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Artisan Roast TTDI

I am a bit of a coffee freak. we have my possess Saeco coffee appurtenance during home, and this appurtenance plays a outrageous partial in my morning rituals. There are many coffee bondage in Malaysia. Some we like, for instance Esspressamente illy, San Francisco and Pacific Coffee Company. Others we don’t like that much. Besides a renouned bondage there are also utterly a few friendly coffee places, many of them are located around Kuala Lumpur, mostly during a not-so-popular-places.

Source + Store + Roast + Vacuum container + Grind + Tamp + Extract + Steam + Pour + Serve = Awesome coffee during Artisan Roast!

There are a few good baristas that do their sorcery during Artisan Roast. They used to be located during Jalan Richie nearby Jalan Ampang, though changed a while ago to TTDI (see hit sum below).

artisan fry coffee place ttdi 1

Artisan Roast during TTDI is a pleasant small place. We customarily go there on Sunday mornings, and see a crowds flow in around noon. There are a few seats outside, and also some seats along a prolonged dais inside. In a behind area there are a few friendly loll seats. We generally adore a good ambiance, even when a place is packed; there still is a loose (and mostly quiet) atmosphere.

artisan fry coffee place ttdi 2

artisan fry coffee place ttdi 4

artisan fry coffee place ttdi 5

artisan fry coffee place ttdi 9

One of a good things about Artisan Roast is that their prices are unequivocally affordable.

artisan fry coffee place ttdi 3

So distant we’ve customarily been there a integrate of times, so we haven’t had a possibility to try out all their coffees. The forms we did try were all great, and prepared with a right volume of adore and dedication. we customarily go for a customary prolonged black (RM5), that is already a really good crater of coffee.

artisan fry coffee place ttdi 6

artisan fry coffee place ttdi 8

Another good thing of Artisan Roast are a creatively prepared small snacks. It is roughly unfit to dump by Artisan Roast though perplexing during slightest a few of their sweets.

artisan fry coffee place ttdi 7

artisan fry coffee place ttdi 10

Everything is baked on a spot, and when they move in a new collection of Caramel Slices (RM2), people customarily get adult to sequence some. Their cakes (apple, carrot or cheese) are all RM10 for a thick slice. Our favorites are a Lemon Slice (RM5), Caramel Slice and a Jaffa Slice (dark chocolate, RM2), though indeed all of a snacks they sell are delicious.

artisan fry coffee place ttdi 11

artisan fry coffee place ttdi 12

artisan fry coffee place ttdi 13

Artisan Roast is really a place to have a good review while enjoying a good crater of coffee. People that wish to work there should substantially check adult front either they offer giveaway Wi-Fi. We checked though couldn’t find any there, that isn’t a large thing, as we have use mobile internet anyway, though others might consider different.

artisan fry coffee place ttdi 14

artisan fry coffee place ttdi 16

artisan fry coffee place ttdi 15

Location and hit sum of Artisan Roast

Artisan Roast is located along Lorong Rahim Kajai 14 in TTDI (Taman Tun Dr. Ismail), right subsequent to a Maybank branch. Below are a hit details:

4 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, TTDI
Phone: +60 377 336 379

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 8am – midnight
Sat, Sun Public holidays: 9am – midnight

You can also hit them by Facebook or Twitter.

Map of Artisan Roast


Got any good tips to share with us? Do we know of good coffee places in Kuala Lumpur (or a rest of Malaysia) we should really try out? Let us know by withdrawal a criticism below!

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Simply Mel’s, Malacca Portuguese Cuisine

It is protected to contend that over a past year we have turn regulars during family-run grill Simply Mel’s. We could simply be one of their initial business ever, and have visited a grill roughly weekly given they started their business during The Sphere. Whenever kin from The Netherlands are visiting us we move them to Simply Mel’s. We also mostly move a friends to a restaurant, customarily so they can try out a genuine Malacca Portuguese cuisine, customarily for a initial time in their lives.

simply mels a globe bangsar south 1

simply mels a globe bangsar south 2

simply mels a globe bangsar south 3

simply mels a globe bangsar south 4

Simply Mel’s is located within The Sphere in an area called Bangsar South. We occur to live in Bangsar South, we were within a initial to accept a keys of one of a units during Begonia Park Residences. We forsaken by The Sphere once or dual times a week to have a good cooking during one of a restaurants. The bureau blocks behind The Sphere weren’t assembled during a time. Simply Mel’s was one of a final restaurants to open in The Sphere, yet they were unequivocally discerning in gaining attention. Not customarily did we notice many other vehemence reviews (mostly of food bloggers, yet also from culinary magazines), Simply Mel’s was nominated during a Time Out KL Food Awards 2011.

simply mels a globe bangsar south 5

simply mels a globe bangsar south 6

One of a reviews we review formerly was indeed from one of Mel’s daughters (she has 3 daughters that work during a restaurant, all of them always nod we with comfortable smiles). we couldn’t determine some-more with what she wrote there:

The grill is a family effort, yet it’s unequivocally my mum’s… Melba Majella Nunis. It’s her food, her personality, her passion for cooking, her enterprise to keep a Eurasian family recipes alive…
In a nutshell, it’s customarily her. It’s Simply Mel’s.

Her mom Mel is such a kind woman. Whenever she has some gangling time (as she customarily is cooking turn a clock) she comes in and chats with everybody.

As we mentioned we mostly move friends or kin (when they are over) to Simply Mel’s. This is also good for us, as we are afterwards means to try out countless dishes we would differently skip. When we have a unchanging cooking during Mel’s we mostly go for a many favorite dishes. Over time we’ve come to adore certain dishes, like a Devil’s Curry (RM12.90), a Mama Mercy’s Fish Croquettes (RM9.90), French Beans (10.90) and a Beef Curry Ladir (RM16.90).

simply mels a globe bangsar south 7

simply mels a globe bangsar south 9

simply mels a globe bangsar south 13

simply mels a globe bangsar south 12

Other dishes we like are Chicken Curry Captain (RM12.90), Chicken Seybah (RM16.90), Beef Semur (RM16.90), Pinapple Prawn Sambal (RM17.90) and a positively tasty Crab Stuffing (RM21.90). Even after visiting Mel’s for roughly a year now, there are still dishes we haven’t attempted yet. We positively will eventually.

simply mels a globe bangsar south 10

simply mels a globe bangsar south 8

My friends customarily go for a Bubur Pulut Hitam, a Cendol or for a ice cream. Mel mostly has creatively baked cakes, like Sugee Cake or Chocolate Cake, yet though they too are tasty we always finish adult selecting my favorite dessert; Sago Biji Gula Melaka. One other thing because we adore this place so much; they offer a good crater of Illy coffee.

simply mels a globe bangsar south 14

simply mels a globe bangsar south 15

simply mels a globe bangsar south 16

simply mels a globe bangsar south 17

Location and hit sum Simply Mel’s

Unit 1-1A, 1st Floor, The Sphere,
No. 1, Avenue 1, Bangsar South,
No. 8 Jalan Kerinchi 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: +6 03 2241 4525
Email: [email protected]

You can also hit them around Facebook or Twitter.

Opening hours are daily from 10am to 10pm. It’s a pork-free restaurant.

How to get to Simply Mel’s The Sphere

If we are pushing on a Federal Highway, take a exit into Kampung Kerinchi and expostulate onto Jalan Kerinchi (exit during University LRT). Follow Jalan Kerinchi until we see a bureau buildings of The Horizon during your left. Right in front is The Sphere. Simply Mel’s is simply tangible during a top left side of a building.

If we are regulating open ride afterwards exit during Kerinchi LRT hire and use a overpass that leads to The Horizon (office buildings) and travel towards The Sphere.

Map Simply Mel’s

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Win Sunway Lagoon tickets

We’re giving divided 10 pairs of Sunway Lagoon All Parks tickets in a really elementary competition to prominence Sunway Resort City’s illusory Hari Raya Showlights.

Visit Sunway Resort City (SRC) anytime during a Ramadan/Raya deteriorate and you’ll notice their illusory Hari Raya Showlights that we can’t assistance though admire.

In a bid to make certain we revisit SRC, a inventive folk during Sunway have come adult with some rewarding, shall we say, gestures.


Part of Sunway Resort City’s Hari Raya Showlights.

Here’s one for we Foursquare users: They’re creation your query for Foursquare Mayorship (naturally on their premises) a tad some-more rival than usual, finish with prizes adult for grabs. Oh, and it’s also to acquire a month of Ramadan, and to widespread a hearten of a entrance Raya celebrations.

All we need to do to win yourself some overwhelming goodies in Sunway’s Check-in @ C’hara Raya Contest is to check in frequently on Foursquare and make yourself a Mayor of a Sunway Rainforest Fountain. (Terms and conditions apply.)

There’s also a daily give-away called Spot a Showlights, if you’re feeling ultra competitive.

We’re giving divided some goodies too!

To widespread a fun even further, Sunway has supposing with 20x Sunway Lagoon All Parks tickets value RM100 any to give away, and we’ve motionless to give them to we in pairs, so we’re looking during 10 winners.

To put yourself in a using to win a span of these tickets, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1) Log in to your Facebook account.
2) Visit a Facebook Fan Page and ‘Like‘ it (if we haven’t already).
3) Visit a Sunway World Club Facebook Fan Page and ‘Like‘ it.
4) And tell us because we ought to win these tickets in not some-more than 30 words, all as a criticism here (Connect with G+, Twitter  or Facebook).

Best 10 ‘comments’ here, submitted before Aug 20, win a tickets. Best of luck!

NOTE: Given a enlivening response to this contest, we have motionless to boost a series of winners by five.

So congratulations to a 15 winners. Do suffer your time during Sunway Lagoon!


Raswan Kaur (
Leon Leo (
Anne Leong (
U-May (
Nilaasini Rajagopal (
Mei Yun (
Yap Hyejin (
Herbert Low (
Wallace Ooi (
Sheela A/P M. Unnikrishnan (
Ahmad Daud Abdul Manan (
Tan Swee Wan (
Nicholas Sim (
Nian Nian Avel (
WeeLing Yee (

Winners are suggested to collect their tickets during Level 7, Menara Star, No. 15, Jalan 16/11, Section 16, Phileo Damansara, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, before Sept 15, 2012

Please note that we can send a deputy to collect on your behalf. If we (or your representative) are incompetent to collect a tickets before a settled date above, greatfully surprise us beforehand. Otherwise we will ensue to give divided a remaining tickets. Decision is final. No association will be entertained.

For enquiries hit 03-7967 1388 ext 11118.

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