Rate this post January 31, 2012 during 12:00 pm ‘Parah‘ tells a story of 4 Form 5 students who are study in Kuala Lumpur. Melur, Hafiz, Mahesh and Kahoe are a best of friends notwithstanding entrance from opposite races. They positively adore unresolved out together and can mostly be found during Melur’s house, possibly study […]

At A Plank Bridge

Rate this post January 17, 2012 during 12:00 pm We have mostly listened a grandparents speak about their knowledge during a World War II in Malaysia – how a Japanese ruled a nation with an iron fist, a cruelties and a oppressive times that they faced during that time and how grateful they are to […]

Birdian Quartet and Sax Friends

Rate this post January 14, 2012 during 2:00 pm When one thinks of saxophone music, one of a initial things that comes to mind is Kenny G. For years, Kenny G has entertained us with many of his splendidly relaxing and interesting well-spoken saxophone pieces. Though saxophone song might not be really most in character […]

Tamilselvi Doesn’t Speak Tamil

Rate this post January 13, 2012 during 3:00 pm Ada udang, ada garam Banyak orang, banyak ragam The Malay motto above fundamentally means that in this charming world, there are many forms of people with many forms of behaviour. There are those who feel unapproachable of their mom tongue and will not demur to promulgate […]

Monster Series II: duoduo, a small monster

Rate this post January 11, 2012 during 5:30 pm ‘Monster Series II: duoduo, a small monster‘ is a story about a child named Dong Dong. Being a usually child, Dong Dong became a centre of courtesy for his relatives and as a result, he became a spoilt child. All he indispensable to do to get […]