaya to form Malaysia.

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Ranee Museum: A tale of Sarawak’s historic and cultural heritage

Ranee Museum: A tale of Sarawak’s historic and cultural heritage

KUCHING, Oct 22 — Located at the Old Court House building in the old part of Kuching city,  the Ranee Museum can easily be spotted by anyone keen to get a glimpse at Sarawak’s pre-independence history.

Opened on Sept 24 this year, the museum was set up by Brooke Heritage Trust co-founder Jason Brooke, a direct descendant of Charles Brooke, the second Rajah of Sarawak, and bears the tale of Sarawak’s historic and cultural heritage.

It features a unique collection of artefacts on the extraordinary life, legend and legacy of Margaret de Windt, who married Brooke in 1869.

To the local people, she was simply ‘the Ranee’ or ‘Mem Ranee’, the first queen of the Rajah of Sarawak.

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Updated on October 22, 2018