Jetty Point, Langkawi

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The Jetty Point is one of Langkawi’s must-visit places for several reasons. For starters, there is a mythological statue of a mountainous eagle during a renouned Eagle Square. No revisit to Langkawi is finish though a design taken with a bird that gave a island a name.


The Jetty Point used to be a tiny and aged fashioned brook though now it is a complicated trickery where we can shop, eat, buy vessel tickets and also debate packages. It serves boats nearing and vacating Langkawi. Boats are frequently used as a form of transport since it is cheaper to transport than by atmosphere and it is also a good knowledge for those who haven’t attempted it yet. Travelers transport in comfort in air-conditioned boats to a mainland, Penang or Thailand. Many who only wish to knowledge roving by vessel would take a brief float from a jetty to Kuala Perlis, Kuala Kedah, Penang or to Satun in Thailand. However, do know that boats to a pleasing Thai island of Koh Lipe skip from a tiny Telaga Harbor in a northwest of Langkawi.



You can buy boats tickets and tours during a tiny debate offices, where we have a lot of options from a many conflicting debate operators. They also yield rentals for cars and motorcycles where we can get a automobile from between RM80 to RM120 a day, depending on a indication and transmission. The motorcycle is cheaper where we can lease one for RM40 per day or even cheaper, though we need to be means to uncover a motorcycle license. You will need to possess an general permit to lease a automobile though if we don’t have one, your subsequent best choice for removing around is a cab (there is a cab conflicting opposite Jetty Point categorical entrance).



Who would have suspicion that a jetty would be a renouned place to shop? It is, as a equipment sole there are all duty-free i.e. they cost reduction as a equipment are not taxed. There is a extent to a series of equipment that one can buy though that is substantially good – as a halt for shopaholics! When adequate selling is finished and a need to refuel arises, we can strech to a renouned food justice within walking distance, where seafood is a specialty.


There are other things to do to kill time if we are watchful for your vessel ride. For instance, we can have a cuppa during a circuitously Starbucks cafe. There is also an entertainment core in a front dilemma of a Jetty Point Mall, where youngsters can conflict out an arcade game. A bowling alley also is good for gripping dullness during bay. As such, a Jetty Point is not just.. well, a jetty though rather, a indicate to sup and be entertained.


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