Malaysia: Best cooking in a Cameron Highlands

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Malaysia: Best cooking in a Cameron Highlands

The cuisines on offer in Malaysia’s pleasing tea country, a Cameron Highlands, runs a progression from Malay, Indian and Chinese to British-influenced high tea and an array of Western eateries. The best of a garland inject a clarity of authenticity, incorporating fresh, locally grown produce. Here are some eating options to refuel pre- or post-jungle trek, or before an scrutiny of a area’s many plantations and farms:

Chinese-Malay steamboat
Steamboat is a Chinese-Malay character of dining and has been adopted as a specialty of a area. At a steamboat grill we radically prepare your possess dinner, adding all from prawns to tofu to internal vegetables into a flavoursome gas hot divided in a centre of your table. It’s lots of fun with a group, and is not usually novel yet a healthy eating choice too.


Mayflower in Tanah Rata is a renouned place to try your palm during formulating your possess steamboat concoction. For something a small reduction bustling, Glory 78 can be found on a highway joining Tanah Rata and Brinchang. Its dishes are halal, and are uninformed and tasty.

While some steamboat restaurants have reverted to regulating gas to energy a particular burners, others still use a normal colourless method, that is pronounced to explain improved essence into a food. Restoran Highlands in Brinchang is one place still regulating charcoal, or we can try and ambience a disproportion during a glorious Cameron Organic Produce, a grill in Brinchang featuring organically grown furnish from their plantation of a same name. Seafood is on offer here, yet a vegetarian soup alone is fresh, pristine and creates good use of anniversary ingredients. Most steamboat places assign around RMB20 per chairman – about RM $20 (AU$6).

Delicious Malaysian cuisine is straightforwardly accessible in a Cameron Highlands, from sharp laksa to honeyed kaya toast. At a Night Market (Brinchang Pasar Malam) stop and representation a illusory array of internal snacks, from boiled honeyed potato balls to chocolate dipped strawberries. Head to Restoran Ferm Nyonya for a pleasing dish of Nyonya or Peranakan cuisine, a normal mix of Chinese and Malay cooking techniques and ingredients. A jack of all trades, they also underline Western dishes on a menu and offer steamboat too. The sambal beans are excellent, and their fish dishes are a specialty. Uncle Chow’s Kopitiam is another must-visit grill in a Cameron Highlands for a nasi lemak or curry laksa, or for one of their dessert offerings served adult in a friendly, family-run old-style coffee shop.

Remnants of British cuisine sojourn in a area’s grill and cafés, with tea and scones or wintry British classics evoking nostalgia, or during slightest widening a area’s eating options. For some normal British transport conduct to a Smoke House, a grill within a desirable hotel of a same name. Here we can sup on dishes like beef wellington, cod and chips or duck Maryland. You can also settle in with a splash in their bar, finish with fireplace. This is one of a many places portion normal English character afternoon tea or ‘high tea’ in a highlands, yet during a pricier finish of a scale.


Other destinations for internal tea and creatively done scones embody The Lord’s Café (ex-T Café), where a strawberry scones are a must-try. To representation locally grown strawberries in many guises, conduct to a smashing Strawberry Moment Dessert Café, that facilities strawberry crepes, waffles, chocolate dipped strawberries, a lusciously built strawberry strudel and even a chocolate ‘steamboat’ for dipping your possess strawberries in, Malaysian style.

Indian eateries are prevalent in a Cameron Highlands, and many underline juicy (and really affordable) rotis in all their guises. Restoran Sri Brinchang facilities juicy duck tikka, paper skinny dosais with juicy accompaniments and uninformed and flavoursome thali plates. Most dishes are around a RM 6.50 (AU$2) mark, charity extraordinary value. Restoran Kumar’s in Tanah Rata is another glorious option, with shining curries served on banana root and some of a freshest and best naan bread in a area. The tandoori duck here is smashing too.

banana root food

Be certain to representation a accumulation of a cuisines on offer in a Cameron Highlands – a restaurants simulate Malaysia’s multiculturalism and diversity. And demeanour past a restaurants for travel snacks, quite during a night market, where we can knowledge some of a freshest and many inventive ways of perplexing a flavoursome internal produce.

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