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20 Must-Have Souvenirs from Malaysia

If you are anything like me,
you will look for the MOST interesting, out-of-the-ordinary souvenir from
places you’ve been.

It used to be very
conventional, like postcards, keychains, decorative plates and the like but
these stuff take up space and require some kind of maintenance as years go by.

The novelty of a souvenir has
changed, and it is no longer something that you show off as a statement of
“I’ve been there!” It has evolved into something else, where we want to share
with our loved ones back home a little piece of the adventure, so to speak.

So, here’s my take on some of
the things that you just HAVE to take back with you:

#1 – If
you travel to the state of Melaka,
then look out for the dainty Nyonya beaded
. They may not be the most practical footwear, but then again, they
ARE unique, and quite fancy!

Nyonya Beaded Slippers and Embroidered Kebaya Top

#2 – If
you got yourself that beaded slipper, then you just HAVE to bring back a
traditional kebaya top! The intricately-embroidered tops are a must-have in
any wardrobe.

– If you have a passion for cooking, and are always on
the hunt for that ‘umami’ flavor, bring back some shrimp paste, or belacan,
and if you’re brave enough, cencalok. Cencalok is a condiment made
of fermented small shrimps or krill, and is usually served together with sliced
chillies, finely sliced shallots and lime juice.

Bottom – A stall selling belacan and cencalok

–  Look out also for the sticky coconut
‘cakes’, or dodol, available in a variety of flavours including pandan and durian.

Moving further South to Johor, you can visit the herb farm along the way and
get yourself some stingless bee honey
or madu kelulut. Stingless bee honey is  twice as nutritious as ordinary honey,
according to the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI).

#7 – A
trip to Johor would be meaningless without bringing back the mandatory 434 Coffee. Malaysian Coffee a.k.a
Kopi-O is special in color, flavor and taste, thanks to its special roasting
technique and recipe that commonly includes margarine and sugar as ingredients.
It has been long enjoyed by the locals and also is popular among coffee lovers
in South East Asia. While the sweet, hot beverage may take some getting used to
for those who are used to taking it black, you will definitely fall in love
with it by the time you sip the last drop.

#8 – If
you travel to the north of the Peninsula, then Penang will be one of the places for the best souvenirs. The
Chowrasta Market will be a good place to start, where you can get nutmeg-based products. More than just a
spice, you can get massage oils, ointments and even candy made from nutmeg.

Nutmeg-based products

Another product of Penang that is worth bringing home is Tambun biscuits, or Tau
Sar Pneah
. This delicacy is a mixture of sweet and savoury, and is flaky
and soft at the same time. Traditionally, it is made from wheat flour, sugar,
green bean paste, fried onions, lard and salt. However, there are many
available in the market which are lard-free to cater for the Muslim market.

Pickled fruits are also a must-buy
when one visits Penang. It is a popular souvenir especially among Malaysians. Among
the most well-known is from Pak Ali’s,
best known for its distinct aroma and taste. They claim to use apple cider
vinegar and honey in the pickling process, which sets them apart from the rest.

– Also known as the Food Paradise of Malaysia, especially Indian food, you can always
bring back a mix of your favourite spices
so that you can replicate the dish back home. Head to Little India in George Town, and you’ll be
spilt for choice!

Packed dry spices or ready-cooked pastes to bring home

– If you are into White Coffee, then
by all means, buy a pack or two to bring home. For those who don’t know, the
coffee beans used to produce white coffee are not white. Instead, coffee beans
are roasted with palm oil margarine, ground, brewed and served with
sweetened condensed milk. The drink gets its color from the milk that is

There’s even Durian Coffee!

you are in Kuala Lumpur, or any other major city in Malaysia, the following
suggestions are for you.

– Malaysia batik or songket are also great souvenirs to take home. These
hand-crafted textiles are versatile and can be made into clothing, soft
furnishings and even wall decorations. Malaysian batik differs from others in
the region in terms of design and motif, as well as technique.

Batik and songket

– A fan of durian? You may not be
able to bring back the fruit, but there are a whole multitude of products made
from the King of Fruits available in most supermarkets, and packed safe for
your journey home. There’s durian chocolates, cakes and even coffee!

– Believe it or not, instant noodles!
Seriously. The flavours available out there is UNBELIEVABLE! Even if you might
not buy them, it’ll still be nice to walk into a supermarket and browse the
aisle. You will be amazed at the array of choices you have! Locals enjoy curry
flavor, but there’s also a whole array of flavor combinations that might peak
your curiosity.

BOH tea is one of Cameron
Highland’s product that is worth bringing home, too. BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd is
the largest black tea manufacturer in Malaysia, with both domestic and
international distribution owned by BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd.

Asian drinks. I kid you not! There
are fizzy and non-fizzy versions, in all imaginable flavours and combinations.
From winter melon to passionfruit, pear and ginseng to watermelon and lychee,
feel free to indulge!

– Another one of the things that will sound weird, but go try (and buy!) 100 Plus. 100 Plus is the first thirst-quenching, isotonic beverage to be
launched in Malaysia in 1983. It is caffeine-free, specially formulated to help
restore what the body has lost during physical exertion and rehydrate the body
to its optimal hydration balance. Its unique formula combines fluids,
carbohydrates and electrolytes for quick and efficient absorption of fluids
into the body.

#19 – Pewter goods are also a favourite among tourists. The best
place to get your pewter items are of course from Royal Selangor Pewter,
located in Kuala Lumpur. Royal Selangor International Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian pewter
manufacturer and retailer, the largest of its type in the world.

Adopt and animal! While you cannot
bring the animal home with you, you have at least left a piece of yourself
here, and helped conserve a little bit of Malaysia for our future generations.
A lot of programs are available, and offered, online where you can adopt a
tiger, elephant, turtle, even an orangutan, and receive a certificate and
regular updates on your ‘child’.

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Kuching Tourism Attraction – Irrawaddy Dolphin & Mangrove Swamp Cruise

Kuching Tourism Attraction – Irrawaddy Dolphin Mangrove Swamp Cruise

Written by: Jyotsna Ramani

Kuching is one of my fave cities in South East Asia. Maybe because I got a chance to spend a month there and volunteer at the MonkeeBar. Apart from that, I had the wonderful opportunity to revisit with Sarawak Tourism Board and that’s when I had one of the best tours in Kuching – Irrawaddy dolphin cruise.  This wonderful cruise takes you along swamps and fishing villages, plus if you are lucky, like we were – You get to see cute Irrawaddy dolphins as well.

What to Expect on the Irrawaddy Dolphin Cruise


Sarawak Kuching Dolphin


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Travel to Melaka

Best 10 Malacca Tourist Attractions you should NOT miss

Malacca Tourist Attractions - Jonker Walk

There are plenty of Malacca tourist attractions to visit on your trip and the fact that Melaka is a UNESCO heritage site, every street and corner became an attraction for the visitors. People that have visited Malacca would tell you why it is one of the best places to visit in South East Asia. Whether you want to go for fun, foodie venture, historical tour or natural beauty, Malacca is one of the best tourist destination in Malaysia.

Best 10 Malacca Tourist Attractions

We have compiled list of the best 10 Malacca tourist attractions, which should not be miss. For the activities you can do in Melaka, please checkout top things to do in Melaka.

1. Melaka Wonderland Theme Park

For fun lovers, Melaka Wonderland Theme Park is among the best Malacca tourist attractions. You would find one of the best theme park of Asia in here. It is located in the area of Ayer Keroh. You would not feel any less entertained than any of other theme parks. The clean blue water in the ponds and pools will wash away your worries and you would never regret putting Melaka Wonderland on the top of your list. Slide, twirl, jump and get thrilled in Melaka and be a cheery child again!

Read more about Melaka Wonderland Theme Park

2. The Stadthuys

When back from Malaysia, you will surely like to tell your buddies that you actually visited a seventeenth century building; The Stadthuys in Melaka. It is one of the Malacca tourist attractions for history lovers while not the only one. It is said that it is the oldest structure of Dutch architecture that survived in Melaka. The colonial time structure lives in the shape of gigantic walls, wide windows and heavy doors. The reddish brown, wooden-iron structure is the place to visit if you want to see oldest Malacca buildings.

Among all Malacca tourist attractions, this one should not be missed. The picture of The Stadthuys can be seen in plenty of postcards in Melaka as well.

Read more about Stadthuys Melaka

3. A Famosa Fort

Can’t tell if your picture with A Famosa Fort where a cannon on your right will be most liked or the one with the cannon on your left. But a trip the famous, A Famosa Fort is going to be fun and your buddies will love to comment on your pictures at A Famosa Fort. Reason? The fort got history, sight, location and architecture. It is sixteenth century building that survived only enough to tell you where the fort stood. A Famosa Fort reminds of the Portuguese rule in the country. The only thing the fort misses till today is; A picture with you. A Famosa Fort is also among the recommended heritage places to visit in Melaka.

4. Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

Probably among the first Chinese to enter Malacca, and introduced a culture that will mix with Malay’s to give birth to a unique and celebrated culture of Chinese-Malays or the Baba Nyonya. The Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum is one of the finest depiction of culture of the Chinese Malay people. You would love to see the art, architecture, furniture, style and bridal rooms of the culture that are still saved in the museum.

Read more about Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

5. Melaka Zoo

I love the way my Chinese friend calls it an animal garden. The Malacca Zoo offers same species of animals you would not find anywhere else in the world. There are no two headed dogs or four headed snakes. What makes Melaka Zoo Ayer Keroh specialty is to offer an environment where animal moves freely and yet providing safe environment to the visitors as well. Seriously, I don’t like talking to animals with them behind the bars. Animals are no prisoners! You would love the stalls in the zoo too and will certainly appreciate a guided tour.

A unique feature of the Zoo is the Night Safari, which is also known as Melaka Zoo Night Safari. If you’re looking for some nighttime fun then a visit to the night safari is must. There are plenty of Malacca tourist attractions and Melaka Zoo is always favorite among families.

Read more about Melaka Zoo

6. Bukit Cina

The China Hill in Melaka, also known as Bukit Cina is home to a number of graves of Chinese ancestors in Malaysia. At first sight, you won’t believe that it is a graveyard. The reason is that the graves are spread at an area and the graves are not simply pile of rocks. They hold memorials of the ancestors. There are around 12,500 graves. People jog here since the scenery is good and the area is green and fresh.

Read more about Bukit Cina

7. Malacca Butterfly Reptile Sanctuary

Malacca Butterfly Reptile Sanctuary is a serious endeavor. You will find here the cutest parrots, the most colorful big size butterflies and the haunting thick snakes. The sanctuary also called Taman Rama Rama, offers you view of the best crocodiles in the town! A Must visit if you doubt it and again a must visit Malacca tourist attractions if you believe it.

Read more about Malacca Butterfly Reptile Sanctuary

8. Jonker Walk

If you have been to Malacca before then you probably took a walk in the famous Jonker Street once or twice. You also bought something from the street or ate from one of the local restaurants. The street is so popular among the tourists that the local authorities have made an attraction by the name of Jonker Walk. If you are visiting Malacca then you should experience Jonker Walk in the famous Jonker Street.

The street became live mostly past sunset and that’s the best time to visit this local attraction. There are plenty of stalls on both side of the street selling various stuff. You will find a lot of souvenirs as well and the local food.

Read more about Jonker Walk Melaka

9. Menara Taming Sari

One hundred and ten (110) meters tall tower, the Menara Taming Sari Melaka is a great Malacca tourist attractions for those that love to see how the city looks at a glance. The Tower offers a 360 degree view allowing you to see different places, their locations and distances. Operational since 2008, the tower is visited by most of tourists at night because the city turns into a very mystical place at night as seen from above. If you’re not afraid of heights, this Malacca tourist attraction should be in your to-do list.

Read more about Menara Taming Sari

10. Maritime Museum Melaka

You would find another Melaka attraction a little ahead of the Stadthuys. It is the Maritime Museum that offers you model of ship that does not belong to this century. You have probably seen such ships in movies but here you will come to know that this model is Portuguese and the ship is replica of ship that sank in the coast of Malacca. This model is 34 meters high and 8 meters wide. The Museum preserves the history of Malacca, particularly its maritime history.

Read more about Maritime Museum Melaka

Please let us know what do you think of best 10 Malacca tourist attractions list. Share your experience by adding comments below. If you’re traveling across Malaysia and want to know tourist attractions in other destinations, below are some of the recommended guides:

Photo Credit: Phalinn Ooi

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Outback Steakhouse @ BB Park

August 30, 2012 at 6:15 pm

Hanging out at Outback Steakhouse reminds me of everything good about a best friend. It isn’t pretentious, doesn’t scream for your attention and doesn’t cheat you of your money. Like any other ‘real’ best friend, I’m comfortable and at ease and every meeting is a joyous occasion.

Outback Steakhouse at BB Park, a cozy restaurant that serves great food!

The lovely interior of Outback Steakhouse. The ambience and atmosphere really come together to make it such a delightful place

Perhaps I’m being too whimsical about Outback, but I’m sure Wilson Ng of Places and Foods would agree with me when I say that Outback certainly is a great place to unwind after a long day of work, or in our case, to enjoy ourselves during the weekend. We were lucky enough to be invited to a weekend dinner hosted by Outback Steakhouse South East Asia’s Managing Partner, Mr. Rajiv Bharatiya at Outback Steakhouse, BB Park, as part of the Dining with Moola experience. You can check out what Wilson has to say about his experience at Outback Steakhouse right here.

Mr Rajiv Bharatiya, Managing Partner of Outback Steakhouse South East Asia along with the bloggers of Dining with Moola experience

Now, about Outback Steakhouse. It is located at BB Park, right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur’s retail district, Bukit Bintang. The soothing ambience, especially within the cozy restaurant, helps to invoke a friendly and calm atmosphere, when combined with great food, makes for an outstanding evening. Throw in great company in the form of two bloggers with their wives and a warm host, you’ve got yourself an unforgettable occasion.

Alice Springs Chicken Quesadilla – amazingly tasty

Our evening started with an introduction to some of Outback Steakhouse’s lovely appetisers – Alice Springs Chicken Quesadilla, Crispy Chicken Salad and Crispy Fried Mushrooms. The Alice Springs Chicken Quesadilla is a succulent combination of chicken breast, sautéed mushrooms, beef bacon, melted cheeses stuffed in a grilled flour tortilla. This delightful treat is served with honey mustard sauce. It really does its job as an appetiser as it’s simply so good. The Crispy Chicken Salad’s generous portioning makes it a main course for those who love watching their weight. Fried chicken fingers served over mixed lettuce, with tomatoes, cheese, beef bacon, diced egg, and croutons make this salad a dish that can actually be shared. Best of all, you get to select your own sauce to go with the salad.

Crispy Chicken Salad comes with Outback’s homemade dressing of your choice

We were pampered for choice that evening, having three lovely sauces to choose from – Ranch, Blue Cheese and Thousand Island. Every dressing is custom made by Outback Steakhouse and checked daily for consistency and quality. Each dressing was fantastic, offering pleasant surprises to my sauce weary tastebuds. I loved the blue cheese best, but later developed a liking for the thousand island, which has a slightly spicy tinge to it.

Which suits your tastes? Blue Cheese, Ranch and Thousand Island are just some of the dressings you can choose from

The simplest, yet most elegant appetiser that evening for me was the Crispy Fried Mushrooms. Lightly breaded and then fried till golden brown, these mushrooms taste heavenly with the special spicy ranch dressing that comes with it. It’s no wonder why it’s a favourite among Outback’s regulars.

Simple things done best – Crispy Fried Mushrooms with special spicy ranch dressing

But of course, what’s a restaurant without its main courses? And for a steakhouse, that means steak. Outback Steakhouse does not disappoint in that category, serving up four cuts of steak – the Outback Special, New York Strip, Victoria’s Filet, and Ribeye. All steaks come with two freshly made sides, and yes, you decide how well you want your steaks done. Outback also offers combination dishes that incorporate its great meats in them, such as the Toowomba Topped Filet, which we had the chance to sample. Sauteed shrimp and button mushrooms are tossed in a tomato cream sauce and served over a seasoned and seared filet. The result? Very happy diners!

The Toowomba Topped Filet – a unique combination dish offering some of the best of Outback

For those who aren’t that into steaks, worry not, as Outback also has an extensive range of chicken, fish and lamb dishes. Not only that, the restaurant offers pasta as well. Before you wonder what’s pasta doing in a steakhouse, let me assure you that the Seafood Pasta we tried is not there just to round up the menu, it is a dish worth noting. Shrimp, calamari and fish fillet with fettuccine tossed in Outback’s homemade marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese make it a satisfying meal.

Burger? Nope, it’s a Bloomin’ Steak Sandwich. and yes, it is *technically* a burger

And like any self-respecting steakhouse, Outback Steakhouse serves a mean burger! It’s got a mouthful of a name, but then again, it’s a heck of a mouthful of burger too. Meet the Bloomin’ Steak Sandwich – tender strips of sirloin, sautéed with balsamic glazed onions, melted cheese, tomato and finished off with Outback’s signature Typhoon Bloom petals. And it’s served with tomato mayonnaise and Aussie fries.

Look out! It’s the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under!

After a delightful and filling meal, we ended our evening with smiles and dessert. Deciding to share, we tucked into Outback’s popular Chocolate Thunder from Down Under. Built solidly with a fresh-baked pecan brownie as a base, it is topped with an amazingly generous scoop of rich vanilla ice cream, which is then covered with classic warm chocolate sauce AND another scoop of fresh whipped cream. This dessert is topped with chocolate shavings, ours came topped off with a decadently rich chocolate spire!

Great food, Good atmosphere – Outback Steakhouse

So if you are EVER in Bukit Bintang and just feel in need for some great food in a great place, head on to Outback Steakhouse for an unforgettable evening! And yes, they do serve some of the coolest cocktails in town!

This Dining With Moola experience is courtesy of Moola, currently the best-kept secret in town. Be elevated to a totally new and exciting lifestyle when you discover Moola!

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Malacca Strait Bridge Design Ready

The bridge will accommodate ship traffic by elevating its height to 76 meters.
Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011, 13:39 WIB
Hadi Suprapto
(Strait of Malacca Partners Sdn Bhd)

VIVAnews – The Riau Administration in Sumatra teams up with Malaysia to build a bridge over the Malacca Strait to Malaysia.

In the proposal submitted by a Malaysian investor, Strait Of Malacca Partners Sdn Bhd, the Malacca Strait Bridge is planned to span at 48.69 kilometers. However, due to the lack of infrastructures in Rupat Island, from which spot the bridge will be constructed, 71.2 km of new road and a new secondary bridge will be erected in Dumai, Sumatra land.

The Malacca Strait is known as the busiest commercial shipping lane in South-east Asia. Huge ships bearing thousands of tonnes of weight used to passing through the waters. For this case, the bridge will accommodate ship traffic by elevating its height to 76 meters.

As an alternative, the bridge will be combined with tunnels, which, unfortunately, can only be used by trains.

Given the bridge-tunnel combination, the construction would be started in Rupat Island

Although under-sea tunnel is possible, the briddge would allow two gateways installed at certain posts through which ships would able to move onward.
• VIVAnews