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Potensi Wisata Sarawak Berkembang Pesat

Acara olahraga, festival budaya dan musik telah menjadi bagian yang penting dan sangat diperhatikan oleh Dewan Pariwisata Sarawak untuk tujuan promosi pariwisata. Serangkaian kegiatan dan atraksi yang diharapkan dapat meningkatkan jumlah kunjungan wisatawan ke Sarawak juga telah dilakukan sepanjang tahun ini dalam rangka untuk mendukung kampanye “Malaysia Year of Festival” yang diselenggarakan oleh Kementerian Pariwisata Malaysia di Kuala Lumpur.

Pariwisata adalah pilar utama ekonomi di Sarawak yang menempatkan negeri ini dilandasan yang tepat untuk mengatasi jumlah kedatangan wisatawan tahun lalu sebanyak 4,8 juta. Pendapatan sektor pariwisata Sarawak juga telah meningkat sebelum terjadi penurunan kedatangan wisatawan yang melanda Negara-negara Asia sejak awal tahun ini.

Selain acara Regatta Internasional yang diadakan pada bulan September lalu, ada lebih dari 14 acara utama yang diselenggarakan di Sarawak pada tahun ini termasuk Rainforest World Music Festival, Borneo Jazz, Borneo International Kite Festival dan Pesta Benak.

Meskipun angka-angka kedatangan wisatawan di wilayah Asia nampak tidak terlalu baik, bagi Sarawak, masih ada ruang untuk memperbaiki pertumbuhan. Kemajuan dalam Meeting, Incentive, Convention, and Exhibition (MICE) akan menjadi nilai tambahan yang bisa memperkuat sektor ini.

Sarawak telah memenangkan tender untuk menjadi tuan rumah International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), sebuah konferensi internasional yang akan diadakan di Kuching pada tahun 2016.  Acara ditingkat nasional dan internasional yang diselenggarakan di Sarawak diharapkan menghasilkan lebih 248 hari konferensi dan diperkirakan RM42.3 juta (USD 9.8juta) dalam pengeluaran delegasi langsung.

Satu lagi bidang pariwisata yang menghasilkan adalah pengembangan ekowisata, termasuk kegiatan seperti mengamati burung dan menyelam. Keterlibatan komunitas etnis telah menjadi bagian penting dalam strategi pariwisata di wilayah ini, dengan Kementerian Pariwisata yang  mendorong partisipasi masyarakat pedesaan melalui program inap desa (homestay).  Dalam program ini, para wisatawan  dapat menyewa kamar dari sebuah keluarga dengan suasana rumah sendiri dan kegiatan yang berbasis komunitas. Sebanyak lebih dari 17 juta wisatawan mengunjungi inap desa sepanjang tahun lalu.

Meskipun begitu, perbaikan sistem transportasi amatlah perlu diberi perhatian jika sektor ini akan dikembangkan pada masa mendatang.

Tantangan utamanya adalah untuk meningkatkan perhubungan udara agar dapat mendorong perkembangan sektor pariwisata negeri ini.  Dewan Pariwisata Sarawak telah banyak menjalin hubungan kerjasama dengan perusahaan penerbangan utama di wilayah ini untuk meningkatkan hubungan udara serta berusaha meningkatkan frekuensi penerbangan yang ada.

Dalam rangka untuk memperkenalkan potensi-potensi pariwisata yang ada di Serawak, Dewan Pariwisata di Sarawak akan mengadakan Sarawak Expo pada tanggal 27 – 29 November 2015. Yang akan mengisi kegiatan ini adalah beberapa Rumah Sakit Spesialis, Instuitusi Pendidikan, Hotel dan Travel Agency dari Kuching.

Ada dua kegiatan yang akan dilakukan :

  1. Business Session (trade event) – diadakan di Mercure Pontianak Hotel pada 27 November (terbuka untuk undangan agen perjalanan dari Sarawak dan Pontianak saja)

Sarawak Expo (consumer fair) – 18 booth pameran pariwisata di Ayani Mega Mall pada 28 dan 29 November (terbuka untuk umum).

Sarawak ke pontianak

Team dari Sarawak bersedia untuk ke Pontianak, Sarawak Expo 2015

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Flight accidents impact tourism sector

Malaysian supervision proactively tries to urge expansion of a tourism zone on backdrop of back-to-back moody accidents

Summary: The essay talks about how a tourism zone can urge a expansion of a country. Even opposite a backdrop of a moody accidents, and lessening traveller flow, a nation is desperately perplexing to urge a picture to safeguard a expansion of a transport sector.

One of a largest and fastest flourishing industries, a transport and tourism zone in Malaysia contributes significantly towards a mercantile enrichment of a country. It is also instrumental in formulating several pursuit opportunities. The expansion of this zone also encourages plan of infrastructures and supervision policies that would assistance a nation progress.


As per a Economic Impact Report that expelled today, a legislature pronounced that a sum grant of a tourism attention in Malaysia to a country’s GDP final year was USD 49.4 billion or 16.1%. The sector’s sum grant towards pursuit origination including jobs that were directly upheld by a zone was 1.86 million, 14.1% of a sum employment. In 2013 alone, a sum investment towards a zone stood during USD 6.46 billion and was forecasted to boost by 5.1% in 2014 over 7.7% in 2013. Further actions were undertaken to safeguard a expansion of a zone in a arriving years.


Even when opinion of a zone looks certain with annual expansion foresee of some-more than 4%, it would still need support from a government. The supervision needs to exercise some-more open visa regimes and adopt intelligent rather than punitive taxation policies. The zone also needs some-more open private partnerships so that many infrastructure and tellurian apparatus needs are designed responsibly and sustainably to catch a certain effects of a growth.

Setbacks amidst rising aeroplane accidents

The new hitch of aeroplane disasters have however, exceedingly strike a Malaysian tourism sector. Ever given it left on Mar 8, 2014 that creates it precisely 6 months this September, Malaysian moody 370 stays to be found. In Jul this year, a Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over domain hold by pro-Russia rebels in eastern Ukraine, murdering all 298 passengers and organisation on board, ensuing in serious faculties.

Disasters such as these have strew disastrous light on a Malaysian tourism sector. Therefore, a supervision is perplexing desperately to wire in several methods that will assistance it means expansion and beget revenues to accommodate progressing forecasted figures. As per a travel marketplace report of Malaysia, a tourism zone is therefore penetrating to foster a nation as an superb traveller end that is also safe. Putting behind a fibre of disasters in new days, a nation is being additional supportive towards tourists by ensuring their safety.

Promoting tourism

The supervision and pivotal policymakers are aiming to rise Malaysia as a ideal heart for attractions, culture, conventions, exhibitions and incentives. Malaysia is carefree that adoption of several advancements and precautions will assistance a nation grow 6.8 percent this year, on a behind of a certain opening in 2013. Furthermore, a supervision believes that by enlivening tourism, it will be means to expostulate new investments and practice opportunities in a country. By bringing about vital improvements in a infrastructure and policies, a Malaysian tourism industry hopes to boost a series of unfamiliar tourists to a nation and extend a normal length of their stay. All these factors will minister significantly towards a country’s mercantile expansion and a altogether lifestyle of a population.


The altogether opinion of a tourism attention in Malaysia in a arriving decade looks auspicious with a forecasted annual expansion of 4%. However, this will usually grow when policymakers expostulate some-more open visa regimes and adopt intelligent rather than punitive taxation policies. It is also vicious to foster both open and private partnerships to safeguard long-term skeleton that would assistance in nutritious a sector. Only afterwards would a zone knowledge a unavoidable expansion that marketplace experts are predicting.

Author bio: Aditi Biswas is a selling communication dilettante who works with Research on Malaysia to rise judicious reports on several sectors in a country, including a Tourism attention in Australia. With a new emanate of accidents surrounding Malaysian airlines, a nation is desperately holding measures to safeguard continued expansion of a sector.


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Sending email while traveling

You competence be reading this post from some outlandish location, or simply in a cafeteria around a dilemma from where we live. We transport a lot, and mostly to remote areas where we are happy to be means to bond to a giveaway WIFI vigilance to check adult on a emails and other things that has happened those days.

We mostly get emails during a travels and infrequently it is utterly critical to be means to respond instantly. Though we can of march always use a web formed mail module like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, some wish to be means to send emails from their personal mail accounts instead.

Let’s contend we have a association website, or a blog, or a webshop. In those cases we wish to be means to send out emails from a analogous email addresses. In a box we wish to send out a respond around [email protected] instead of around a personal gmail or hotmail accounts. Your possess ISP does not concede we to send out emails when we are not connected to their network. When we are roving we bond to many networks and mostly those networks do not support promulgation email around their smtp server.

Luckily there are a few companies that offer an SMTP server to use ‘on a go’. This means that where ever we are, we can always bond to their smtp server, and send out emails on your possess interest but carrying to review to giveaway mail services.


The association we had listened of a many is We started with their $5 devise ourselves after reading countless certain reviews and after reading their website thoroughly. Their use works like a charm. There hasn’t been a place nonetheless where we wasn’t means to send out my emails. Nowadays, we am even regulating it during home, as we am on a highway utterly mostly and here a use comes in accessible too. They offer a 2 notation setup guide, that creates is really easy to exercise their smtp sum into your email programs. You can use it on your smartphone, your tablet, your laptop, as prolonged as we are means to bond to a internet supposing during a place we are during during your travels.

If we are roving a lot and are looking for a dedicated mail server, do check out SMTP2GO. They even have a giveaway devise where we can send 20 emails per day; a good approach to get to know this smashing service.

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HK’s new oppulance journey terminal

Repurposed: The former Kai Tak International Airport is now a oppulance journey terminal.Repurposed: The former Kai Tak International Airport is now a oppulance journey terminal.

Hong Kong’s aged airfield is now a contemporary seaport.

HONG KONG non-stop a US$1.1bil (RM3.5bil) journey depot during a site of a former airfield on Wednesday in a bid to turn Asia’s heart for oppulance liners.

The new terminal, built on a runway of a aged Kai Tak airport, will be means to accommodate a largest journey ships in a universe – liners of adult to 220,000 sum tonnes.

�Kai Tak was a site of a mythological airfield and is now branch a ancestral page by joining Hong Kong with a rest of a universe by a 7 seas,� pronounced Commissioner of Tourism, Philip Yung.

“With a further of this new facility, Hong Kong is in full rigging to accept mega journey ships,� pronounced Yung.

Royal Caribbean’s 1,020 feet (310m) prolonged Mariner Of The Seas was a initial mega oppulance journey boat to wharf during a two-berth terminal, that boasts a 360° breathtaking perspective of a city. A unit of lion dancers welcomed some-more than 3,000 passengers as they disembarked.

“Our favourite pier was Venice. You kick Venice,� George Lamson, a 74-year-old artist from a United States, told reporters, adding he was vacant by a views as a boat entered a city’s famed Victoria Harbour.

“We feel absolved to have this honour,� 65-year-old retirement from Britain, Valerie Blakeway, pronounced of being among a initial visitors to a terminal.

The former Kai Tak International Airport was deliberate one of a many severe places to land an aircraft due to a executive plcae in a city and high plateau surrounding it.

The airfield sealed in 1998 after being in use for over 70 years and was transposed by a stream Chek Lap Kok International Airport.

The journey depot will open to a open in a third entertain of a year with a second berth opening in 2014.– AFP RelaxNews

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Rare discernment into Syed Mokhtar

Listed as a seventh richest Malaysian with a net value of US$3.3 billion, not many is famous from a media-shy Syed Mokhtar.

Syed Mokhtar Albukhary

Syed Mokhtar Albukhary : A Biography

Syed Mokhtar Albukhary, A Biography
Author: Premilla Mohanlall
Publisher: PVM Communications

MY initial assembly with aristocrat Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Albukhary went off in a rather surprising way. The year was 2004 and he had wanted to accommodate someone from The Star to make famous his views over his quarrel with another tycoon, a late Tan Sri Nasimuddin SM Amin, over DRB-Hicom.

Syed Mokhtar felt a media lucky a Naza Group trainer over him and he wanted to give his side of a story.

Both were battling over a vital 15.8% retard of shares in DRB-Hicom hold by 3 parties, including a estate of a late Tan Sri Yahaya Ahmad, and a adversary was billed as a “Fight of The Big Boys.”

The array of journal headlines had forced a reserved Syed Mokhtar to come out and pronounce to this author to put a record straight.

Our assembly during a business centre of a five-star hotel during Jalan Sultan Ismail was bound during 9pm though he usually incited adult nearby midnight. Although he was dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt, we beheld that he usually wore sandals. He was over dual hours late.

His aides had warned me that he would substantially be “waylaid” on a approach there by businessmen and politicians, many of whom would ask for business deals or favours.

To equivocate such disruptions, he shuttles between his residence during abundant Bukit Tunku – that he bought given he became a millionaire bachelor – and a hotel to accommodate his associates and contacts. The other assembly indicate is a Islamic Arts Museum nearby a National Mosque.

The other rather surprising assembly mark is an Indian grill during Jalan Pahang. To this day, he carries with him a tumbler of tea, finished by a sold waiter, from a eatery.

“If (the late Tan Sri) Loh Boon Siew can accommodate his friends during a coffeeshop any morning, we see no reason given we can't suffer my teh tarik during a shop, saya joke tong san mali, like him,” he told me, referring to Boon Siew’s ancestral roots from China. Syed Mokktar’s ancestral roots, on a other hand, can be traced to Central Asia.

By a time we finished a conversations, it was tighten to 2am. As we put down my coop and was about to tighten my note book, he unexpected told me that a discussions were wholly off a record and he was not to be quoted.

The publicity-shy businessman has never been during palliate with reporters though we wasn’t going to concede Syed Mokhtar to have his way. we told him, in no capricious terms, that if that were so, we would have squandered my whole dusk with him, and either he favourite it or not, we was going to put him on record.

I contingency have finished an sense on him given as we got to know any other better, he was prepared to share his private thoughts with me frequently – though still never on record.

But a media is still satirical on Syed Mokhtar and, in some ways, he is to be blamed as he has never finished himself accessible to journalists, preferring to let his aides do a talking. In fact, bankers also protest that he never meets them!

Interestingly enough, a whole section is clinging to his exchange with a media in his autobiography that has only strike a bookstores created by Premilla Mohanlall, a author and a open family practitioner.

“I consternation given we get bad press when others who have abused a complement for personal gains have not been subjected to such media scrutiny. Perhaps it is time to come out and urge myself,” he pronounced in a book.

The 180-page book is really readable, starting with his childhood days in a encampment attap residence with no piped H2O and electricity, where a toilet was a array latrine. It traces Syed Mokhtar’s initial knowledge of doing business underneath his cattle merchant father in Alor Star. His father migrated to Kedah from a Afghan segment of Central Asia around India and Thailand.

The book gives a singular look into his family life and how a family’s financial constraints forced Syed Mokhtar to stop drill after Form Five, while his siblings were means to continue. There was also his early growing-up years with a infantryman uncle in Johor Baru.

He takes honour job himself a businessman with no diplomas, and his ability to pronounce a layman’s denunciation is apparent in a book. Much space is dedicated to his early days as a travelling salesman, when he had to nap in a lorries and on bug-infested beds in inexpensive hotels.

The indicate that Syed Mokhtar seems to wish to tell his readers is that he did not get his resources on a china platter. While a certain movement of a New Economic Policy had helped him, he worked tough and fought hard. He was not a form who cashed out after removing a pinkish forms.

In short, he went by a good and bad times, like many well-tested businessmen. The 1997 financial predicament saw his resources shrank from RM3bil to RM600mil.

“Eighty per cent of my marketplace capitalisation was wiped out. There was a lot of pain and hardship. Many people suspicion we would container adult and leave. we am a fighter, with a clever will to survive.

“I mislaid large nights of sleep, we mislaid hair, though we did not remove steer of one thing: my shortcoming to guarantee vital bumiputra resources and to strengthen a interests of my staff.”

Today, he has 110,000 staff underneath his payroll and indirectly about 250,000 other Malaysians, quite vendors, given he acquired Proton this year.

Syed Mokhtar’s tighten ties with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is good documented though in this book, Syed Mokhtar spoke vividly, if not humorously, of their initial encounter.

It was Thursday, Jan 16, 1997 and a time was 2.30pm – Syed Mokhtar entered a bureau of a former Prime Minister.

“I greeted him with a salam and he stood before me, with his hands folded opposite a chest. He did not call for me to take a chair when he sat down. we was sweating, and motionless to lay down to benefaction a papers we had prepared to explain all my businesses in Kedah, Kuala Lumpur and Johor.

“It enclosed building skeleton for a new plan in Alor Star, a sprawling growth with a mosque and a health and gratification comforts for a bad as good as an general university for disadvantaged communities around a world.

“The Prime Minister listened carefully, though observant a word. By a time we was done, it was an hour and 10 minutes. Still, not a word. we left a papers on his table and took leave.”

Not prolonged later, Syed Mokthar, who was still asleep, perceived a call from Dr Mahathir himself with a elementary message: “Your matter in Kedah is settled.” That is of march selected Dr Mahathir, a male who has no time for tiny pronounce and offering few words.

Apart from his countless business ventures, Syed Mokhtar also writes in fact of his countless free works.

Almost any year, his Albukhary Foundation hosts dual iftar or fast-breaking dinners for over 3,000 needy people. The substructure now has a few flagship projects, including a Islamic Arts Museum built in 1998.

In 2001, a substructure launched a Albukhry Tuition Programme to assistance a underachieving farming propagandize children pass their final high propagandize examination. At a finish of a programme, 9 years later, about 80,000 students from 500 schools had benefited from these calming classes.

His substructure has also extended assistance to survivors of earthquakes in China, Pakistan and Iran, and a tsunami in Indonesia. It has also built an AIDS sanatorium in Uganda and a girls’ propagandize in Nepal as good as helped support a Sarajevo Science and Technology centre.

An engaging section is on his purpose as a family man. Syed Mokhtar has never overwhelmed on his private life in any interview, that has been rare, in any case.

The father of 7 children, between a ages of dual and 18, suggested how his standard meetings start during 10pm and finish during 3am “and is hold 7 days a week and has been a slight for some-more than 20 years.”

“Fortunately, my mother comes from a business family and understands this. Initially, we had to explain a arrangement to her, and she supposed it. Except for family holidays, in a 20 years of marriage, we don’t consider we have spent many evenings during home after 10pm,” he wrote.

Syed Mokhtar married in 1992 during a age of 41 to afterwards 24-year-old Sharifah Zarah. There are also singular cinema of his family in a book.

Although a book is, no doubt, a open family exercise, a right questions have been acted by a writer, including a public’s notice of his many acquisitions and a common critique that he has some-more than he can chew.

He also answered a emanate of a shareholding structure of his companies that could not be traced to him, acknowledging “it is an aged robe that has to change.”

Syed Mokhtar hasn’t altered much. He is frequency seen in open functions. He is still some-more during palliate in short-sleeved shirts and sandals. The billionaire now travels on a private jet though in town, he still drives around in his aged Proton Perdana. By WONG CHUN WAI

Chinese Opera

Hotshots [PIC]

Dr Mahathir

Dr M: Politician to a core

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