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D’Shanghai (???) Dim Sum Restaurant during Sutera Mall, Skudai

D’Shanghai (???) Dim Sum Restaurant (N1.51719 E103.67125) is located during Sutera Mall of Skudai – Johor Bahru. If we mount in front of a categorical opening of a mall, a grill is during a left before a entrance. It’s a detach building by it self, and embellished with Red that is easy to spot.

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There are many good and bad reviews from a internet that make us extraordinary about a place and motionless to try it out on one of a Sunday noon…

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All a staffs in a grill are unequivocally immature and we consider many of them are carrying their partial time pursuit here, though they were polite…

It’s been a prolonged time we haven’t take Dim Sum in Johor Bahru area, and though a singular word, we placed a order…

*  Signature Xiao Long Bao (??????
*  Steamed Liu Sha Bao (????
*  Shanghai Fried Fen Pi (??????
*  Stir Fried Carrot cake (?????
*  Prawn Dumpling (??)
*  Pork Dumpling (??)
*  Chives Dumpling (???)

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We were confident with a foods. The Fried Fen Pi was special and it had a stretch punch on it, ambience good. But a boiled carrot cake was disappointed, maybe it doesn’t fit my taste…
You have to be clever on a punch of a Xiao Long Bao and Liu Sha Bao, they will ‘spurt’! 🙂

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Others were Nice and delicious! All Dim Sums were uninformed and it was unequivocally suffer it in a air-con environment, and not forget a accessible staffs around…
Too bad we missed some of a good dishes there like : Taro Dumpling (??) and Fried Avocador Rolls (??????)…because we were overloaded!

The Damage : RM45.00 for a above Dim Sum enclosed a pot of tea. Reasonable adequate in this kind of sourroundings and the above normal taste, no criticism during all! There are some Dim Sum grill in JB offered even aloft cost than here, though in a ‘kopitiam’ environment…

We will really be behind again for others Dim Sum in this restaurant!

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