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Mystical Eve Interview: Pop Shuvit

December 23, 2011 during 2:00 pm

Two members of Pop Shuvit were speckled during a Mystical Eve Countdown Party press discussion recently. AJ and JD were kind adequate to answer a questions we lined adult for them. Enjoy! How does it feel to be invited to perform during a Mystical Eve Countdown Party?
JD: Definitely excited. we am unequivocally vehement given we have never played here before in a new environment. Usually, New Year’s eve parties are always hold during a common places, so this year it is going to be opposite and better!

AJ: It is also going to be a 11th year personification together as a group. I’m happy that we are still being invited to play for New Year’s eve after so long!

Pop Shuvit, a good Malaysian indie rope is set to perform during Mystical Eve during ENCORP Strand What are your New Year’s resolutions?
JD: The million dollar question…
AJ: For Pop Shuvit, it would substantially to get a Grammy, as we have always been aiming for one. We aim big, so each year we try to get closer and closer to that.
JD: So we substantially set one outrageous and impractical goal, though along a approach we substantially set smaller goals. So each year we set those small goals that brings us closer to a large idea of winning a Grammy. Do we have any personal goals or any personal resolutions?
JD: *Jokes* we wish to be a solo singer-writer like Reza Salleh! Or maybe we wish to do a K-Pop manuscript and sell millions! *laughs during his comment* Or maybe we do not trust in resolutions?
AJ: Personally we don’t, though it is good to have something like that. Like in my case, me and my mother are awaiting a baby in 3 months’ time, so we wish to be a good daddy and yield for him as many as we can. Based on your experience, has any of your New Year’s resolutions came loyal in a past?

JD: Hmm… routinely by Jan 31st we will be like, ‘What did we put as my resolutions this year?’. *laughs* Any skeleton in store for a entrance year? As a organisation Pop Shuvit?
JD: Despite all personal stuff, for a organisation we devise to take a song and enhance it internationally. Our code new manuscript is out, it’s called Cherry Blossom Love Affair, so we will try to foster and get it distributed by some of a informal factories in Indonesia and a Philippines. We also wish to secure a lot some-more tours in United States and Europe as well. If Pop Shuvit fans in Malaysia would like to get their hands on your latest album, where can they go to get it?

JD: The manuscript is now being sole in any vital record stores like Rock Corner or Speedy Video. It is retailing for RM29 during a impulse and there are 12 songs in a album. Before your Pop Shuvit days, how did we spend your New Year’s eve? And are we guys customarily bustling behaving during New Year’s eve?
JD: For a past 10 years during least, we have been bustling doing a uncover roughly each New Year’s eve. That is fundamentally a memory of New Year’s eve, behaving on theatre and doing a countdown with a rope mates, who are like a family.
AJ: At slightest they turn a ‘brothers’ on a 31st of Dec each year… *laughs* You mentioned that we did a lot of performances during a New Year’s eve. What would be your many noted New Year’s eve performance?
AJ: Our initial opening actually…
JD: Where was it? Was that a initial New Year’s eve performance? we don’t remember… Tell us about a one that we remember a most…
AJ: we remember one time, during one of a progressing performances and it was hold during Bukit Bintang. There was this HUGE throng from a front of Starhill where we were personification right adult to a finish of Jalan Alor! It felt so cold to finally play for such a large crowd, for all a Malaysian fans. Was that a biggest audience that we guys have played to so far?
AJ: There were bigger crowds after that, though that was a one that left a biggest impression. We stopped Bukit Bintang from handling their normal business hours. How has a year been for Pop Shuvit?
JD: This year has been unequivocally unequivocally good. We had a smashing initial half of a year given we started recording a manuscript given center of final year and we managed to finish it in a initial entertain of 2011. The manuscript was expelled in center of this year. Running adult to that, we also had a unequivocally large uncover this year that was a MTV World Stage that was hold during I-City in Shah Alam. That was a large uncover where we got a full on set and played with large names like Thirty Seconds to Mars, Neon Trees and Beast. The biggest thing was that a opening was that it was promote to about 60 million households. It was unequivocally outrageous broadside for a group. So that done 2011 a good year for us.
AJ: And that also kind of put Malaysian song on a universe map. We agree. Pop Shuvit has contributed a lot to a Malaysian indie song stage over a years…
JD: We are substantially one of a initial eccentric groups to done it.
AJ: We took it and did it ourselves and done a name.
JD: Before there was an Indie blast in a Malaysia song industry…
AJ: Yeah, before Indie song became cool!

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Mystical Eve Interview: Reza Salleh

December 22, 2011 during 2:51 pm

The group was propitious adequate to mark Reza Salleh during a Mystical Eve Countdown Party press discussion recently so we asked him a integrate of questions. Here is what he has to contend about New Year: How does it feel to be invited to perform during a Mystical Eve Countdown Party?
Reza: I feel unequivocally celebrated that they like my song and wish to embody me in this and I’m unequivocally excited. New Year’s Eve shows are a lot of fun and we adore fun gigs.

Rexa Salleh is behaving on Mystical Eve during ENCORP Strand What are your New Year’s resolutions?
Reza: My New Year’s resolutions are to work on a subsequent manuscript and to learn another language, preferably Japanese. Any other languages other than Japanese?
Reza: we consider one denunciation during a time is adequate for a moment. Maybe tfor he year after 2012 I’ll consider of another denunciation to learn. Did any of your New Year’s resolutions came true?
Reza: You know, a humorous thing about these resolutions is that we don’t remember them, so we wouldn’t be means to answer that. we don’t know if they did, so maybe they didn’t. I’d like to consider that they did though. *laughs* Any skeleton in store for a entrance year, we know… career wise, other than a new album?Or maybe we can tell us some-more about a new album?
Reza: Oh… a new manuscript is kind of sitting on a shelf during a moment. we have a materials for it, though it’s usually a matter of removing a right resources together to lift it off as good as a formulation concerned in producing an album. These are a things that we am operative on during a moment. Also, we am meditative of expanding my song to a informal level, something that we have taken a lot of seductiveness recently. Playing in other countries is a lot of fun! we am looking to personification some-more shows in Bandung, Japan and Korea. How was a accepting there in Japan and Korea?
Reza: It was excellent! They didn’t know who we was and we consider they didn’t know what we was singing, though we was unequivocally overwhelmed with their comfortable response in both countries. When we were younger, how did we spend your New Year’s eve? Like during your teenage years, or maybe even college years… Any noted things that comes to your mind?
Reza: The usually thing that comes to mind about New Year’s eve is being stranded in a jam. *Laughs out loud* we remember one year, we did a countdown in a car. You know how when we were younger, we would like to go out and jubilee or something, so and when everybody is going out during a same time, it causes a unequivocally bad jam. But thankfully in new years we have opted for a some-more low key, cold out kind of celebration. Other than being held in a jam, do we remember any noted New Year’s eve? celebrations? Something that is good and sweet… that we will still speak about compartment this day.
Reza: At a finish of a day, it unequivocally is spending time with friends that matter. When we have that kind of still time, that unequivocally creates my my year worthwhile. At a finish of a day, these are a things that are critical to me – my music, my family, my friends and my desired ones. One final doubt before we let we go! Was 2011 a unequivocally noted year for you?
Reza: Absolutely!! It’s an violent year since we launched my manuscript in Nov 2010, that was a finish of final year. So this whole year has been crazy for me, as we was compelling my manuscript on tip of personification during 5 opposite festivals as good as doing performances in Singapore, Japan, Korea and Indonesia. we suspicion Dec might have been a still month, though it incited out to be otherwise. It’s still an overwhelming experience.

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Reza Salleh @ Mystical Eve

December 18, 2011 during 12:00 pm

As a budding singer-songwriter during his college days in Melbourne, Australia, Reza Salleh would arise above his fears and perform his song during live shows where vicious audiences can be wittingly extreme with their judgement. That associate Malaysian students who were in Melbourne during a time would attest that “even Aussie kids knew a lyrics to his songs” suggests genuine talent and an inherited ability for climax in Reza Salleh. Years after in Kuala Lumpur, he would be one of a tip names in a eccentric singer–songwriter scene.

Catch this gifted musician-songwriter during ENCORP Strand on 31st December!

Reza’s early song–writing days were desirous by renouned grunge and choice stone bands like Nirvana and Rage Against a Machine, and a outspoken styles of African-American artists. And maybe due to a multiple of fundamental unwillingness and adore for all kinds of music, a song he constructed was not singular to any sold genre or tone. His initial album, Realize, captures ideally his low-pitched operation and adaptability.

With punchy stone ensembles and acoustic bossa nova backing his lane list, it would be formidable to pin him down to a sold genre. Though this might perplex some straight–jacket listeners, Reza’s ability to pitch between genres is an useful item for any immature musician catering to an increasingly opposite assembly that is constantly on a surveillance for new sounds.

Reza’s initial album, Realize, that compiles strange song created over 10 years of his song–writing career, is a reverence to associate eccentric musicians who have taken a risk of withdrawal their “desk jobs” to pursue their dreams – and to those who are deliberation it.” With a recover of ‘Diversify’, Dennis Lau became a initial Malaysian instrumental artist to have an manuscript expelled by Sony Music. His expansion as a musician has been shabby by a opposite low-pitched genres that have swept opposite a decades, especially by musicians such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Ryan Leslie, Wang Lee Hom, and John Mayer.

Don’t know how to get there? Check a map out!

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Mystical Eve @ ENCORP Strand

December 15, 2011 during 2:07 pm

Party like it’s a finish of a world. Despite those who contend 2012 is a end, let’s jubilee like there’s no tomorrow anyway! Breathing new life into New Year’s Eve, new child on a retard ENCORP Strand, is personification horde an extraordinary line adult of internal talent and celebration for those wanting to attend in a spree that is New Year’s Eve though being squashed into unconcern by throngs of (inebriated) party-goers.

Mystical Eve 2012 New Year’s Countdown Party

Aptly themed, ‘Mystical Eve’, this New Year’s Eve jubilee will be a highly-charged dusk of different entertainment, fun and excitement for a whole family, with some of Kota Damansara’s best cuisine on offer.

Each year we have fireworks erupting from iconic landmarks, crowds of people celebrating that one impulse in time, though afterwards there are a crowds and a trade jams. Top it off with a overwhelming celebration choice that avoids all a logistical hassles of being in a city centre. Poised with a large stage, state-of-the-art sound system, meridian tranquil outside atrium (yes, it will cold all night long), and loads of parking and other facilities, we can even lay behind during midnight and watch a fireworks from opposite a city in a nearby distance.

So if we imagination a night out with your family, friends, lady or beloved on New Year’s Eve, though have no thought where to go, come and join a line adult of performers such as general aerialists ala Cirque de Soleil and a 3D expansion of a ‘Laserman Experience’ that will make a assembly mount on their feet and join in a revelry.

Hosted by obvious TV personalities Julie Woon and Megan Tan, a countdown will underline not-to-be-missed performances by some of Malaysia’s ‘who’s who’ from a attention such as Mizz Nina, Joe Flizzow, Pop Shuvit, Najwa Mahiaddin, Reza Salleh, Dennis Lau and his compatriot, Shawn Lee among others.

Suffice to say, a dusk promises to be a not-to-be-missed event by anyone (singles, couples, families) looking to jubilee like there’s no (tomorrow) 2012!

“New Year’s Eve midnight is a singular impulse in time. We wish a countdown to be memorable, surrounded by those we caring about. We wish Mystical Eve to be something that will blow your mind divided with a overwhelming choice of good entertainment, corroborated adult by a operation of tantalising FB outlets, embedded in superb community
spirit. Let it be a time to simulate on a past year, and share dreams for a entrance year” pronounced Jason Voon, Project Director for Mystical Eve.

Admission to a jubilee is giveaway with several food and libation outlets carrying special promotions for jubilee goers for that special evening. If we have problem with removing there, not to worry since it is simply permitted around a LDP (Leburaya Damansara Puchong), NKVE (North Klang Valley Expressway) and open ride (U88 or Metrobus no 99).

Don’t know how to get there? Click on a map!

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