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Real estate has become among the top investments in the world today. Among the places to look out for are in Southeast Asia, where you can buy a house in Malaysia. Malacca is a quick fix to all those who love traveling since it has been described as a tourist destination. It provides an experience travelers cannot get anywhere else.

==Rich History==

The Malacca museums have been a tourist attraction site for the longest time. They vary from Peranakan heritage to colonial and unique museums. A close look at the archives gives visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the Malacca history as well as enjoy the sites the museums have to offer. Apart from the history and the sites, one can also look at the extensive collections of artifacts lined up at the Aborigines, Maritime, Kite, Baba Nyonya, Straits Chinese Jewellery, Malaysia Prison, Heritage, People’s, Toy and the Submarine Museum, all in Malacca.

Other than enjoying the beautiful sites, Malacca is about sharing the Malaysia history. Malacca, described as the home of historical heritage, has played a vital role in the Malaysia history in that it was the first entry point for colonialists during the old war and has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Among the primary historical sites are the Peranakan and the colonial heritage sites.

A variety of places worth exploring is the Christ Church Melaka, Famosa Fort, and St Peter’s Church, built in 1710 by Portuguese Catholics, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, the Dutch Square, Queen Victoria Memorial Fountain, The Stadthuys and St Paul’s Hills.

St Peter’s Church is the oldest in the country and was completed during the Dutch administration. Old as it may be, services are still conducted in the church halls. A bell at St Peter’s is evidence it was built in the 17th century as well as a Christ alabaster statue.

Other historical buildings in Malacca include the Syed Al Attas Mansion, which reminds one of the Malacca Muslim rules. It is reflective of the Muslim lifestyle as practiced during that era.

==Chinatown Street in Malacca==

There are other places worth visiting in Malacca, such as the Jonker Street. It may be equated to the Chinatown Street, also called by locals ‘Jalan Jang Hebat’. What stands out at Jonker is the Malacca River, which makes the scene even more vibrant. The Heeren Street near Jonker Street has been listed among the top must-see destinations in Malacca.

Visitors are mostly attracted by the buildings that have today been transformed into old joints and famous restaurants. These are places that were once occupied by rich Malacca families and was therefore referred to as the Millionaires’ Row. The street that was once only covered by the rich is now open for everyone, rich or not.

The street is full of shop houses on either side, which gives travelers a feel of the 17th Century. The shop houses are sometimes used as textile shops, food courts, souvenir outlets and antique kiosks. During the weekends, visitors are encouraged to taste the local food and join the bargain battle with the vendors out to make profits against the visitors’ wishes to fetch the lowest prices.

==Affordable Hotel with Quality Service==

Your visit will not be memorable (for all the right reasons) if your stay is almost uncomfortable. Ensure you book the best Malacca hotel that exhibits the classic themes of the region. Such hotels are readily available, and the cost varies from low-budget to high-profile expenses. They include Casa del Rio Melaka and The Majestic Malacca in the high-end category.

The budget options are such as Layang-Layang Guest House, Gingerflower Boutique Hotel, Hotel Da Som Inn and Imperial Heritage Melaka. The hotels are keen on keeping a good reputation seeing as the business depends on word on the street from the travelers.

What is more attractive about Malacca is the people and their rich ethnicity. The communities have blended into one rich culture full of diversity. Visitors are welcome to be part of the diversification and live in peaceful co-existence with the Malacca people. The river cuts through Malacca to the Malacca Straits. There are motorboats in the river that give an opportunity for sightseeing.

The Malacca River Cruise, for instance, lasts about 45 minutes, giving riders the chance to take in all the fantastic views Malacca has to offer, at a fee of RM10 for adults and RM5 for children, especially holders of Mycard. For foreigners, the charges will attract an additional RM5. Visitors need not worry about missing the cruise as it is open from 9am-12am. The night cruise is far more enjoyable because of the riverside punctuated by the lights.

==Preferred Destination For Foodies==

Malacca is not only about the history and the buildings, but it is also about quality food served in top-notch restaurants. Located on Jonker Street, Nancy’s Kitchen offers the delicious Nyonya cuisine. The interior design has a feel of a home or the familiar neighborhood that reminds you of your kitchen. It is mostly preferred because it serves hot dishes. The only problem is that the food is not Halal, which means Muslims are locked out.

The other restaurant worth exploring is the Capitol, which is not only affordable but also ranked among the best in Malacca. This explains why it is always flooded with customers. There is a variety of almost 80 vegetables and seafood dishes, which explains the long queues that are a constant feature of Capitol.

Meanwhile, The Baboon House keeps visitors enjoying their food while sitting in an open courtyard. This arrangement takes advantage of the vast space that is brought to life by the modern furniture. What makes it feel more at home is the presence of the owner’s cat and dog. Baboon House serves American dishes.

==The Malacca Nightlife==

Malacca’s GoGo KTV Lounge is famous because of its jetty shape. It is located between Mahkota Melaka and the Holiday Inn Melaka. Although it is small, it has a variety of punch flavors that are bound to keep guests entertained, if not the punch, then the number of TV on the walls will.

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Best & Most Popular Cafe in Georgetown Penang

Apart from its heritage preservation, Penang is also known for a number of great tourist attraction sites. From shopping to great eating places around, locals and visitors also take their caffeine very seriously in Penang. Therefore, Penang has seen a sudden growing trend of serving coffee and tea in its cafes. These Cafés are a blend of contemporary and traditional design and interior, which gives its clients the best conceptual surrounding to enjoy their caffeinated refreshments in.

Cafe in Georgetown Penang

From bizarre to perfect, these strange yet beautifully themed cafe in Georgetown Penang are the modern essential staples of urban life fused with cultural novelties. These cafes, for their brilliant interiors, stand out among others. However, there are some old traditional Chinese cafes that are still standing and serve the best coffees and snack over cheap rates. Since there are lots of cafes around, we have handpicked best 5 cafes in Georgetown Penang:

1. Miam Miam Cafe

Peranakan mosaic tiles, marble top tables and light blue metal chairs- this French, Japanese café tops the ranks for being the best cafe in Georgetown Penang for its great interior design reflecting the hipster culture of the city. Located on the center of the Gurney Paragon Mall, Miam Miam Café does not only serve one of the best coffee but also food and drinks that are considered the best around the place. This place is very popular among the young urbanites who always keep this café crowded, willing to wait for as long as even 45 minutes for their food to be served.

It is that Good. Definitely a competing café. All those who have eaten at this café know that the food is great and definitely worth the wait. Among its great variety of some mouth- watering delicacies, Spaghetti is one of its signature dishes that are always in demand. This pasta dish is topped with egg and mushrooms, sausages, bacon and eggplant.

Address: Located on 163/C- 1- 01/2, Saint Jo’s, Persiaran Gurney.
Telephone: +604 226 7105
Timings: Opens 12:00 to 21:00 all around the week.

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2. Pik Nik Cafe

Great place to spend a great afternoon, with a book in this nostalgic place. Pik Nik Café is an old fashion bohemian café situated off the Nagore road in the capital of Penang, Georgetown. Pik Nik café offers a great homely ambiance where you will feel like home surrounded by antiques of the old era. This also makes this place one of the most wonderful and diverse coffee shops that you may ever visit. Even the bill you get is in an unusual way, it’s an old metal box which only accepts payments in cash.

This place is also known for its food and drink. The meals they serve is a fuller, so come in when you are really hungry. Henceforth you will not feel bad for the bill. Nonetheless, the food is served with a great overall presentation- the sight of which alone makes you drool. Do drop in at the top cafe in Georgetown Penang.

Address: Nik Pik café is situated in 15 and 17 Jalan Nagore.
Telephone: +6016 455 2913.
Timings: Open all around the week, for except Tuesdays. 15:00 to 24:00

3. Kopi C Café

Kopi C Café stands out among the most unique cafe in Georgetown Penang. With dark wooden chairs and tables, the black and white local art framework and buffed floor, this is a ritzy Peranakan-styled café with a roof of a heritage complex. Apart from its unique interior, its food is one of the reasons that contribute in making this coffee shop stand out among others.

Popular among the locals as well as the visitors, it’s all day breakfast specialties and Sunday brunches. The huge, filling breakfast wrap stuffed with juicy and soft omelet with eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes and rocket leaves.

Address: Situated in 153 -155 Lebuh Pantai,
Telephone: +604 263 7299.
Timings: Open all around the week from 10:00 to 24:00.

4. Moon Tree 47

Situated along the Jalan Muntri in Georgetown Penang, Moon Tree 47 is a great café to treat your taste buds with some delicious snacks with caffeine that will surely make you miss home. Standing since before the war colonial Chinese storefront, with both idiosyncratic and cool interior with mosaic tile work in Peranakan style, furniture which is antique. The water feature in this open air courtyard makes it even a better place to spend a great evening. Expect some great home-cooked dishes on a plain food menu.

These dishes will make you homesick, reminding you of how your mom cooked. However, each dish has a unique touch of its own. The spongy, moist sponge cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is utterly divine. Apart from its mouth watering and satiating food, Moon Tree 47 is known popularly for its great tasting and fulfilling coffee. These aren’t only great tasting but also presented elegantly. So when you miss your mom or home, visit this scrumptious cafe in Georgetown Penang.

Address: Situated in 47 Muntri Street, 10200,
Telephone: +604 264 4021.
Timings: Open from Thursdays to Tuesdays from 09:00 to 17:00.

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5. Full-House Café

The blush pink and white color of the interior, with Victorian style furniture with a number of cushions with rose patterns on them, embroidered plush sofas and Georgian windows makes Full-House café a girly hi-tea coffee shop. Situated in Penang Times Square, the Full-House café is a great competing coffee shop. Its a la carte menu offers both the western and Japanese cuisine along with freshly baked cakes and pastries. The Teriyaki Chicken Burger, followed by a Tiramisu chocolate brownie or a Lemon cheese cake is the favorite.

This place usually attracts the ladies in groups that do not only come here for its great food and coffee, but also to have a great meet up or a gossip session with girlfriends. It is the most prominent cafe in Georgetown Penang.

Address: Located in G-20, 21, 61 and 65. Times Square.
Telephone: +604 226 0340.
Timings: This café is open all around the week from 12:00 to 24:00.

You shall not only have a great time in spending a perfect vacation in Penang, but you will also be able to enjoy scrumptious food at the best cafe in Georgetown Penang. Hopefully, the days you spent in Penang, you shall be able to fill up your tummy with the food that satisfies your taste buds.

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