ITB ASIA, Another Successful Outing For Sarawak Partners

ITB ASIA, Another Successful Outing For Sarawak Partners

Singapore, Thursday – Sarawak tourism team presently in Singapore for a destination promotion scored another business success today, the second day of the ITB Asia outing held at the Marina Bay Sands Exhibition centre here.

Business appointments set earlier by the fair organiser has made Sarawak travel partners on their feet for the past two days with back-to-back meetings with  their international partners who showed interest in emerging destinations like Sarawak.

Yvonne Saman of the Marian Boutique Lodging House, a first timer for the business outing was excited and expressed satisfaction with the buyers’ quality she met during the business meetings.

‘We received positive feedback from buyers from India, China, Sri Lanka and Indonesia about the destination and our latest property in Kuching has been a hit for these buyers, she said.

Ahsweein Narayanan of Amogha Tours Travel Sdn Bhd, Kuching, also a new kid on the block, is pushing religious packages featuring Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist temples tours in Kuching besides promoting medical and corporate tours for Sarawak.

Meanwhile, Hannah Choo, Director of Sales of CPH Travel has kind words for the fair which she has attended over the years and adding that that they will return to participate next year.

Sarawak Tourism Board’s booth was a hive of business activity today and hoping that the final day tomorrow will see good return for the 11 industry partners attending the fair.

The Sarawak travel industry were represented by seven travel agents and two hotels, a venue provider – Borneo Convention Centre Kuching and Sarawak Convention Bureau.

From January to August this year, the Singapore arrivals has increased by 1.53% with arrivals totalling 25,922 visitors.

ITB Asia Singapore

Picture shows the happy faces of the Sarawak team led by Benedict Jimbau, Director of Marketing (eighth from left).

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KUALA LUMPUR: DBS Group Research is making a buy call on Yong Tai Bhd, envisioning long-term earnings visibility as the tourism-related property developer’s Impression City and Impression Melaka projects ride on the booming Chinese tourism.

“As the first Impression Series outside China, the Malacca Straits-fronting Impression Melaka is poised to be a resounding success by tapping into the booming Chinese tourism in Malaysia, which has seen an impressive 11% tourist arrivals CAGR (compound annual growth rate) over 2000-2016 (versus 1% for Malaysia’s overall tourist arrivals),” the report said.

The stock was trading at an undemanding nine times FY18 price-earnings, it said, calling this “grossly unjustified.”

The report, prepared by AllianceDBS Research, gave a 12-month price target of RM2.10. The counter closed unchanged at RM1.48 on Wednesday with 1.4 million shares done.

DBS Group Research said Impression Melaka – featuring a live, large-scale, cinematography show using light and sound technology – offered a compelling value proposition given its estimated 20% internal rate of return over the 30-year concession from Impression Wonders Art Development Co Ltd of China.

This would transform Yong Tai into an emerging cash cow with strong recurring income, it reckoned.

The report said that the Malacca property market was under-appreciated despite its “immense potential” as the target was not just confined to its 900,000 local population but also more than 16 million tourists that visited the World Heritage City annually.

“Yong Tai’s impressive unbilled sales of RM990mil – anchored by en-bloc sales of 262 retail lot units in Impression City for RM873mil – will underpin strong earnings visibility strong earnings visibility over the next two years,” said DBS Group Research.

The report said Impression City’s attractive investment merit was under-appreciated by investors, and the official opening of Impression Melaka in February 2018 would be a major catalyst.

“Given Yong Tai’s unrivalled competitive advantages arising from its unique tourism appeal and synergistic property product offerings, it iss expected to deliver exponential earnings per share CAGR of 57% over FY16-FY19f,” AllianceDBS Research said.

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Sarawak International Dragon Boat 2016

Sarawak International Dragon Boat 2016

From November 11th to 13th, we had a big event, “Sarawak International Dragon Boat Race 2016” at the Kuching Waterfront.

“Dragon Boat” was originally from China and nowadays it is known as a ‘New Sport’ across the world. The keys to winning the race are teamwork and timing.

We would like to tell you about our experience in this event.

11月11日(金)から11月13日(日)にかけ、クチンのウォーターフロントにおいて”Sarawak International Dragon Boat Race 2016” が開催されました!Dragon Boatは古代中国を発祥の地とし、今では「ニュー・スポーツ」として世界中を巻き込んでいます。全員が力とタイミングを合わせて、勝利をつかみに行くスポーツです。今回はこのイベントにおいての私たちの経験をお話ししたいと思います。


Mitsumasa Hamano : I supported a lot of paddlers as a member of steering committee in this event, and my work was preparation before the race.  All I had in my mind was “What should I do for them to make their race better?” At first, I didn’t know what I should do in order to concentrate on the race because I’ve never watched Dragon Boat, not to mention I’ve never participated in it!

Therefore, I talked to some paddlers about their problems related to the boat before starting the race, and I realized that they were worried about the water in the boat. I thought it was a common issue for the water to flow into the boat during the race, but this was my thought. After realizing it, I removed the water from the boat as much as possible during my free time. I learned that it is important to be aggressive for someone to go through this experience.

今回は運営側として選手をサポートしていたのですが、決まった仕事を超えて、選手に対して何ができるのかを一番に考えました。僕は船の発着場での選手の手伝いでしたので、業務自体はすぐに分かりました。しかし、それだけで選手は本当に気持ちよく競技できるのかと思い、選手自身に聞いてみたところ、「船の中の水が邪魔であること」に気がつきました。川だから水が入って当たり前、と考えていたのですが、結構邪魔で気分が良くないことが話してみてわかり、それ以降空いた時間に水を川に戻す作業をしていました。選手から “Thank you”と言われた時は、本当に感無量でした。


By Mitsumasa Hamano
Japanese Intern in Sarawak Tourism Board

Kanon Ushio : I learned a lot of things through the experience of joining this event as a member of the staff. My task was to remind each team of the race schedule and to make sure they gather at the boarding area on time at every race. Although I was only assisting for two days, I realized I could not excuse myself because participants would ask me a lot of questions, thinking of me as one of the staff because I was wearing an official T-shirt. Therefore, I had to equip myself with details and information about the event.

It was a bit tough running up and down under the sun day but actually I felt a sense of achievement after I spoke to some paddlers as they appreciate my assistance by saying “Thank you for your hard work.” at the end of the event.

I’m so happy that I was given the opportunity to join this big international event. We were blessed with such a lovely weather for the race through the weekends, (even though it is monsoon season now, the power of dragon defeated the rain!) Special thanks to all the teams from all over the world, event organizers, and everyone for making these three days wonderful!  See you next year! ☺

スタッフの一員としてこの大会に参加させていただき、多くを学ぶことが出来ました☺私の業務は、試合ごとに各チームにスケジュールをリマインドし、ゲートに時間通りに集合させ、試合の流れをスムーズにすることでした。当日スタッフとして参加し、本当に何も知らない状況でしたが、スタッフのTシャツを着ている時点で、選手たちは私が大会の全てを把握しているとみなすため、言い訳は出来ないと痛感しました。そこで、選手や参加者から 何か質問を受けるたびに、別のスタッフを探し、明確な答えを得てから戻って伝える、ということを常に心がけて行動しました。






By Kanon Ushio
Japanese Intern in Sarawak Tourism Board


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Unique luxury resorts of Malaysia

The Datai, Langkawi


There are a number of luxury resorts on Pulau langkawi that can offer a great hideaway for you and your loved one. One of the finest of these is The Datai Resort which epitomises all that’s great about Langkawi.

As well as being nestled in the heart of the rainforest, the resort also overlooks the tranquil Datai Bay, one of the top beaches in the world as voted by National Geographic, leaving you with a choice of environments to relax in.


Pangkor Laut Resort, Pangkor Laut


If it’s seclusion you’re looking for, you can’t get much better than Pangkor Laut Island. As there is only one resort on this island, it exudes exclusivity and makes an ideal location for some quality rest and relaxation.

In the sanctuary of this privately owned island, you have the secluded beaches and virgin rainforest all to yourselves. The resort has been sensitively developed to cover only a fraction of the island’s 300 acres so you can embrace the raw natural beauty of this idyllic setting.

The rooms come in a variety of styles including villas nestled in to the hills, chalets perched on stilts stretching out over the ocean, and character filled 2-4 bedroom private estates that harp back to the British colonial days of old Malaya.


The Lakehouse, Cameron Highlands


Set in stunningly lush grounds, this Tudor-style boutique resort radiates old English charm. The immaculately groomed gardens and distinctive Tudor décor make this an ideal spot to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Enjoy refreshments on the terrace overlooking the Sultan Abu Bakar Lake and, to completely immerse yourself in the British theme, indulge in an afternoon tea of scones, jam and clotted cream.

Once you’re done exploring the beautiful surrounding hills for the day, snuggle up in front of the log fireplace in the antique filled lounge or retire to your romantic suite, complete with sunken bath, walk in wardrobe, and four-poster bed.


Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, Penang


For a touch of history, head to Penang and the famous Blue Mansion hotel in Georgetown.

This 19th century grand estate was once home to one of China’s wealthiest tycoons but is now converted into a four star hotel comprising of 18 suites. It has been showered with awards for its impressive architecture and delicate restoration, making it a striking and unique place to spend a few nights.


Bubu Resort Villas, Perhentian


Situated off the coast of Terengganu, the Perhentian Islands are considered some of the finest islands Malaysia has to offer. Still relatively untouched, this collection of tiny islands captures nature in its purest form. These islands can only be reached by speedboat which helps the area to preserve its unspoilt environment.

The smaller of the two main islands, Pulau Perhentian Kecil, retains its picturesque feel with a complete lack of roads and limited beach development. It also boasts some of the best snorkelling spots in Malaysia. Here you have the luxury of going right off the sandy shores or alternatively catch one of the boat tours out to some of the more spectacular sites. Turtles and sharks are almost a guarantee in this area so keep your eyes peeled!

Bubu Resort and Villas, located on Long Beach, is a great place to enjoy this natural beauty. The rustic feel of the island and its surrounding nature offers up the dream desert island experience.



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Seoul Korea Saxophone Ensemble At Waterfront

Seoul Korea Saxophone Ensemble At Waterfront

KUCHING, Tuesday – The Seoul Korea Saxophone Ensemble will be performing at the Kuching Waterfront Amphitheatre tomorrow evening at 7.30 pm.

The 16-member Korean Jazz group comprises of amateur musicians in their 50s to 70s, playing the Saxophone as voluntary work in their efforts to reach out to communities and people as a beacon of positivity.

With over 50 members despite having only been founded in February this year, and has been rushing to different locations on demand to give concerts, spreading love and positivity through their music.

One of their purpose is to meet those who are struggling with pain or feel alienated, giving hopes in their dreams through the power of music.

Since February, they’ve held 12 concerts throughout Korea and China, and now they’ll be gracing the Kuching Waterfront Amphitheatre stage.

In the spirit of Christmas and other year-end holidays, which are a time for families and communities to share geniality and love, their performance hopes to leave a spring in the step of the audience.

After all, there is never a bad time for holiday cheer.


Pictures show the Seoul Korean Saxophone Ensemble performing throughout Korea.

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