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Top 10 Perth city experiences

So you’re in Perth, Australia and you’ve only figured out that this vibrant, enterprising city has copiousness to offer. But you’re wondering where to start.

Well, consternation no longer; here is a list of a tip 10 city experiences:

1) Discover desirable dark laneway-bars, and eat, splash and explore!
There’s a preference for all tastes as new watering holes continue to open around a city, any with a singular offering. Join a hip crowds in bars down Howard Lane, Wolfe Lane and Queen Street.

Perth - Kings Park Festival

Kings Park Festival. © Christian Sprogoe Photography

2) Spend a idle afternoon in Kings Park Botanic Garden.
Stretch your legs and travel from a city or bound on a city-sites tram. One of a largest middle city parks in a world, a views from Kings Park over-looking a Swan River and city skyline are superb. Pack a picnic, see a film during a open atmosphere cinema during summer, or marvel during a colour of internal wildflowers as they freshness in a spring. (For more:

3) Be entertained by a full choice of music, sport, food, entertainment and informative events.
Check out a Hyundai Hopman Cup (January), Perth International Arts Festival (February), Sculpture by a Sea (March), Perth Fashion Festival (September), or Perth International (October) and many some-more via a year. (For more:

4) Check-out Perth’s middle city precincts.
Easily permitted from a city, a high streets of Leederville, Mount Lawley, Subiaco, Mount Hawthorn, South Perth, and Victoria Park all benefaction their possess singular essence of restaurants, bars, and boutique shopping.

5) Visit a World’s oldest bullion mint.
The Perth Mint is still handling from a strange premises and is home to a World’s biggest collection of investment bullion bars and Australia’s largest bullion gob collection. (For more:

6) Indulge in a informative feast during Perth’s Cultural Centre, home to a Art Gallery of WA (, a WA Museum (, State Library, a Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts ( and a State Theatre (
This heart in Northbridge is a ideal place to spend a day awakening your informative senses. All venues are only a bullion silver concession and exhibitions change frequently.

7) Take a scenic moody for a birds-eye-view of a city
A perspective from above will make we realize only how fantastic Perth’s surrounds, including a Swan River and white seashore is.

Cappuccino Strip

Mix with a locals on a ‘cappuccino-strip’ (South Terrace) in Fremantle.

8) Take a day trip.
There are copiousness of destinations within easy strech of Perth city centre – ideal for day-tripping or spending a night. Take a packet to Rottnest Island; tease your tastebuds in a Swan Valley booze region; suffer a ancestral sights of York; try a strand city of Mandurah; or brew with a locals on a ‘cappuccino-strip’ (South Terrace) in Fremantle.

9) Shop internal and general engineer labels.
Fashionistas group to King Street to pick-up a latest engineer looks or smart suburban precincts, while on William Street in Northbridge it’s all about selected finds.

10) Sail down a Swan.
Named after a black Swans that call it home, a Swan River is truly a heart of Perth, and meets a Indian Ocean only a few kilometres west. A packet from Barrack Street Jetty is one of a best ways to suffer a Swan River as good as see some of Perth’s best genuine estate.

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The good life


Pristine Perth

Animal lovers get to hand-feed red kangaroos during a Caversham Wildlife Park in Swan Valley, Perth

No default of fun in Perth

Pinnacles Dessert

Extraordinary informal practice divided from Perth

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No default of fun in Perth

Perth is tighten adequate to home for a occasional tourist, and nonetheless it packs a different operation of experiences.

IN front of me was a image of delicious poached eggs on toasted ciabatta, with frail bacon, chipolata sausages, grilled tomato and a portion of crush browns on a side. In a distance, seagulls squawked and a H2O lapped a seaside in a resting way.

Framed by transparent blue skies, a Boatshed Restaurant boasts a breathtaking 180° perspective of a city of Perth, Western Australia (WA). This eatery in South Perth is set on a bank of a Swan River, that is named after a black swans of a area.

While a swans were nowhere in sight, we did see a span of bizarre seabirds, locally referred to as “shags”, that stood akimbo in a bid to air-dry their wings. Springtime in a collateral of WA is cooling and serene.

As a holiday destination, Perth is nowhere nearby as renouned as a likes of Melbourne, a Gold Coast or Sydney, though it has a possess charms.

Animal lovers get to hand-feed red kangaroos during a Caversham Wildlife Park in Swan Valley, Perth

I initial became proficient with a city 8 years ago when we spent roughly a year there to finish my grade during Murdoch University. Coming behind as a tourist, we realised that a place had so many some-more to offer than it had been credited for.

Apart from requisite visits to a royal London Court on Hay Street, Fremantle Markets and Kings Park, we also took a event to go on my initial outing to WA’s eminent booze and food region, Margaret River.

Located 3 hours from a city, a halcyon city is permitted around automobile rentals or by a TransWa sight ( The scenic debate took me past still towns and farmland. En route, we was propitious adequate to have speckled a downy alpaca among a sheep. Resembling tiny llamas, alpacas are bred for a twine they furnish though have also recently begun to take on a startling purpose of “sheep group guardians” – there have been instances of masculine alpacas fending off mixed predator attacks.

I also came opposite signs to Busselton and forsaken in for a demeanour during a 1.8km-long Busselton Jetty, a longest timber-piled jetty in a Southern Hemisphere. For A$29.50 (RM92), we can bound on a red jetty sight for a float down a length of a wharf to a Underwater Observatory. Here, we get to deplane 8m to a sea building for a demeanour during a timberland of stately synthetic reefs, home to over 300 sea species.

The train, however, might not work on certain days when clever breeze and sleet is expected.

A feeling experience

In a heart of Margaret River lies Cowaramup, that locals impute to as “Cowtown”. While a name unequivocally means “place of a Cowara bird” in a Aboriginal language, a peaceful encampment is some-more cow-themed than not.

It even comes finish with an comical “golden cow on a stick” statue.

The Australis Margaret River Hotel valid to be a gentle two-night stay with a atmospheric chalet-like bedrooms unaware sensuous bushland. After checking in, we was taken on a laidback foodie’s booze tour, organized by Harvest Tours.

The initial stop was during Yahava KoffeeWorks, for a feeling coffee-tasting knowledge during a tasting bench, covering singular origins, all-day blends, and a abounding and bold. Yahava, conspicuous “Ja-ha-va”, offers fresh, roast-to-order coffee and a preference of souvenirs for java addicts.

Next adult was Settlers Ridge, where we detected a preference of wines that claimed to revoke headaches, hangovers and allergic reactions. Really? The winery’s 100% organically approved concoctions are pronounced to be ideal for health-conscious booze lovers and are indeed asthma- and allergy-friendly (as permitted by a WA Asthma Foundation).

The Settlers Ridge tagline promises, “All of a pleasure … nothing of a pain.”

The prices, too, won’t bake a hole in your slot – a bottle of 2011 Chenin Sauvignon Blanc starts during A$18.50 (RM58).

Following this was a stop during Margaret River Providore, voted one of Australia’s Top 100 Gourmet Experiences by a Australian Traveller Magazine. From Aromatic Seafood Risotto to Onion and Thyme Marmalade and Fresh Strawberry Jam, this rammed-earth emporium and tasting centre offers a far-reaching operation of homemade jams, preserves and sauces, many of that are accessible for tasting.

All of a mixture come uninformed from a organic olive grove, orchard and unfeeling gardens out back. we couldn’t conflict shopping a jar of sour Roasted Tomato Mustard, decadently infused with crunchy mustard seeds for A$14.95 (RM47).

A staffer operative during a Margaret River Providore orchard and unfeeling gardens

I was given a delicious sampling of a day’s menu, comprising Chilli and Lemon Olives, Beetroot and Orange Relish with Marinated Feta, Dukkah with Garlic-infused Olive Oil, Classic Lamb Curry, Pepper Steak-seasoned Potato Bites and a cut of Chocolate Cake with Blood Orange-infused Olive Oil.

More wine-tasting followed during a Woody Nook Wines, before lunch was served during a winery’s country Nookery Café. The cosy atmosphere it exudes gives one a feeling of dining during home divided from home. Its heady preference of mains, from pasta and beef to freshly-caught seafood, are pristine comfort food but being too heavy.

Before a channel came to an end, Harvest Tours done one final stop: a Silk Road Silk Worm farm.

Here, we are authorised to see and hold live silkworms in several stages of growth. The plantation grows mulberry trees and cultivates silkworms (which break on mulberry leaves) to furnish home-grown Australian silk. The silk cocoons are, however, sent to Cambodia for a final routine of branch a tender part into blurb silk products.

According to a accessible beam Jamie Batrick-Nolan, hopping on a foodie’s booze debate of Margaret River is always some-more advisable than pushing around on your possess since afterwards we wouldn’t be means to indulge. It’s opposite a law for drivers to have some-more than dual eyeglasses of wine.

What’s more, a whole tour, thorough of lunch, is labelled during A$125 (RM392), that is good value for money.

If we have an additional A$45 (RM141) to spare, I’d contend we should top your dusk with a Sunset Kangaroo Safari Tour guided by Neil McLeod, who drives a meant 1962 4WD Bedford lorry to take we upclose and personal with a western grey kangaroo.

After going on a photo-clicking frenzy, McLeod’s guest get to suffer a prohibited crater of “billy” tea or coffee, and home-baked orange cake by McLeod’s wife, Coralie, during a balmy Dudley Creek in a family-owned land.

Ups and downs

Back in Perth, we was roped into going on a full-day Pinnacles, Koalas and Sand Boarding 4WD journey debate organized by Pinnacle Tours.

The 12-hour debate was a overpowering one, commencement with a rushed revisit to a Caversham Wildlife Park in Swan Valley. The busload of about 30 tourists were usually given 25 mins here, that was hardly adequate time for everybody to have a spin during petting a koalas, hand-feeding a red kangaroos and grabbing a image with a cuddly wombat.

Thankfully, lunch, during a Lobster Shack in a lobster fishing city of Cervantes, some-more than done adult for it. Their lip-smacking plate of sizzling prohibited Western Rock Lobster and Fries is rarely recommended.

After this stop, we were off to a famed Pinnacles Desert to see a age-old limestone formations housed within a Nambung National Park. While many pronounce excitedly of a Pinnacles in their visits to Perth, we wouldn’t call it a star of a tour. Lancelin, where we could sandboard, tops it.

As it were, we were confronted by immeasurable silt dunes that seemed to come out of nowhere – that was when a sight that we’d been travelling in began to showcase a 4WD abilities, holding us on a stirring roller-coaster float by a mounds of fine, white sand.

When we pulled to a stop, everybody was given a possibility to try sandboarding, that is radically like snowboarding, solely on sand.

It was an knowledge to spy – adults smothered in silt and giggling like schoolchildren as they struggled adult high silt dunes to have another go.

I remember feeling an strenuous clarity of recover as my house sped down a hill.

If you’re not peaceful to flare out A$215 (RM674) for a full-day tour, we can always cruise pushing on we possess to Lancelin, that is only 90 mins divided from Perth.

While any Malaysian would cruise Perth a good place to investigate at, a city is an even larger place for a holiday.

Moreover, it shares a same time section as Kuala Lumpur and is reduction than 6 hours divided by flight. To adult your comfort levels while drifting there, we could opt for AirAsia X’s Premium Flatbed seats – a ample seats, priority comforts and business class-like use will have we entrance behind for more. – Lee Mei Li

The writer’s outing was sponsored by AirAsia X and Tourism Western Australia. AirAsia X flies 9 times weekly from Kuala Lumpur to Perth, Australia.

Map: Perth


The good life


Pristine Perth

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