20 Must-Have Souvenirs from Malaysia

Rate this post If you are anything like me, you will look for the MOST interesting, out-of-the-ordinary souvenir from places you’ve been. It used to be very conventional, like postcards, keychains, decorative plates and the like but these stuff take up space and require some kind of maintenance as years go by. The novelty of […]

Kuching Tourism Attraction – Irrawaddy Dolphin & Mangrove Swamp Cruise

Rate this post Kuching Tourism Attraction – Irrawaddy Dolphin Mangrove Swamp Cruise September 27, 2017 Written by: Jyotsna Ramani Kuching is one of my fave cities in South East Asia. Maybe because I got a chance to spend a month there and volunteer at the MonkeeBar. Apart from that, I had the wonderful opportunity to […]

Best 10 Malacca Tourist Attractions you should NOT miss

Rate this post There are plenty of Malacca tourist attractions to visit on your trip and the fact that Melaka is a UNESCO heritage site, every street and corner became an attraction for the visitors. People that have visited Malacca would tell you why it is one of the best places to visit in South […]

Outback Steakhouse @ BB Park

Rate this post August 30, 2012 during 6:15 pm Hanging out during Outback Steakhouse reminds me of all good about a best friend. It isn’t pretentious, doesn’t roar for your pleasantness and doesn’t lie we of your money. Like any other ‘real’ best friend, I’m gentle and during palliate and each assembly is a joyous […]


Rate this post Malacca Strait Bridge Design Ready The bridge will accommodate ship traffic by elevating its height to 76 meters.Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011, 13:39 WIBHadi Suprapto(Strait of Malacca Partners Sdn Bhd) VIVAnews – The Riau Administration in Sumatra teams up with Malaysia to build a bridge over the Malacca Strait to Malaysia. In the […]