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Nyonya Treats Restaurant at Taman Perling, Johor Bahru.

Nyonya Treats Restaurant (N1.48338 E103.68017) is located along Jalan Simbang of Taman Perling, diagonally opposite the Pizza Hut of Tmn Perling. It’s about 15KM from Causeway and 25KM from Second Link.

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The restaurant has a nice decor and cozy ambience, but limited seating area. It’s advise to make a reservation if you going to dine in during weekend evening.

While we stepped into the restaurant just like a time portal, the retro design with the touch of Peranakan atmosphere is a reminiscent of those golden days. The restaurant is fully air-conditioned and is a good place for family dining and friends gathering.

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We (total of 3 families) visited the restaurant on one of the Saturday evening and let me share with you the delicious foods we had in the restaurant. We ordered three types of fish, three types of veggie and others.

1)  Nyonya Assam Fish
2)  Nyonya Fish Head Curry
3)  Deep Fried Slice of Fish with ginger and garlic
4)  Nyonya Chap Chai (Mixed vegetables)
5)  Sambal Petai (bitter or stink bean)
6)  Stir Fried Long Bean with Prawns
7)  Cincalok Omelette
8)  Chicken Pongteh

The above dishes were catered for 6 adults and 3 children.

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The Nyonya Assam fish taste sour and spicy, and the sourish and spicy level were balanced and satisfied. The portion was just nice and not over served.

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As usual, the fish head curry served with piping hot and delicious! The flesh was flavorful and pleasingly firm, curry was rich really goes well with the plain rice, you shouldn’t miss this if you are a curry lover.

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This was the dish specially for the children. The slice of deep fried fish served with dried ginger, garlic and bean paste. It was sweet with fragrance of the bean paste gravy. The children were happily enjoyed the fish till empty.

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The Nyonya chap chai is one of the must order dish for every Nyonya restaurant we visit, the reason is because the dish is the Nyonya authentic homecook dish. The chap chai was well prepared and the taste was just perfect, but the portion was rather small…

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The petai was fresh and the special made sambal went well with it. The sambal had a balanced sweet and spicy taste that made us can’t stop enjoying it.

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This dish is not really a Nyonya dish, it’s available easily at most of the Chinese restaurant within Malaysia. The long bean was not overly fried, provided some crunchy bites and the prawns were fresh!

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This is another dish we will order while visiting a Nyonya restaurant. The Cincalok omelette was served with nice fragrance and taste just nice, not salty at all. The children had it happily.

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The Ayam Pongteh is an authentic dish from Baba Nyonya, we won’t miss to enjoy this meal on every Nyonya restaurant we visited within Malaysia. And in Nyonya Treats Restaurant, the chicken was well prepared and cooked to perfection. The meats were tender and easily drop from bone while you bite on it. The dish is cook with bean paste and potatoes, it had the strong taste of the sweet bean paste in the chicken…

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Nyonya Treats Restaurant serve varieties of Nyonya foods, and the above dishes we tried were satisfied. Beside, the prices also reasonable. The total bill for the savory dishes we had was around RM180.00 included drinks (for 6 adults and 3 children).

It is a another good restaurant to having a nice Nyonya food within Johor Bahru area, we having our dinner there after the children’s fun from the Legoland. It’s another good choice for those who want to dine in after the whole day activities at the Theme Park.

Do drop by the restaurant if you happen to be around at Taman Perling, and I believe you will like it even you are not the fan of Nyonya food. 🙂