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1 Malaysia Around The World Takes A Pit-stop In Vancouver, Canada

April 20, 2013 during 7:52 am

On his approach to apropos a youngest Malaysian commander to fly solo around a universe in a singular engine aircraft, a desirable and decorous James Anthony Tan arrived in Vancouver on Apr 11, day 15 of his journey, to share his story with a west seashore of Canada.

The commander deplaning his Cessna 210

At usually 20, James was awarded “The Youngest Malaysian to fly a Single Engine Piston Aircraft in an Expedition” by a Malaysia Book of Records in 2012 and his stream idea is to be enclosed in a 2013 Guinness Book of World Records for this considerable venture. The immature commander will revisit 20 countries and embody 30 pit-stops via his 50 day journey, covering 22,000 nautical miles (41,000 km). Fans are job him a “2nd Tom Cruise” as he smiles and gives thumbs adult to a adoring cameras, mothers find him endearing as they suppose their possess son in his place and I’m certain he’s got a immature ladies swooning with his hastily grin and intense open vocalization skills.

Captain James Anthony Tan poses for a camera

All this creates him a ideal print child for a Visit Malaysia 2014 Ad Campaign, corroborated by Malaysia Tourism, Young Pilots Association Malaysia, Malaysia Felda Youth Council and 1M4U Cooperation. With a idea to move Malaysia to a rest of a world, James and his group wish to move some-more visitors to their pleasing country.

Although a ideal promotional equation, James “want[s] to make transparent that this speed is not usually about aviation,” though “it is to enthuse people to dream and for them to indeed pursue it, since one of a misfortune things, we believe, is carrying tellurian potential, though lacking a fortify to see it through.” Learning to overcome dyslexia via his life, he says, has done him quarrel harder for his means and has given him a enterprise to inspire other girl to dream large and trust in themselves. Almost 2 yrs in a making, what started as a dream has turn existence for a 21 year aged pilot.

James receives a cedar paddle, wipe and blessing for a tour ahead

This desirous immature male customarily starts his day during 5 am, removing to a airfield early to de-ice and ready for whatever continue competence be in his approach that day. His solo flights in a Cessna 210 Silver Eagle (of that usually 107 were made) final adult to 6 hrs during time, and he keeps a despotic practice ordain to keep a blood issuing when not in flight, also claiming that a Mars Bar does wonders to keep him warning in a air. When asked what his subsequent projects include, his answer was to “like” his Facebook page and follow a tour with him to see what’s next!

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Cuti-cuti 1Malaysia Night Travel Fair


Night Travel Fair

Date: 28 – 30 October 2011

Time: 5pm – 12 midnight

Venue: i-City Shah Alam, Selangor, MALAYSIA

Organised by: Tourism Malaysia

Spending A Day during MASiF 2011

September 30, 2011 during 2:00 pm

The Music, Art, Style International Festival (MASiF) 2011 is an eventuality that celebrates a 3 opposite categories of art – excellent art, conform and music. One of a activities organized as an bid to favour a improved bargain of Fine Art was a Public Programmes hold during Galeri Petronas. The 3 programmes that was hold on a 16th and 17th Sep were ‘An Evening with Amri Ginang‘, where participants were given an event to be adult tighten and personal with one of Malaysia’s colonize photographers, Amri Ginang and ‘Fusion of Passion : Walk With The Artist‘, where some of Malaysia’s best painters, photographers, sculptors and illustrators speak about their latest works that are now on arrangement during Galeri Petronas. The final programme that was hold on 17th Sep during 2.00 pm, was ‘Close and Personal : Soraya Ariff Awaluddin‘. Funny how this was a usually speak that hold my eye. Maybe it was since of her certification that done me curious, or it could have been a fact that she exudes a comfortable and accessible aura that done me wanted to listen to her story.

Close and Personal - Soraya and Ariff Awaluddin

Ariff and Soraya

Close and Personal - Soraya and Ariff Awaluddin

Soraya with Arif, a art coordinator of MASiF 2011 and Ir. Adam Salim carrying a brief discuss after a talk

As there was usually a few of us during a start of a talk, Ariff suggested that we all drew a seats closer to a speaker’s list for a some-more insinuate affair. The speak went on for about 3 hours, with both Ariff and Soraya pity their thoughts and opinions about everything, from photography to issues that many photographers face in Malaysia. And boy, were those thoughts and opinions of theirs really interesting! It was a small bit dampening to hear how many of a internal comparison photographers are not really obvious compared to some of a comparison artists. They also spoke on how changing times have done it easier for many to possess a digital camera. For them, it is not a emanate of how hi-tech one’s camera can be though some-more of a person’s bargain of a equipment’s functions and limitations. It was indeed an eye-opening speak for someone like me, who wants to make photography a critical hobby in a nearby future.

Close and Personal - Soraya and Ariff Awaluddin

Hanis, one of a participants of a speak vocalization to Ariff after a session.

Close and Personal - Soraya and Ariff Awaluddin

Soraya Talismail and Ariff Awaluddin posing with a mural taken by Soraya of Ungku Abdul Aziz

After a finish of a talk, we motionless to try MASiF’s outside activities for a change. As it is all about jubilee with everyone, some of a activities are hold outdoor so that everybody can be a partial of a festival. Though a skies threatened to soak everybody right to a bone that evening, it did not infer to be a dampener on their spirits as many of them went right forward with their agenda. With a song from Friday King Road, an eccentric rope that was behaving during a credentials stuffing adult a whole area, a sourroundings of a dusk is best described regulating photographs.

MASiF 2011 Day Three

Graceful dancers behaving on theatre during a Suria KLCC Concourse Area

MASiF 2011 Day Three

Though a skies looked like it was about to pour, it did not deter a crowds from unresolved around and carrying fun during a Esplanade area

MASiF 2011 Day Three

Whether we are there to check out your favourite indie rope or only to spend time with your family, there’s no doubt that everybody enjoyed themselves immensely

MASiF 2011 Day Three

The lead thespian of an indie organisation called Friday King Road belting one out of their strike songs

MASiF 2011 Day Three

The band, Friday King Road

MASiF 2011 Day Three

A organisation of performers distinguished adult a fun poise for their fans

MASiF 2011 Day Three

For some reason, everybody seems to be captivated to this golden tellurian statue that was there during a MASiF event

MASiF 2011 Day Three

Anyone wish to try their hands during staying still for as prolonged as we can while standing?

As we can see, MASiF is a arrange of festival that is best gifted first-hand, since a best tools of it contingency be seen, listened and gifted by ourselves in sequence to entirely conclude it.

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Royal Malaysian Police Open Day 2011

September 30, 2011 during 4:00 pm

The month of Oct will start with a crash as a group in blue of Malaysia invites a open to attend a Police Open Day 2011 during Dataran Merdeka this Saturday, 1st Oct 2011. a eventuality is one of several events hold via a year to build closer ties with a ubiquitous open and is also partial a police’s jubilee for Hari Raya.

The eventuality will start during 8 am and finish during 6 pm. Among a activities designed for a day are travel soccer matches, sharpened simulations, informative performances by ASWARA and of course, a propitious draw! As with other open residence events, food will be served via 11am compartment 3 pm for those who attend and a day will finish with a special opening by a Royal Malaysian Police Band.

Royal Malaysian Police

The Royal Malaysian Police Force will be organising an Open Day on 1st Oct 2011

While this eventuality is focused on internal Malaysians, visitors from any nation are acquire to attend and knowledge this elementary village affair.

As a eventuality will be hold during Dataran Merdeka, several roads in a city will be sealed to motorists on Saturday, commencement during 12 am compartment 12 pm. The roads influenced are Jalan Kinabalu/Bukit Aman exit, Jalan Kinabalu/Hishamuddin Roundabout, Jalan Raja/Jalan Hishamuddin, and Jalan Leboh Pasar Besar/Jalan Hishamuddin.

Other roads untouched to motorists will be Jalan Leboh Ampang/Jalan Tun Razak, Dato Onn Roundabout/Jalan Parlimen, Jalan Parlimen/Jalan Raja Laut, Jalan Leboh Pasar Besar/Jalan Mahkamah Persekutuan and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman/Jalan Raja.

Photo (c) MyLifeStory

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Fusion of Passion

September 29, 2011 during 12:00 pm

This year’s Malaysia Day was distinguished on a grand scale, distinct a years before. Various activities were hold by many organisations, including state and a sovereign governments, as good as other entities, all joined in a jubilee of a nation that we live in. Chief among a celebrations was MASiF 2011 – a Music, Arts, Style, International Festival – during Suria KLCC. Among a highlights of a festival was an art muster during Galeri Petronas that has recently come to a tighten entitled Fusion of Passion.

Fusion of Passion

Chin Wan Kee – Beyond Mind and Words Series No 29

Fusion of Passion

Tew Nai Tong – Happy Life

Fusion of Passion

Clement Ooi Kit Meng – Together

So for those of we who were not in Kuala Lumpur during this year’s Malaysia Day and missed out on a exhibition, here is what Fusion of Passion was all about. The muster is a reverence to a farrago of a nation and to uncover how differences can be distinguished and not feared. The muster strove to accumulate a series of artists and design fabricated within one gallery to symbolize a alloy of several passions, and a farrago of artistic passion was shown in a abyss of a works of excellent art, sculpture, photography and illustration. Both determined masters and rising artists were given equal event to showcase their work, so that a assembly would improved conclude a loyal value of a country.

Fusion of Passion

Izzati Shahrin – Dua Tiga Kucing Berlari, Mana Nak Sama Tikus Seorang

Fusion of Passion

Amiruddin Ariffin – Cosmic Symphony Series III

Fusion of Passion

Carlyn Chua Yuin Lim – Deafening Lights

The farrago of art in a muster acted as a thoughtfulness of what it means to be Malaysian, a honour and pride, and a possess interpretation of what creates us Malaysians. Each work of art in a muster is an countenance of a artist’s feelings and views towards Malaysia. This is engaging as it mirrors a notice about associate Malaysians, as there will be times when we remonstrate with a artist’s vision, though there will really be times when we share and emphatise with what we see. The muster strives to use art to move an bargain in ourselves about a multitude we live in, and a people we share this nation with.

Fusion of Passion

Cindy Koh – Symbiosis III

Fusion of Passion

Jasmine Kok – Silver Bloom

Fusion of Passion

Rasid Yusof – Malaysian Interior 2

And nonetheless there is a deeper definition in this exhibition, a many opposite pieces that make adult this collection come together to emanate a agreeable and pleasing knowledge even for those of us who feel we do not know art.

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