A Home Away From Home in Malaysia’s Far North

Rate this post Roots – that is why there is always that need for us Malaysians to return to our hometowns, which we affectionately call “kampung”. We want to show our children where and how we grew up, we want to instill in them a sense of belonging and at the same time give them […]

“Yasmin How You Know?” Book Review: From a heart

Rate this post Tweet Tweet A crony of a late Yasmin Ahmad is changed by memories of a filmmaker that have been gathered into a book. Yasmin How You Know? Publisher: Leo Burnett-Arc Malaysia, 192 pages HAS it been 3 years given Yasmin Ahmad left us? It has, and we can’t trust it. Yasmin How […]


Rate this post January 31, 2012 during 12:00 pm ‘Parah‘ tells a story of 4 Form 5 students who are study in Kuala Lumpur. Melur, Hafiz, Mahesh and Kahoe are a best of friends notwithstanding entrance from opposite races. They positively adore unresolved out together and can mostly be found during Melur’s house, possibly study […]