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New array of dishes and desserts from Moshi Moshi Dessert and Tea Cafe during Taman Mount Austin

Do we like desserts?
Moshi Moshi Desserts and Tea Cafe during Taman Mount Austin had launched their new array of desserts and some snacks on Dec 2013! We visited a cafeteria not too prolonged ago, and subsequent are some of a new array available…

Before a desserts and snacks, let me brief some information of Moshi Moshi Dessert and Tea Cafe…Moshi Moshi is offered their 100% internal handmade ice cream and sorbet (they schooled a ability from Taiwan) and offer with ‘Natural, Fresh’ mixture with NO preservatives, and their drinks is make from uninformed fruits, not from ‘powders‘ that simply accessible in other cafe. Majority of their mixture are alien from Taiwan and they make a sorbet and ice cream locally.

The initial dessert was Coffee Ice Cream + Guava Bum Bum Ice (????? + ??????)

 print IMG_2321_zps444b5cc2.jpg

The dessert served with 2 season of ice cream that was coffee and guava, corn flakes and some uninformed fruits. The coffee season was abounding and nice, we adore a ‘aroma’ unequivocally much! If we are coffee lover, we trust we will adore it too! The guava season ice cream was fresh, perfumed and original. It’s advise to take a side plate (fruits and flakes) together while enjoying a handmade ice cream.

 print IMG_2322_zps0c1036e1.jpg

The dessert above offer in 4 forms of combinations.

The Sesame Q-Rice Ball (?????) was a second astounded for us. The rice round was boiled in sesame seed and gluey rice with a perfumed Gula Melaka (palm sugar) filling. The outdoor skin was crispy and soothing inside. It’s advise to ambience a rice round with a peanuts topping, a initial punch was unforgettable!
There are 3 forms of rice round accessible from a menu.

 print IMG_2326_zps8fdf6fd9.jpg

Peanut Mochi Cake (???????)
This was one of a Classic array of a Mochi Cake, commanding with peanuts butter and a brick of butter + honey.

 print IMG_2334_zpsa7846fd3.jpg

The Mochi cake is waffle look-a-like, though it was not a waffle. It done from a gummy rice, baked to perfection. Crispy outward and unequivocally chewy when we punch on it! It was a totally new experience! The plate can unequivocally fill adult your dull stomach even it doesn’t offer in large portion.

 print IMG_2340_zpsa53a04be.jpg

The Classic array of Mochi cake offer in 4 opposite types…Chocolate, French, Strawberry and Peanut.
The Mochi cake also offer with ice cream, a subsequent plate was Chocolate Ice Cream with Cheese Koshi Cake (????????????).

 print IMG_2345_zps4d180d42.jpg

 print IMG_2346_zps2306222e.jpg

 print IMG_2354_zps268d1b37.jpg

 print IMG_2348_zps2f749829.jpg

The chocolate ice cream was not sweet, it ambience like dim chocolate…slight bitter. Cheese partner will adore this light dish since of a good aroma of a cheese that baked with a Koshi cake. The whole multiple was usually perfect!

Beside a array above, Moshi Moshi also yield a Special Baked Series ???????? for a Kochi cake.
One of a renouned Special Baked Series is a Smoked Chicken Koshi Cake (??????.

 print IMG_2342_zpsc809e6f5.jpg

 print IMG_2350_zpse0dab674.jpg

I like this fume duck baked koshi cake! It’s tough to report in difference about a taste, it took a small strength for nipping it and a fume duck was a good multiple for a cake. Love it!

After we filled adult a ‘tank’, a final dessert was served on a table…Coconut Ice Cream Parfait (?????????)  It was one of a dessert from a Parfait series…

 print IMG_2369_zpsc3e17776.jpg

 print IMG_2366_zps52ad18ab.jpg

This parfait ice cream was served with uninformed coconut where we feel a coconut within, they churned a immature and aged coconut with some home recipe to yield this NICE parfait ice cream. It can unequivocally cold down a heat during a prohibited balmy day…please take note a covering of a dessert, there were cornflakes and cut uninformed fruits in between. One of a good snack we had!

Prices for a above desserts and snacks is between RM6.90 – RM15.90

Do revisit a Moshi Moshi Cafe not usually on a prohibited continue day, it’s also a good hangout place in evening. It’s good to suffer some good dessert after your wealthy dinner. The cafeteria know a marketplace direct about a after dish dessert culture, so Ms Elaine (one of a partner) pronounced their handling hour is until 12am everyday…Yes! It’s everyday!

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Moshi Moshi Dessert Tea Cafe during Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru.

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Tourism Malaysia

Moshi Moshi Dessert & Tea Cafe during Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru.

Moshi Moshi Dessert and Tea Cafe (N1.55175 E103.78514) is located during along Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19, Taman Mount Austin – Johor Bahru. The plcae is circuitously a obvious Overtime Pub Bistro and subsequent to a Electrical Appliances shop.
The name of Moshi Moshi is meant accessible and comfortable to their business and we like a pattern of a Dandelion in between a word “Moshi Moshi”.

 print IMG_8934_zpse13126f7.jpg

This cafeteria was founded by 4 persons (which is 2 couples) who went to Taiwan and detected a Special recipe of a sorbet (??) and ice cream, therefore they motionless to move it behind and share with a internal peoples in Johor Bahru.

 print Tile1_zpsa85f7370.jpg

The Cafe is good flashy and colourful, beside that…it creates us felt comfort and relax…

 print IMG_8900_zps666c7404.jpg

 print IMG_8898_zps86874826.jpg

 print IMG_8928_zps398dd3ba.jpg

Ms Elaine Tham (one of a partner) was patiently explained all about their desserts and drinks to us. She emphasized that a dessert and drinks in a cafeteria are offer with ‘Natural, Fresh’ mixture with NO preservatives, and their drinks is make from uninformed fruits, not from ‘powders’ that simply accessible in other cafe. Majority of their mixture are alien from Taiwan and they make a sorbet and ice cream locally.

From this indicate of view, we can explain this is a Johor Bahru Local Dessert and Tea! They are also a ‘First’ cafeteria portion these handmade ice cream and sorbet within Johor Bahru. Proud for them!

 print IMG_8937_zps1e6d2ef0.jpg

 print IMG_8936_zps9346742f.jpg

First we attempted out their Sorbets….

The Handmade Macha Sorbet (??) with Black Sesame (???) Ice Cream commanding with some ingredients. (it’s indeed named ‘Matcha’ online)
The sorbet was during a bottom covering of a cup…

 print IMG_8909_zpsfe857ffc.jpg

 print IMG_8910_zps25aa3c62.jpg

Basically a toppings are roughly a same for many of their sorbet. They are Red Beans, Chewy Black Pearls and Grass Jelly.

 print IMG_8912_zpsc212a0ce.jpg

 print IMG_8914_zpsc3a69e17.jpg

I like a Unique ambience of a Black Sesame Ice Cream and a Matcha Sorbet really much! Fresh!

2nd was a Handmade Red Bean (??) Ice Cream and Coconut (??) Sorbet. This dessert became my 2nd Favorite instantly! Impressed a ambience of a Red Bean Ice Cream and Coconut Sorbet!

 print IMG_8906_zpsd11b4979.jpg

3rd, The Handmade Milk Sorbet and Peanut (??) Ice Cream served with 2 Fresh Yam Balls and commanding as usual.

 print IMG_8915_zpsb676202b.jpg

The ambience of a Peanut Ice Cream was unforgettable and a Yam Balls were Fresh and Smooth! The divert sorbet was avergae…

4th, The Handmade Mango (??) Ice Cream and Sorbet with mango cubes, Aiyu Jelly (???) and ‘white’ pearls.

 print IMG_8927_zps30abc40a.jpg

Nice presentation!

 print IMG_8926_zpsb7f95006.jpg

I theory this will be a Favorite for a ladies!
The mango season was good in a ice cream and sorbet, altogether it was sweet. 🙂

All a Sorbets above have a elementary instruction to suffer it, and a instruction is sticked on each table…
Eat it individually, it give we disproportion flavor. Once we brew it all together in one, it yield a improved season and experience! (this is my version! haha!)

 print IMG_8895_zps960b0047.jpg

Now let’s have some drinks…

1st, a Lemon Aiyu 2Q (?????Q). It was a uninformed lemon tea served with Aiyu Jelly, it was good and not too sweet!

 print IMG_8921_zps074b2eab.jpg

2nd, Mango Green Tea Milk Cup (?????) with Matcha powders (???).
We had Double of this drink, one for us and one for a kids…

 print IMG_8919_zps51538c1c.jpg

 print IMG_8920_zps65c05c94.jpg

3rd, Fresh Tomato Ice Blended (?????).
It’s ice blended with baby tomatoes, This Is Refreshing and Nice! we would strongly recommend this splash if we revisit a cafe!  
Or even we only pass by a cafeteria in a prohibited day, we can only container it and take away! No Regret!

 print IMG_8902_zps9ee992da.jpg

All a drinks have a plaque behind with a 4 founders slogans.

 print IMG_8903_zps07762cd3.jpg

Overall, good and good!
Personally, we like a Black sesame ice cream, Matcha sorbet, Rea Bean ice cream, Peanut ice cream. They were only Unique and Special! As for a drinks, we like a Fresh Tomato Ice Blended a most! It’s A Must for me!
Price RM3.90 – RM8.90.

Do dump by a Moshi Moshi Dessert and Tea Cafe generally on a Hot balmy day, it’s good to bring down your temperature!

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