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The Little Big Club in Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park during Nusajaya, Johor.

The Little Big Club in Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park is located beside Puteri Harbour and Traders Hotel Nusajaya, Johor. The thesis park is open for open given few years ago, and usually until now we had a possibility to revisit it.
We motionless to revisit The Little Big Club instead of Sanrio Hello Kitty Town since of my daughter cite Barney than Hello Kitty. Anyway, it’s unequivocally many depends on a children…and this thesis park is 100% pattern for children. 🙂

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The Little Big Club is located on a 2nd and 3rd floor in a Theme Park building. As for a sheet price, we can impute to their central website for time-to-time promotion.
Once we get your ‘ring’, we proceeded to a opening of a park…

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Once we stepped in, a joyous delight if a children were filled adult each dilemma of a area…

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The children large playground mostly is located during a 2nd floor, we can see a children using in and out each where in a playground. And a behaving theatre also located during a 2nd floor, a interlude for a shows are about each hour, don’t forget to get a duplicate of the shows time list during a entrance!

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There’s also a cafeteria during a 2nd floor, where a relatives can rest and relax while their children carrying their fun time in a park…

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After an hour during a 2nd floor, we ensue to 3rd floor…

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All a rides are located during a 3rd building of The Little Big Club…

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Let me uncover a rides one-by-one…

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It’s also a Thomas Train ride, beside that there’s another outrageous children stadium in a Knapford Station

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Follow by a quarrel of cafes and restaurants…

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After a cafes, subsequent will be a Wellsworth Station. Which was maybe an bureau for their stuffs or others…

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The final float during a 3rd building is a Windmill.

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We watched many of a uncover (2nd floor) in a Theme Park, it was unequivocally fun and a children were unequivocally happy when they saw their childhood idols came adult to a stage…

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And a many acquire – Barney and friends!

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We spent roughly 4-5 hours there until a thesis park tighten during 6pm, a final uncover on theatre was all a superstar! And we listened a children streaming too! Haha!

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After a final show, we can take photos with your favorite characters one-by-one with your possess camera and also their veteran photographer in a thesis park. But…it was usually singular time, be precipitate if we wish to take print with all a favorite characters in The Little Big Club.

It’s unequivocally a good thesis park for family and children (age 3-12), where we can see a joyous impulse and a uninterrupted delight all a time! It was a priceless moment to me and my family! Worth a sheet prices!

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Unless a children do not know a characters in a thesis park, or else they will be unequivocally happy and suffer themselves! Some of my friends asked me about a park…actually we shouldn’t be a one to rate a park, let a children do a talking! And their delight in a park already valid how good a park is…

The final event while we exit a park, a track beam us by a souvenirs centre where we can buy all kinds of toys for your children.

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It’s also a good place for weekend city shun from Johor Bahru, a roving time from JB city to a thesis park is usually around 30-40 minutes. For some-more info and sheet price, greatfully impute from their central website (the URL below).

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