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A Weekend At The Budding Bentong

Snuggled behind the mountainous shadows of Genting Highland and Bukit Tinggi is the small town of Bentong. Although there is not much sightseeing to do in the town itself, there is plenty of adventure waiting for you to embark on, such as the Chamang Waterfall and Dusun Eco’s outdoor activities. Yet, Bentong is still worth a short visit for its ample food choices available in every nook and cranny in town. Whether you are up for some spice-tingling fish head curry, or the sweet kisses of homemade ice cream, Bentong is the place to be.

Duration: Overnight trip

Suitable for: Families

Recommended itinerary:

Day One:



84, Kg Bukit Tinggi, 28750 Bentong, Pahang.

Take the exit point of Janda Baik to go to Foon Lock.

(Tel.: +6 09 233 0170/+6 012 955 3832; Kampung Bukit Tinggi; RM20-RM30 per pax; Time: 10.30AM-10PM)

What: A sought-after restaurant in quiet Kampung Bukit Tinggi that serves yummy Chinese stir fried dishes to fill the tummy.

Why: Your tummy must be growling by the time you cross the borders into Pahang. Have a hearty meal here before proceeding down the Karak Highway and onto your weekend escapade.

Must-try: Tin kai noodles, steamed chicken with wolfberries, ginger and Chinese wine.



(Tel.: +6 03 2070 8720/+6 03 2070 1110;; Bentong; Time: 9AM-7PM)

What: A training and recreational village with its very own fruit plantation and facilities for exciting outdoor activities.

Why: From rock climbing to abseiling, obstacle courses to paintball shooting, from swimming to jungle trekking –  Dusun Eco has a bunch of outdoor activities to spend away your day. There is even a fruit plantation where you can have a teatime break and munch on freshly plucked fruits.

*Get in touch with Dusun Eco Resort for exhaustive information on activities and pricings.

6PM onwards


53,Jalan Loke Yew, 28700 Bentong, Pahang

Beside the Bentong General Hospital

(Tel. +6 09 223 3551; Jalan Loke Yew; RM40 per 4 pax; Time: 6AM-8PM)

What: One of the famous restaurants in town serving the neighbouring town, Raub’s popular fish head curry. Why: After a day of action at the paintball field, you must be shaking with hunger by the time you reach Bentong town. This restaurant has the perfect dishes cooked up in the kitchen to fill you to the brim so you can have a good night’s rest.

Must-try: Fish head curry.

*Please make bookings at least an hour before visiting to secure seats.

Day Two:



(; Bentong; Around RM180 per group (2-8pax); Time: Anytime)

What: Also known as ‘Lover’s Falls’, Chamang is hidden deep within Chamang Village, and is a local favourite for picnicking during a short day’s getaway. Why: Start your day with a refreshing dip in Chamang’s cooling waters, and even have a picnic spread on the rocks with the soothing rush of the currents.

*Visit Yen’s website for more rates and itineraries available.



Across the street from the central market building.

Jalan Chui Yin;

What: Located across the street from the central market’s building, they serve one of the best wan tan mee in town. The place is usually packed with locals who have just finished their day’s shopping at the market nearby. Why: After a morning’s worth of fun at Chamang Waterfall, come back to Bentong town for a bowl of slurpy goodness before exiting the small town back to civilisation in KL. Must-try: Wan tan mee.


2 Bentong Heights, 28700 Bentong

The coffeeshop is on the main Jalan Loke Yew and is opposite the Bentong central bus station

(Tel.: +6 09 222 1258; Jalan Loke Yew; RM2 per scoop; Time: 10.30AM-7PM)

What: A local’s favourite dessert spot serving preservative-free ice cream, cendol and ais kacang. Why: What better way to finish off your trip, as well as to cool yourself down during midday with a nice bowl of ice cream?

Must-try: Homemade ice cream, ais kacang drenched in coconut milk and palm sugar.


(Bentong; Adult/Child: Free; Time: Anytime)

What: Another forest reserve, where visitors can set up camp for a night in nature’s bosom, or spend a few hours of peace and quiet among the green trees and running waters. Why: If going through an obstacle course seems too strenuous for your holiday, how about skipping Dusun Eco’s outdoor activities and head to Lentang instead for a peace of mind?


(Jalan Pasar; Time: 7AM-12PM)

What: A Chinese-oriented Sunday Market, selling all the ingredients, such as baby bok choi, mak choi, black-skinned chicken, bean curd and more, to cook up a sumptuous meal. Why: If you must, you can load up the trunk with a week’s worth of food supplies to go home with here. It’s also a good opportunity for photography enthusiasts to snap some portrait and candid shots.

Where to stay:


(Tel.: +6 03 4042 6033;; Bukit Tinggi; RM139nett-RM199nett; 3-star rating)

What: Built on the misty slopes of Bukit Tinggi, the resort is just a 40-minute drive from KL, and a 20-minute drive from Genting Highlands. Equipped with the best facilities, it’s a suitable accommodation to make your weekend getaway all the more comfortable.

Why: It’s still a long journey ahead along the Karak Highway to Bentong, and this resort is a strategic place to rest in before going down the road to your destination.


(Tel.: +6 03 2070 8720/+6 03 2070 1110;; Bentong; RM59 (4 pax per chalet))

What: A training and recreational village with its very own fruit plantation, obstacle course, paintball field, swimming pool and more facilities for any outdoor activities of your choice.

Why: Clean and tidy chalets with a list of outdoor activities for your disposal. Another decent place to overnight in before heading down the road to Bentong.


(Tel.: +6 09 223 2118; Bentong; From RM84nett; 1-star rating)

What: A 47-room hotel located right smacked in the middle of Bentong town with food and beverage amenities just at the doorstep.

Why: If you choose to overnight in Bentong town instead of in the folds of nature, this is your best bet with everything you need to keep your trip fulfilled.



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