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For many countries, places of worship are part of their tourist attractions. Part of the reasons people travel to other country is because they want to learn and understand other people’s culture and way of life. For example, when we go to Turkey, it will not be complete if we didn’t visit its mosques because many of the beautiful Mosques there are the symbol of the great Ottoman Empire.


Malaysia also have a huge list of Mosques that are architectural wonder but for now I am going to focus on one mosque that is rated among the top five most visited tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur.


By Any Other Name

The mosque is called Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan but it is also known as Mosque in the Garden. Its location within a well-manicured garden and surrounded by a moat, makes it a sight of behold The mosque is also dubbed Jewel of Kuala Lumpur because its many domes are like turquoise gemstones amidst the lush greeneries surrounding it. Among the locals, the name of the mosque is shortened to Masjid Wilayah.


Architecture Wonder

Masjid Wilayah is one of Malaysia’s largest and most modern of mosques. Visiting Masjid Wilayah will make you feel as if you are travelling into the best parts of the world and exploring the beauty of their artworks. This is because various designs, patterns and colours that had been adopted as the primary adornments of the mosque are from Turkey, India, Iran, Morocco and Malaysia


Masjid Wilayah managed to blend the exquisite and refined beauty of art and architecture with pragmatic sophisticated modern technology, making it one of the most photographed mosques in Kuala Lumpur.


The arch is decorated with woodcarving arts from Kelantan and Terengganu. The three beautiful carved wooden doors are based on floral motifs. If you look closely, you will see that the flower used in the motifs was lotus, a flower that shrinks in the morning and gradually opens during the day.


When you take a stroll at the courtyard, you will notice that the verandahs are influenced by Moroccan architecture.


The prayer hall, which can house 17,000 people at a time, has significant Islamic designs and features. The mehrab (a semi-circular wall that indicates the direction of Mecca or qibla) has inlays of semi-precious stones embedded into carved marble. It was skillfully crafted by the descendants of artisans who built the Taj Mahal.

Inspired by the Sultan Ahmet Mosque in Istanbul and the Masjid Imam of Isfahan; the turquoise-glazed tiles which cover all 22 domes will definitely mesmerise the visitors of the mosque. The overall design, when viewed from below, has a very humbling effect.

Masjid Wilayah also come equipped with seminar rooms, a library, a banquet hall, a multipurpose hall, wedding hall, accommodation for students, as well as guest rooms.

There is a Tourist Information Centre located within the Mosque Complex named after the Islamic World’s most prolific traveler, Ibnu Batuttah, that caters to both local and international visitors.

There are five major entrances as named Anjung A, B, C, D and E, which is similar to the layout of the Blue Mosque, Istanbul. Multiple entrances and directional signage is all to ensure maximum accessibility and convenience to congregants and visitors.

Mosque Tour Programme Masjid Wilayah

Many visitors to Masjid Wilayah have given testimonies that they have entered the mosque with curiosity and left enlightened. This is because the dedicated volunteers treat them just like friends. The volunteers share not only about the beautiful architectural designs of the mosque but also the Islamic beliefs and culture. It is a knowledge-based tour, which can ignite your intellect, and it is free of charge. I must warn you though that even if your original plan to tour the mosque is about 10 minutes, you might find yourself staying for two hours or more.

For those volunteers, taking the visitors on the tour is like an act of worship, thus, they gave nothing but the best as it is a service to God himself. At the moment, Masjid Wilayah has volunteers who can do tours in French, Japanese, Tamil, Mandarin, English and Malay.


Masjid Wilayah is not in the routine tourist routes and there is hardly any public transport facilities to go there. So, we have to find a way to visit this special mosque. As such, special arrangement has to be made by the visitors to visit the mosque. Nothing worth having comes easy, anyway, eh!

Contact Details

Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan
Jalan Khidmat Usaha, Kompleks Kerajaan,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Tel:+603 6201 8791 / 8767 / 8780
Fax:+603 6201 8790 / +603 6201 8779

Photo by: Fahrul Azmi @fahrulazmi

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Tourism Malaysia

Christmas Menu 2104 from Menu Please Bistro, Taman Maju Jaya, Johor Bahru

Christmas is around a corner, have we motionless where to have your Christmas dinner?

Menu Please Bistro during Taman Maju Jaya is compelling a Christmas plate package for a “dinner on X’mas Eve cooking and lunch, cooking on a Christmas Day” on subsequent week.
We were advantageous to have a initial try on a Christmas package, and let me uncover what is all about…

The package is enclosed a starter, categorical course, dessert and their special recipe of several form of cold drinks.

Starter – Duo appetizers
Smoke turkey frittata and mini fungus soup
–  Frittata is an egg-based Italian plate enriched with additional reduction such as meats, cheese or vegetables.

Main march (choice of one)
Fish (RM78)
–  Pan parched salmon serves with pumpkin cream salsa and haricot vert

Duck (RM78)
–  Duck leg confit serves with delayed baked orange and crush potato

Lamb (RM88)
–  Australian lamb serves with healthy lamb jus and butter glitter chestnut

–  Popular coffee flavored Italian cake

–  Double berries soda
–  Mango vanilla soda
–  Vanilla orange soda

–  Chamomile tea
–  Pepper packet tea
–  Jasmine immature tea

In Chinese
Menu Please Bistro ???? ( 24/12/15 – 25/12/15)


?? – ????????
?? – ????????????
?? – ???????????

?? – ??????????Tiramisù??????Tiramesù????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

?? – ???? ? ???? ? ????
?? – ???? ? ???? ? ????

?????????????? 07-3360748
+60167388963 ( what’s app )

Smoke turkey frittata and mini fungus soup

 print IMG_4276_zpsb7d5e471.jpg

 print IMG_4272_zpsa8d157b1.jpg

 print IMG_4273_zps164d7d95.jpg

 print IMG_4274_zpsde0fed74.jpg

Very special and singular appetiser we ever have in Johor Bahru. The frittata ambience with a few multiple of eggs, steep bacon, veggie and cheese. It formidable to report a tastiness until we try it yourself.

Pan parched salmon serves with pumpkin cream salsa and haricot vert

 print IMG_4287_zps6ec8b4a0.jpg

 print IMG_4282_zps1d9ffd51.jpg

 print IMG_4284_zps9d185606.jpg

The salmon was baked to perfection, a multiple of a cream salsa was great!

Duck leg confit serves with delayed baked orange and crush potato

 print IMG_4278_zps96788347.jpg

 print IMG_4280_zps6a12e9d8.jpg

 print IMG_4281_zps357c7687.jpg

The steep leg confit was proposal and yummy, a beef forsaken off a bone easily, delicious!
We all like this special plate served by Menu Please Bistro and it’s tough to find a same plate else where around Johor Bahru for a moment.

Australian lamb serves with healthy lamb jus and butter glitter chestnut

 print IMG_4292_zpsebb64950.jpg

 print IMG_4289_zps1c3f6401.jpg

 print IMG_4288_zps2f634f03.jpg

The braised lamb was proposal and succulent. It served with a lamb jus that extended tastiness of a dish, we will adore this if we are a lamb lover.


 print IMG_4295_zpsc69f3fd9.jpg

Menu Please Bistro served one of a best Tiramisu within JB town. This was formed of my particular ambience bud.

Cold drinks
–  Double berries soda
–  Mango vanilla soda
–  Vanilla orange soda

 print IMG_4301_zps2ef5c788.jpg

The reduction of these 3 cold drinks were exceptional, it’s a bid and a sorcery hold of Chef Jayson for a special gratifying season. Beside a cold drinks, they also offer prohibited Chamomile, peppers packet and Jasmine immature tea.

Among all a 3 categorical courses, we cite a duck leg. Because a plate is not common, and it’s formidable to locate a possibility that offer by a restaurant. And for a cold drinks, we chose a Vanilla orange soda – it was so refreshing!

Select your choices from a Menu, suffer a Christmas plate in Menu Please Bistro.
You might call a grill series 07-3360748 or whatsapp to their mobile series +60167388963 for reservation.

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Tourism Malaysia

Travel apps a approach to go

TripAdvisor, now a world’s second many downloaded travel
app after Google Earth, skeleton to pull more
free mobile resources
to travellers.

Already, 31 million people have downloaded a apartment of TripAdvisor, City Guides and SeatGuru apps on their smartphone or other mobile devices, to assistance them tract journeys on a small screen.

TripAdvisor owners and arch executive Stephen Kaufer says: “We consider mobile has a event to change a approach folks correlate with information during a destination.�

Its City Guides, for instance, might be used offline during a end though incurring roaming fees. Each beam presents itineraries curated by experts, maps, reviews of attractions, a “Point Me There� underline that guides travellers to places regulating a GPS in a phone, and a biography that can be common with Facebook friends.

“From a perspective, that’s only a beginning. we would adore to ask my phone a ton some-more questions about what we should do, buy tickets on a phone, make reservations for cooking or use it to accommodate friends who are also in a same city or who live there,� he says.

TripAdvisor is not unconditionally there yet, though is banking on mobile and social-media technologies to open adult horizons.

After all, travellers, enamoured with mobile devices, have voted with their fingertips. Last year, mobile and inscription any accounted for 10-15% of sum sessions on TripAdvisor. The series of singular visitors regulating mobile inclination has doubled from 2011.

“There is copiousness of event for some unequivocally innovative expansion in that category,� Kaufer predicts.

TripAdvisor owners Stephen Kaufer himself explores a universe regulating a transport website he built. He is a inclusive reviewer, too. He recently spent a week in Istanbul and Cappadocia, and distils tips from that Turkey outing and other adventures. He travels about once a month.

Here’s his modus operandi:

Hotel: Check a ranking, afterwards strike a filter button, such as family or business to slight down a choice. For decent-sized cities, any hotel on a initial page of formula will appeal. Decide on a cost range.

Attractions: Skim reviews. Seek something new.

Queries: Use a transport forum. A response from someone with internal believe customarily pops adult within 24 hours.

He debunks a suspicion that TripAdvisor quashes extemporaneous travel, observant it forked him to a new experience: hot-air ballooning.

“Cappadocia has subterraneous cities 10 storeys deep. we suspicion that was fascinating.�

Ballooning was not on his to-do list there, though a reviews were all spectacular, so he attempted it for a initial time.

“It was really early in a morning and impossibly beautiful. If not for TripAdvisor, we wouldn’t have famous about it. we suspicion we was there to try history.�

Kaufer publishes reviews mostly underneath a pseudonym. “TripAdvisor offers badges for how mostly we review. we am one of a tip reviewers,� he says.

It is excellent for a skill owners to ask a guest to post reviews on TripAdvisor, he thinks. “But if we give a bonus or a giveaway bottle of wine, that’s clearly violating a rules. It’s excellent to ask though not to reward.�

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Tourism Malaysia

Travel Turkey Izmir Tourism Fair & Conference

Travel Turkey Izmir Tourism Fair Conference is a trade satisfactory and discussion that is specifically designed for a Turkish Tourism Industry. It attracts buyers purchasers from a categorical source markets in Europe and Asia.

Travel Turkey aims to yield essential information as good as a venue for critical veteran networking that formula in sealed contracts with tellurian deal-makers.

For some-more information, greatfully visit:

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