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We hope to write our comments and views on the development of the tourism sector in Melaka so that old cultural jewels can be retained and new ones generated to attract more visitors to our Melakan shores.

For us to continue our journey, we like to invite visitors to pen their comments and views so that we can create a sustainable and vibrant tourism sector in Melaka.


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5 Pasar Ramadans in the Klang Valley not to be missed

Once a year, Pasar Ramadans spring into action all over the country for a full month during Ramadan. Here are our top picks of params around the Klang Valley.

Throughout the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world refrain from eating and drinkingfrom dawn to dusk. In Malaysia, food stalls pop up at selected sites as the sun goes down, offering food for iftar (the breaking of fast after sunset). These Ramadan food bazaars, or affectionately known as params (short for Pasar Ramadan), attract both Muslims and non-Muslims with their large selection of food such as rendang, nasi briyani, nasi lemak, satay and a whole lot more. Armed with our hungry tummies, we went on a search for the best params with the yummiest goodies.


1. Pasar Ramadan Stadium Shah Alam
: Shah Alam Stadium Car Park, Section 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor
(opposite Tesco Extra, near Giant)

The Ramadan bazaar at Shah Alam Stadium is one of the largest in the Klang Valley, occupying a section of the stadium’s carpark. With three long stretches of food stalls lining up on both sides, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the variety of food available.



Clockwise from top left: Pecal kampung, roti john, dadih, assorted cakes

Don’t miss out on:
Kambing Golek USJ (Roast Lamb)


Grilled to perfection, the lamb is tender and flavourful. At RM15 per pack, it’s more costly than the usual param fare, but definitely worth every cent.

Kebab Cucuk Amza

Be prepared to wait as the skewers are grilled on the spot. It’s RM6 per stick, with generous amounts of meat, pepper and cherry tomatoes. Go for the chicken, as the beef can get a bit tough and chewy.


2. Pasar Ramadan TTDI
Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur
(opposite McDonald’s)

The TTDI param remains a popular spot for food hunters although it has significantly shrunk in size in recent years. But what they lack in quantity, they make up with quality. There is no shortage of good food here, making it difficult for us to pick our favourites.



Clockwise from top left: Pulut durian, apam balik, assorted kuih, drinks

Don’t miss out on:
Popiah Basah Shaihful (Spring rolls)


There’s no signboard for this popiah stall, but it’s definitely not hard to find. Situated at the end of the street, you’ll just have to look for the queue that stretches towards the shoplots. The popiah is made fresh, priced at only RM0.70 per piece.

Popia Pak Ya ‘Power’ (Deep fried spring rolls)


If you prefer the fried version, this stall’s popiahs packs a punch at only RM1 each. The crispy texture will leave you wanting more.

Pulut Udang


A glutinous rice roll stuffed with a mixture of coconut shreds and spicy prawn sambal, wrapped in banana leaves, the pulut udang is only RM0.70 each. Limited stock is available daily, so don’t miss out.


3. Pasar Ramadan Kelana Jaya
Location :
Jalan SS 6/1, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(same row as Kompleks Tabung Haji Kelana Jaya)

The Kelana Jaya param is a test of self-control, with a never-ending row of stalls tempting your senses. Treat yourself to yummy snacks, feast on classic kampung cuisine, or indulge in some mouth-watering desserts. The good selection of food here, coupled with accessible parking around the neighbourhood makes this param one of our favourites.

Clockwise from top left: Ikan bakar patin, kepak ayam madu, assorted cakes, nasi lemak

Don’t miss out on:
Azmera Samosa


The triangular samosas are also known as a mini murtabak. They’re fried to perfection with a generous amount of filling, retaining its crisp even after a long wait. It’s RM0.80 each or RM3 for four pieces.

Satar Awie Kuala Besut


Satar, a traditional Terengganu cuisine, is gaining popularity in the Klang Valley. Made from mackerels, Awie’s satar is a must-try.


4. Pasar Ramadan USJ 4
Location :
Jalan USJ 4/5, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor

A local favourite of the Subang Jaya residents, this param stretches along a street in the residential area of USJ 4. The selection of food here is very diverse, from local favourites to international food such as baked potatoes and pasta.



Clockwise from top left: Lemang, cempedak goreng and keropok lekor, nasi kukus, baked potatoes

Don’t miss out on:
Raja Karipap Antarabangsa


The crispy samosas and curry puffs make a good snack to break fast with. It’s RM1 each for the curry puffs and RM4 for 5 pieces of samosas. They’re both available in chicken or beef fillings.

Murtabak Langkawi


To sink your teeth into these delicious murtabaks, you’ll have to start queuing early or face disappointment when they run out by 6.30pm. Available in chicken and beef, it’s RM3.50 per piece or RM10 for three.


5. Pasar Ramadan Bangsar Baru
Location :
Jalan Maarof, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
(beside Bangsar Food Court, near Bangsar Village I II)

The humble param in Bangsar is the smallest of the lot, making it the perfect place to drop by quickly to satisfy your cravings. Parking is aplenty, with roadside and shopping mall parking available within walking distance.



Clockwise from top left: Putu piring, ikan bakar Portugis, assorted kuih, assorted jelly

Don’t miss out on:
BigBites Quiches Pies


Dig into some hearty pies and quiches. Baked fresh daily, the pies are a nice change from the local param fare. Prices start from RM4 per pie.


Sarawak Cafe’s Murtabak Jala


A twist to the

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MH17 Malaysia Airlines : From Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur Crashes

CNN was reported the Malaysia Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur has crashed in eastern Ukraine. The Star Online also posted a status in their social network with : A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 plane has reportedly crashed in Ukraine near Russian border. The plane was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur with 280 passengers and 15 crew, reports said.

While Malaysia Airlies also posted status update on their social network by 11.51pm
Malaysia Airlines has lost contact of flight MH17 operating from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on 17 July 2014. The last known position was over Ukrainian airspace.

[Unconfirmed] Few pictures where believed is MH17 wreckage was spread over social network.


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Orange Pekoe


Orange Pekoe is a popular guesthouse within the Bukit Bintang area in the center of Kuala Lumpur. The guesthouse was originally named The Nest, but decided on a name change after other guesthouses (of less quality) decided to use the same name. The guesthouse is located at a very good spot in the center of KL, at walking distance of several sights. The Bukit Bintang area is especially popular due to the large amount of shopping malls. The very popular shopping center Pavilion KL is at no more than a 5 minute walk from the guesthouse.

The guesthouse is pretty basic, but they have thought thoroughly about what a budget traveler wants. You have free Wi-Fi, a shared fridge, coffee- and tea facilities and a large offer of brochures and information flyers on all the attractions and sightings within the city.

The rooms are very nice. They all come with air-conditioning, and most the rooms have their own shower and toilet. A few rooms share these facilities, but the price for a night’s stay is also much lower. When you leave you can simply leave the room key at the reception desk, so you won’t lose it.

Breakfast at Orange Pekoe is pretty basic. Actually it isn’t that special, you are better off going to one of the many shopping centers after 10am, since there are many better spots to have breakfast at. If you want a simple sandwich, or just a snack, go visit The Loaf at the front entrance Pavilion KL. If you enjoy a good cup of coffee, Espressament Illy is a great coffee place at the left side of the Pavilion KL main entrance. In most shopping malls you will find dozens of good restaurants, where they often have a lunch menu as well.

Orange Pekoe is located near the popular nightlife area known as Changkat Bukit Bintang. When you cross the street from the guesthouse, you will find several nice western restaurants and bars along the main road, Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang. Several meters away from the guesthouse you will find a few good Mamak restaurants. Our favorite Mamak restaurant is Bahdushah. It is located at Jalan Nagasari, which is right across from the Parkroyal Serviced Suites and the Istana Hotel.

From the guesthouse you will get to the monorail station Raja Chulan within a 5 minutes’ walk. You can easily take the monorail to KL Sentral from here, which will also lead you to the train going to the airport, or the metro which will lead you to other attractions (such as Chinatown, KLCC and even the Batu Caves). From the guesthouse you can walk to the back entrance of Pavilion KL within 5 minutes, where the walking tunnel (elevated and covered) between Bukit Bintang and KLCC begins. This way it is only a 10-15 minute walk to the Petronas Twin Towers, and to the popular shopping mall Suria KLCC. Near the previous mentioned Changkat Bukit Bintang lies Jalan Alor, a popular foodstreet with many local hawkers. In this area you will also find several shopping centers (like the popular IT/gadget mall Plaza Low Yat, Sungei Wang and Berjaya Times Square).








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This blogspot is being created to compliment our main Tourism Melaka website at

We hope to write our comments and views on the development of the tourism sector in Melaka so that old cultural jewels can be retained and new ones generated to attract more visitors to our Melakan shores.

For us to continue our journey, we like to invite visitors to pen their comments and views so that we can create a sustainable and vibrant tourism sector in Melaka.


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Berjaya Langkawi Resort


The Berjaya Langkawi Resort is located along a beautiful bay named Burau bay. The resort has various beautiful wooden villas which are placed along the area. The resort is positioned against the slope of the mountain Mat Cincang, hiding within the jungle while monkeys are walking under the wooden villas on stilts.

The houses have a beautiful interior, with a large balcony and a magnificent view looking over the bay. There is also free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and a minibar. Apart from the houses located right next to the hill, you also have several chalets and suites standing on stilts at the shallow sea floor. These houses are simple beautiful, but to experience this you will pay a high price per night. The resort also holds the fantastic Taaras Spa, which offers multiple relaxation treatments.

When we stayed here, the food was great, and they have themed dinners on a weekly basis where there will be several Asian cuisines on the menu. You can also order delicious western dishes a la carte, and western lunches are also available. We ordered a meal from our room once (room service), and the employee who brought our food told us that we could leave the tray with plates, cutlery and left-overs in front of our door after we were finished. After we did this, all hell broke loose in front of our house, since the macaques found out we had left some left-overs, and took the entire tray with them. All around our house we had found plates and cutlery. A good lesson to never leave food outside your villa.

The lobby is gorgeous, and build in a traditional style. When you walk out of the lobby, you arrive at a beautiful pool, with a viewing over the bay. It’s only a 3 minute walk from the lobby to the beach, which comes with several wooden beach beds. Next to the lobby you have the Rimba bar, where you can enjoy numerous types of cocktails. At the beach you have the Boat House Bar, which is a nice place to have a drink while enjoying a lovely sunset.

Since the resort is located on a pretty steep slope, a golf cart brings you to and from the villa. All you have to do is call room service, and a bellboy will be in front of your door within a minute.

A few minutes’ walk away you will find the attraction named Oriental Village, which is a remake of a village in authentic style, which is on the same ground as the popular Panorama Lankawi Cable Car. This is a cable way which will bring you all the way to the top of the mountain Cincang. The view is absolutely magnificent from the top, as you can see along the entire island. If you look far enough, you can even see the coastline of Malaysia, and if you look north you can see several island from the neighboring country Thailand. If you take a taxi, it is about a 5 minute ride to Telega Harbour, which is a cozy and touristic harbor. Here you will find a lot of (especially Western) restaurants.








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Flame’s Kitchen Western Food Restaurant at Bandar Jaya Putra, Johor Bahru

Flame’s Kitchen Restaurant (N1.57412 E103.77755) is located at Bandar Putra Jaya (previously known as JP Perdana) of Johor Bahru. The restaurant is make use of the previous show house from the developer, it was a double storey semi-detach house, and has a wide garden area on the side, the owner of Flame’s Kitchen had renovated and changed it to beautiful and comfort restaurant.

The restaurant has a amber private parking area which situated at the backyard of the restaurant.

The special designed signage is nice and I like the reflection from the water which look like the real burning flame!

It has a cozy environment, comfort, relax and rather unique because of converted from the residential house, and surrounded with a small garden.
There are indoor and outdoor area, if the weather is not too warm, I prefer to dine at the outdoor with the company of nature…

The bar counter is well decorated with all the colourful lightings…

The restaurant also serve alcohol with variety of draught beers…

We visited with a group of 8 adults and 4 children. The dishes we had as below…

Before the main course serve, we had their popular appetizer – Crab meat bruschetta.
Chopped fresh tomatoes with garlic, basil
olive oil mixed with crab meats, accompanied with toasted garlic
breads. This traditional Italian dish served as a great appetizer before our dinner.

As for the children, they had their mushroom soup and garlic bread

Our main course served on table about 15 minutes, it was pretty fast…

Rich, creamy and served with big prawns and oysters. The rich cheesy taste good, but it might not suitable for those who unlike the creamy setting.

All the main course from Flame’s Kitchen restaurant serve together with the one of the choices of 10 side dish :-
*  Garlic bread
*  Garlic rice
*  Baked bean
*  Egg mayo
*  Macaroni cheese
*  French fries
*  Onion rings
*  Mashed potatoes
*  Grilled Asparagus (1pc)
*  Grilled mushroom
Please select your favorite…

We had 2 Cujun Rub Salmon Fillet with different side dish…

The both fillets were well marinated, fresh and good. The garlic rice can be better if slightly moist.

2 different type of chicken chop below, both served in 300g…
Spicy Pastrami Chicken leg chop - paprika marinated 
Wal-lic chicken leg chop - roasted walnuts and garlics

The chicken chop was yummy with a slight of spicy taste, it was juicy and the portion (300g) was big enough for a big eater.

As for the above Wal-lic chicken chop, prefer more moist for a better bite (my personal preference), but the children like it very much! Especially the onion rings.

Follow by the Mum marinated pork belly.
The pork belly was fat, oily with the Chinese style marinated (it’s stated on the menu), Oh! I like the oily part very much! Delicious!

Not everyone will like this dish above because of the oily fat from the pork, especially those on diet…but, we all love it just because of the fragrance fat which melted in our mouth!

The last dish was on the Charcoal grill session – Cumin grilled large squid.

This charcoal grilled squid is one of the popular dish from the restaurant. The taste of the charcoal grilled which spread into your mouth while on the first bite of the squid was great! I tried the first piece without the lemon and with the lemon on the following…like both either!
It was a tasty grilled squid we will definitely come back for more!

Each of the main course will served together with a small bowl of fruits salad, I like this concept…where you can enjoy it before and after the meal…

Beside that, I like the crispy type tibits which served with one of the dish. Too bad forgot to ask the name of it…

After we finished our meal, there was a special sauce pasta (pipette rigatura) served on our table, the dish hasn’t listed in the menu yet, presented on the house by the owner of the restaurant. The taste was marvelous!
We also fortunate to had the owner personal collection of the grilled pig skin as a tibits…that was Good!

The price was reasonable with the big portion serving and the environment.

We were satisfied with the fabulous dinner provided by Flame’s Kitchen restaurant, and definitely will be back to try out their other dishes!

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Nipah Guesthouse


Nipah Guesthouse is a popular place to stay at Pangkor Island. The guesthouse is located in the village of Nipah, one of the more popular touristic villages on the island. Nipah Guesthouse started as a pretty basic guesthouse, but it has grown to one of the most popular (and best rated) accommodation on the island. Their latest addition is a nice swimming pool, where you can cool off a bit after a day exploring the island.

The guesthouse exists of two rows of rooms, and a couple of chalets (A-shape). Sometimes you will see Hornbills fly by, which are present in great numbers on the island. The owners Anuar and his wife Alicia turned the guesthouse into a truly beautiful place. The atmosphere is very pleasant and they will do everything to make sure you have a great time during your stay on the island.

The rooms are pretty basic, but will do just fine. All rooms come with air-conditioning. At the entrance you have a covered communal area in the outdoors. Here you can enjoy a pretty basic breakfast in the morning. At Pangkor there are not many places you can go to for a decent breakfast, so the breakfast of the guest house will have to do.

Anuar is able to rent a moped for you, so you can explore the island (remember to always wear a helmet). A little way down the road you have a couple more resorts where you can rent motorbikes. Daily rental prices are RM40. Anuar and Acilia can tell you everything you want to know about the island. If you haven’t read up upon it before you went, they can give you some excellent advise on what to do around the island.

If you are looking for an affordable guesthouse, Nipah Guesthouse is the best place to stay at. If you are looking for something more luxurious, you are better off at the more upscale Pangkor Island Beach Resort. One of the most luxurious resorts of Malaysia is located on a small private island close to Pangkor; the Pangkor Laut Resort is the ultimate resort for honeymooners or travelers who want to spent a couple of days in absolute class.








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The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa


Langkawi holds multiple very luxurious 5-star resorts which are located throughout the island. Often you will find the resorts in the more remote areas, with a beautiful location and private beach. The Westin one of these luxurious resorts; it is a truly beautiful resort. The resort is close to Kuah, but still located at a remote part of the island.

We stayed at the resort for a couple of days, and were surprised by the amazing atmosphere, and the enormous luxury. The rooms were beautiful, the food was delicious and everything was taken care of in a great manner. Staff was very pleasant and showed high service standards. There is a wonderful spa as well, but you can also undergo multiple watersport activities (like kayaking and sailing) along the private beach.

The rooms had plenty of space and were well furnished. There was a fabulous shower, with a glass window between the bathroom and the bedroom. Luckily, there is a lace curtain, making it useful if you’re with friends, acquaintances or colleagues as well. The rooms come with a minibar, air-conditioning and if you’re close enough to the public areas you can pick up on the free Wi-Fi signal.

The pool is magnificent, with plenty of lounge beds and chairs. The restaurant on the beach has an extended lunch menu, with several delicious dishes. In the evening hours this is the ideal place for a drink or perhaps a small snack.

Breakfast was one of the largest we have had during our time in Malaysia. Everything was of high quality and freshly prepared each morning. The coffee was very good, something we like to pay attention to, and even the service was top notch. The Westin is quite popular among business people, which results in you having breakfast on your own if you don’t wake up very early. Most of the hotel guests have their breakfast very early, so they can immediately start their busy days.

It’s a 10-15 minute walk towards Jetty Point, Lagenda Park, Eagle Square and the stores at the Langkawi Fair. You can rent a car or moped at Jetty Point, which you can park on the resort’s ground. The Westin itself rents out exclusive cars, like a BMW or Mini Cooper to cruise over the island. Langkawi is best explored with a rental car or moped, and The Westin is a perfect (luxurious) place to stay.








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A Weekend with Satusuku Surf

Located in Cherating, an hour’s drive away from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur, (avid surf fans: do take note!) you can drive up to Cherating in Kuantan, which is a small surf beach. Head on down to Kampung Cherating Lama in Kuantan by bus or car and you can find yourself in the perfect weekend retreat. During non-monsoon season it’s filled with locals and expats and when the waves hits big time, it’s when you’ll see loads of surfers riding the sea like they’re used to, an annual surf competition is held on the beach in Kampung Cherating Lama.


If you’ve always wanted to learn how to ride a wave, Satusuku Surf is school owned by Tunku Khairil and also a convenient surf store with the most friendly and amazing staff willing to help out your every need. During surf-season, Severin from Switzerland manages Satusuku Surf and being an avid surfer himself and having undeniably a good selection of chill house music (we like to call ‘Sevtech’), is another reason to drop by Satusuku Surf, as it’s such a cool environment to be in.


Classes are very affordable, accommodation is no problem as you can find rooms as cheap as RM100/night including Wi-Fi, own bathroom and aircon in Desa Rehat, which is a hotel near Satusuku Surf. There are also several other hostels and budget hotels to check out around that area that will accommodate cheap budgets, that little village also has a convenience store that opens till midnight with all the main necessities you’d need.


The town where Satusuku Surf is located, is also known for its miniscule nightlife scene in a bar called Little Bali where tourists and locals gather round at night to partake in the drinking and karaoke singing and drunk-dancing. Also located in that little village are several restaurants which provide the best local home-cooked foods, including a restaurant and bar named ‘Don’t Tell Mama’ which provide a good selection of western foods too.


If you have the dire need to stay in a more upper-class vibe, Club Med Hotel is found on the other side of the surf-point break of the beach although I’d rather recommend the area where Satusuku Surf is. Everyone in the village is acquainted with each other so it’s pretty safe and easy to get around with even though the locals cannot master the English language, be assured to know you’re not in any danger.


Food and beverage is relatively cheap around this area and worth their rate, seafood is fresh and there is a small Chinese restaurant located on the beach in Cherating serving the best flavors of seafood and other local dishes. Be sure to try the crab, prawns, chicken curries and tom yam soups!

During the sunny season, you’ll be able to enjoy the beach, the waves, the friendly vibes and swarm of surfers coming from Indonesia and other areas of South East Asia. If you have a need to check out Pahang city, it’s only a 30-minute drive from Kampung Cherating Lama, there’s a big mall (the only mall) there with a cinema kept quite up-to-date and loads of boutique stores to tickle your fancy.


There are also other activities to take part in, such as beach volleyball, kayaking where the surfers are, and just enjoying quite a nice beach, it being only an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur. You can enjoy Cherating as a family holiday, a friendly group road-trip or even solo, I’d definitely recommend Cherating to visit during a weekend if you want to take a short and cheap retreat from the city life and strife!


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Amanda Chini was born in Kuala Lumpur, lived in Mexico for 12 years, is culturally diverse and a third-cultured kid who’s been to Greece, Spain, England, Ireland, LA, NY, San Antonio, Colorado, Mexico, Aruba, Tenerife, Singapore and plans to travel to many more! Amanda is fluent in both English and Spanish, and her interests include photography, reading, writing and good food.

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