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The First Asia Legoland Water Park at Nusajaya, Johor.

The Legoland Water Park (N1.42755 E103.63188) is officially open for public on 21st October 2013, we were invited for the media preview 2 days before the date.

The Water Park contains over 3 million litres of water and has more than 20 unique water based rides. There are also over 70 specially built LEGO models. It is the largest LEGOLAND Water Park in the world and the only one which can be enjoyed either on its own as a stand-alone attraction or in combination with the Theme Park.

The entrance to the Water Park is located at the left from the main entrance to the Theme Park, the direction signage is clearly display if you stand in front of the Legoland Theme Park.

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The day ticket is having promotion for RM95 (adult), RM75 (child 3-11 years) and both having a RM10 food voucher each for the moment. For more information, please visit the Legoland official website :

The invited International media were from everywhere around the regions, everyone stand-by for the welcome speech (once the preview started) from the General Manager – Mr Siegfried Boerst and Managing Director – Mr John Jakobsen beside one of the Water Park’s highlights – Build-A-Raft River.

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After the speeches, once Mr Siegfried Boerst and Mr John Jakobsen threw the Lego bricks to the ‘river’, the party began at Build-A-Raft River!

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Then the group walked over to the next Water Park’s highlights – Joker Soaker.

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The two gentlemen company with a group of junior life saver and waiting to the water pour down…once everyone and all the cameras ready, here come the Big Splash!

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A giant bucket pours 350 gallons of water into the wade pool below that surprised everyone with the strong cooling breeze who stand beside and they were all wet! Again, we heard the happy shouting from the children who waited in the Joker Soaker and began their fun!

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After a short rest, we were having the questions and answers session next to the rides…

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The Tengku of Johor, Mr Siegfried Boerst and Mr John Jakobsen were professionally answer all the questions from the media. The session took about 30 minutes and the fun time began!

Let me show some of the attractive Water Park’s rides one-by-one…

Build-A-Raft River
This is one of the popular ride where everyone relax sitting on the rubber tube (dinghy) and float through the lazy river. Along the way, you can collect many soft bricks on the water and built your own raft…

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We met the media filming from Hong Kong…

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Just look at the face of children, they were so relax and enjoyed the ride…

 photo IMG_1244_zpsb9024584.jpg

Joker Soaker
The Joker Soaker is a fun interactive play structure where children can aim water cannons at one another. A fun, interactive playground with various lengths, heights and types of slides that offer something different for every member of the family. Guests can wade in the surrounding pool and be surprised with a torrential spill from a 300-gallon bucket.

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I believe my daughter will stay in this fun area for at least 2 hours…

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LEGO Wave Pool
Families can catch a gentle wave or simply cool off in this perfectly sized wave pool where the waves are just big enough for all ages to enjoy.

This big pool is interesting and many peoples like to soak themselves into it.

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 photo IMG_1262_zpsce182438.jpg

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I saw many kids happy and enjoyed themselves in the pool with full of laughter! That was a great moment!
The Beach ‘N’ Brick Grill is just located next to the Wave Pool, convenience for those who want to fill up the stomach and jump back to the pool…

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Red Rush
A family tube slide where up to four people can ride together down a
312-foot-long curving track on an 11-foot in diameter half pipe.
This was fun and with a long queue…

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Some actions captured on the ride…

 photo IMG_1341_zpsddb4a051.jpg

 photo IMG_1281_zps941ab69f.jpg

 photo IMG_1271_zpsc831f8c3.jpg

I was impressed by the motorized automation which bring up the rubber tube from the bottom to the top…

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Next to the Red Rush is the – Splash Out.
The thrill seekers of the family can ascend to the tallest point of the
water park attraction and choose from one of three unique slides, then
speed down a 60-foot drop and “splash out” into the water below.
“The following swimwear is not permitted: cotton t-shirts, exposed
zippers, wet suits, water shoes, or any lose articles that may get
damaged during the ride, such as hats or sunglasses.”

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Next – Splash ‘N’ Swirl

The others ride of Brick Blaster, Wave Rider and Tidal Tube are also available from the same queue and same platform.

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The end part of the other two rides Wave Rider and Tidal Tube are located at the same area…

LEGO Slide Racer
Race down the slides with 5 others on a mat and see who reached the fastest. A thrilling ride for the whole family.
“The following swimwear is not permitted: cotton t-shirts, exposed zippers, wet suits, water shoes, or any lose articles that may get damaged during the ride, such as hats or sunglasses.”

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The LEGOLAND Water Park view from the highest ground, the LEGOLAND Hotel is at the back of the park which just soft opening on the 29th November 2013.

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Some of my friends asked me how was fun the Water Park… well, I replied…it was a Great Family Theme Park and we shouldn’t judge how fun it it, let the children do the talking and you will realize the joyful moment they have and I say that is “Priceless!”

Please bring your family and children to the LEGOLAND Theme Park and Water Park during this school holiday to enjoy your priceless family moment!

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