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Yashiki Yakitori Bar @ Viva Home Shopping Mall

March 8, 2013 during 2:00 pm

After a surprisingly ‘refreshing’ Yee Sang with a gang, we started on a second image for a day – a Soft Shell Crab Salad. Served with a Japanese salsa done from mayonnaise and sesame seed, it is this seasoning that brings out a best of a salad and a soothing bombard crab. In fact, it was so tasty that this was a initial time I’ve seen a image of salad totally spotless out! Parents might wish to cruise investing in a bottle to make vegetables some-more appealing to their children. we know for certain that Emily Tang enjoyed any singular punch of her vegetables that day.

Soft Shell Crab Salad – healthy AND delicious!

Next image adult for tasting was a Tuna Tataki. Each tasty square of tuna is lonesome in sour citrus salsa and is bedecked with a quarrel of chilli spiced radish, open onions and tender garlic. Though it might seem to be utterly clever in taste, all comes together ideally during a end. We also attempted a chef’s preference of 8 opposite forms of Nigiri Sushi, that enclosed tender equipment like salmon, tuna, sea urchin, fish roe and octopus sashimi.

Tuna Tataki

Sushi Deluxe comprises of a Chef’s preference of 8 opposite kinds of sushi, including squid, salmon and fish roe

Any outing to a Japanese grill is never finish but giving a Sashimi dishes a try. And so we sampled Yashiki’s Sashimi set. This set comes with 4 kinds of chef’s preference of tender fish together with a play of rice, 3 pieces of boiled gyoza, a play of miso soup, slices of fruits and preserved Japanese radish. Its uninformed sashimi pieces joined with prohibited play of miso soup and rice is guaranteed to fill any growling stomach to a brim. Another contingency try when we are dining during Yashiki Yakitori Bar is a Shake Atama, that is salmon conduct that has been grilled to perfection. Its honeyed tasting beef and a other tender tools of a fish conduct is certain to move fish conduct lovers to paradise. we know Evelyn Ang enjoyed any square of her fish head.

The sashimi is uninformed and comes with a play of rice, miso soup, fruits, Japanese pickles and 3 pieces of boiled gyoza

Fish conduct lovers should really try out Yashiki Yakitori Bar’s Shake Atama

But my many favourite image of all (other than a Yee Sang) was a Salmon Cheese Oshizushi. The easily charred and melted cheese widespread atop a uninformed salmon gives any particular apportionment a hazed taste. Absolutely mouth-watering! We also attempted a restaurant’s yakitori offerings (kind of unfit to give it a miss, given a opening is utterly obvious for their yakitori dishes) and chose about 8 opposite types. In my common opinion, a yakitori sticks tasted utterly normal. There were some sticks where a beef tasted a small bit dry.

Salmon Cheese Oshizushi

The assorted yakitori sticks (L – R) – Bacon with White Prawn, Negima, Beef with Enoki, Bacon with Asparagus, Pork Belly, Lamb with Asparagus, Bacon Enoki and Salmon Belly

The drinks bar of Yashiki Yakitori Bar

All in all, it was a truly beguiling meal, done even some-more so with a association that was there. It is easy to only remove lane of time when dining during Yashiki Yakitori Bar. The opening has a cosy sourroundings that creates it a smashing venue for a prolonged lunch or an insinuate cooking event for two. Great place to conduct to a subsequent time we wish to suffer good Japanese food with your friends or your desired ones.

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