Unexplored Selong Belanak beach during Sempiak Villa, Lombok island

Rate this post From a Lombok International Airport to Selong Belanak beach (S8.87085 E116.16253) is approximately 25km, and a tour take around 30 – 45 minutes depends on a highway condition. The float was identical with a previous, and pass by paddies fields, circuitous roads, villages and tobacco farms. At certain area, a highway was […]

Photo holding indicate 1 before Selong Belanak beach, Lombok Island

Rate this post Since a Lombok International Airport is located roughly a south of Lombok island, we started a debate to a attractions during a south island before check-in to a review that is during a north west of a island. Our initial end was Selong Belanak beach, that will be approximately 22KM transport from […]