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Dear Zozli/ Jue,

We would like to arrange some tour package for 30 pax for the following place”

1) Pulau besar Melaka
2) a famosa Resort.

Kindly let us know is there any promotion for 6 adults and 2 kids for the time being.

We would like to do survey first.

thank yOU.


saya nak bawak family-(saya,husband n anak 2 tahun) bercuti di melaka first time dtg melaka so blh suggest x chalet mane yg best dkt ngan laut n blh mkn seafood pd mase yg same nk jenjalan ke tmpt2 bersejarah di melaka..n hage utk menginap time cuti tahun baru cine..

assalamualaikum…sek kami nak buat lawatan ke melaka..insyaallah dlm bln 4..nk bwk pelajar melihat tempat2 bersejarah dan menarik di melaka..
kami dr kl,tapi kami nak buat satu hari je….mcm mana ye

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